Personal Style Observations: Aries

I watch people and the style with which they approach their lives and have all my life. With experience in fashion, dance and teaching dance, and producing entertainment I have watched all of the signs live their lives and had so many confessions laid on me by those in my shows or those whom I’ve worked with or taught. One has to approach a person in the way that they respond to when you are producing them or doing choreography for them so I have learned a lot. Also, I have produced almost 150 fashion shows and worked the runway on plenty others. Visiting people in their homes from invitations which come from those you work with and being a very social person, an astrologer can learn a lot about the way Sun signs and other placements in charts play out. Here are some of my style observations.


Aries women will often think that fighting is a very important part of their relationships. I’ve met Aries who feel that if their relationship is not difficult it is not interesting! One Aries model I worked with, for example, had her fiancé cheat on her. Her first move was to leave him and call me sobbing that she couldn’t work and couldn’t do anything because of the heartbreak. She had left the home they had together and had no idea what to do. She was an Aries so she never bothered with makeup or nice clothing when not working the runway and often did rehearsals in bare feet which were beat up and dirty from walking barefoot all the time!

Her fiancé had earlier tried to kiss me when we were all out at “wrap” party after a show and I told her but she told me: “I believe you but I still love him.” She stayed with him after he tried to kiss me and she decided to stay with him even after catching him with another model she worked with. She felt that working on a relationship meant fighting and she told me that those things that were “hard work” were “worth it.”

Later she lost her children and her home to him and ended up paying him alimony after an ugly divorce. When divorcing this man some years later she was told by her attorney to tape her conversations with this man to use in court so she could prove he was abusive. Every tape she ever made was her yelling at him while he, too, taped her! She ended up losing her children because he, the judge decided, was the more emotionally stable parent.

Her home was one that was geared toward what her husband wanted in the way of art and electronics. Because her life was simple she didn’t care how it was decorated and needed help from people to know how to decorate her homes.

This woman has recently repeated this process, married a man she fought with, had two children with him, lost the home and her children and this time, has MS! She literally did it again but her beauty faded because of her disdain for taking good care of her assets.

Another great dancer I worked with who was Aries insisted on dancing jazz in bare feet before it was considered trendy. She, too, had beat up dirty feet that she danced on and slipped shoes over after dancing when she was done. She wore a basic black leotard with no tights and no bra or any under garment. She was a VERY talented dancer who though that the less clothing one wore the closer they were to the music. No decoration for her, either!

Aries are simple in their needs and often have the needs the of the person they love to define them. They are so tuned to themselves being basic energy that they latch onto others they love to find places to put their energy. Simple dressers who don’t care to put a lot into what they wear, they only dress if they absolutely have to and those Aries models arrived for the show with no makeup on, wet hair and bare feet or flip flops and shorts that were cut off and T. shirts for tops. They were transformed by the designer and makeup artist into these great creatures whom they would pour themselves into until they peeled the clothing off and washed off the makeup. I never met an Aries that didn’t want to wash off the makeup from a job as fast as possible! I have Aries in my chart and I am the same way. I have to wash my face when I get home and be devoid of any makeup until I go out again!

Watching my Aries friends build homes with people that they loved to fight with and end up having the perfect home for their partner but not for them became the norm. Watching my Aries friends have relationships with people they fought with was common and wishing they would go for peace was common as well.

Most of the fights sprang from insecurity or the Aries need to do their own thing and not be home for their family. The Aries women I knew were hard workers and saw their beauty as a job and not as something that defined them.

Gotta love them, the Aries needs to not be afraid to find out what peace means and what a loving relationship feels like. They also could go with a bit more dressing when they go out because we all improve with just a bit of beauty technique applied in our personal life!

My little Aries barefoot dancer friend ended up quitting the company and following her boyfriend to Europe where he wanted to be thus giving up her lead in many numbers and losing all her friends and family.

I love an Aries but their lifestyle is one that puzzles me even though I have it in my own chart!

Have you noticed common threads in the lives of your Aries friends or those with a lot of Aries in their chart? What are these common themes? How best can an Aries find real love? What advice would you give an Aries who is fighting with a partner often?


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  1. Wow, Annalisa… This is going to be an amazing series. (It WILL be a series, right?)

    I’ve been getting used to people, on the site, saying: I have some of this, some of that. That being the case, and it also being the case that I have me some Aries… seems that there will be valuable observations to take on and incorporate.


  2. Wow. What an unexpected post, offering a great insight into my first marriage (23 yr to an Aries). We met fighting! It shocked me when he called for a first date. I was young, wanted ‘out’ of traditional family, and saw a male in charge and put together.

    Annalisa you wrote: “Watching my Aries friends build homes with people that they loved to fight with and end up having the perfect home for their partner but not for them became the norm. Watching my Aries friends have relationships with people they fought with was common and wishing they would go for peace was common as well.” In the early years, our fighting was part of the building. This man brought me into his family home across the oceans; when we decided to remodel it mid-way through the 23 yr marriage the glue of the relationship didn’t sustain the deconstruction.As I grew more determined and adventurous, there was less need to be glued.

    Funny … good perspective to get from this side of the journey 16 yrs after the divorce. Useful and valuable insight. Never too old to incorporate lessons. Thanks so much.

  3. Aries Stellium in the 5th. A lot of this resonates with me, though I grew out of equating love with fighting by the end of my 20s. Really interesting observation about Aries women melding their energy with another as a response to the simplicity of their existence. I think that’s been true for me as well, but it’s also a source of profound angst. I do truly envy those who can go it alone in life, though I have deep fears of being alone myself. But i have a lot of Saturn influences in my chart which may give me more interest in stability and security than other Aries women. Also, 5th house helps me dress way better than many Aries!

  4. this is very interesting because of your honesty! thanks for telling it like it is. can’t wait to see the other signs.

  5. Sensational Annalisa… that was fantastic!!!!

    You ask… “Have you noticed common threads in the lives of your Aries friends or those with a lot of Aries in their chart? What are these common themes?”

    I have noticed the same as you… it’s all Ego & fight fight fight…

    “How best can an Aries find real love?”

    It’s perplexing! I feel they need someone who is strong & outgoing, so they can admire & look up to them, but that person needs to be exceptionally mature, tolerant & patient at the same time. It’s not a common combination.

    “What advice would you give an Aries who is fighting with a partner often?”

    I’d say is it really worth it… the fuss you are creating? They would say “YES!!!” I would say but you are upsetting yourself again, this is not that bigger deal in the scheme of things! & they would say “You just don’t get it… you know what YOUR problem is?” & there you go… I would end up in a fight with them too =D

    I have an Aries Moon… I love a good fight. It’s “proof of passion”, it’s gut wrenching & raw… it’s dramatic. It clears the air. Make up sex is THE BEST! It’s lucky I have so much Pisces & I can temper my temper or I’d probably be on that merry-go-round 24/7.

    I read somewhere once, that you should never say “I love you” to an Aries because it’s only ever the challenge that keeps them in a relationship. Once they feel they “have” you, they lose interest. Go figure!

  6. Great great great post!

    I’m Aries and heavy on the saturn. Fighting isn’t really what comes to mind in my relationships, but more the having to “work through things,” and I try to do it steadily and calmly. I agree that it takes some excitement though. I would get bored if there weren’t some variety.

    I’m a very simple dresser, but I do make the effort. Wearing lightweight dresses is very comfortable to me and I like to feel sexy. And I don’t have to pick a top, so it’s easy!

    I actually can’t think of any Aries women that I know except for my grandma, and she’s been married to my Sag. grandpa for 47 years. He travels a lot for work and she ran her own baking business from home for many years. So I guess Aries women…find a man who will give you alone time to pursue your interests!

    • Yes I agree with you on the light dresses. I too love to feel sexy but can’t stand jeans as they are restrictive so I wear pretty little lightweight dresses like always

  7. Yes, I agree we’re all about relationships = work, which is why I don’t understand why we have the rep of being players or somehow fickle about commitment. Yes, we need a challenge, but we’re not quitters, either. We’re all in when we’re all in.

  8. I enjoyed this post really well written & I cant wait for the virgo & libra version
    well its said that what you fear the most will happen at the end, so if they fear losing independence & that the root cause for all the fights, you can see how it led to exactly the same thing as your dancer friend moved to Europe following her boyfriend, its a sad honestly
    & I didn’t know this about aries

  9. WOW!This is what I’ve been looking for,a simple but detailed explanation of a sign in REAL life,not those frases that mean absolutely nothing to me!…now,colud you please skip all the way to Libra,pretty please!!!xD

  10. I really liked this too! haha, it was a good read, i hope you do more, i love reading about how the signs are played out in real life, it’s always way more interesting for me :]

  11. *standing ovation* Excellent post Annalisa!

    Yup, it took me 4 husbands to finally figure out that that a peaceful loving relationship wasn’t boring! As I sit here with my bare feet, I can so relate!

    @McKenna- Love your examples!! And this:
    “I feel they need someone who is strong & outgoing, so they can admire & look up to them, but that person needs to be exceptionally mature, tolerant & patient at the same time.” – You totally just described my Taurus hubby! 😉

  12. What’s with the bare feet? I worked with an Aries woman that had over 100 pairs of shoes. She was a real clothes horse, at work. I have no idea what she was like away from work.
    Thanks for the article. I’m seeing the Aries I’ve known in a different light.

  13. I both have nasty feet from running around barefoot all the time and a massive collection of impractical designer shoes! Nothing better than getting dressed up, running around all night in a pair of Louboutins, and then shedding them to roam around barefoot when I can’t stand wearing them any longer.

  14. haha another barefoot aries chiming in 😉
    the things aren’t worth as much if you don’t have to work for them concept really resonates with me.

    though about my mid twenties i moved from partners i argued with to ones i have lively debates with. it’s far more fun… and positive.

    not terribly minimalist, but i have let other people take over my space in the past. it’s someting i have to push back against. have boundaries, claim my own space. otherwise i tend to feel a bit trapped. but with neptune on the nadir i kind of need to have a certain feel to my home…

  15. I am another Aries and I don’t know why but I have dress very flashy and fashionable all the time. The outcome, however, is I am always doing something adventurous that gets what I wear dirty. I can’t wear white because I always stain it. A lot of my Aries friends and my Aries sister are okay going out in comfortable relaxing pajamas. I think it could be due to my Virgo rising.

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