Introduction To Pallas Athena In The Natal Chart

Pallas Athena glyph“Is the system going to flatten you out and deny you your humanity, or are you going to be able to make use of the system to the attainment of human purposes?”
–Joseph Campbell

Pallas Athena, the mythological goddess, originated from the head of Zeus (Jupiter) a fully formed, female warrior. She is associated with creative intelligence, particularly as it relates to war, healing and arts and crafts. The energy this asteroid expresses resonates with a blending of Aquarius, Leo and Libra. As simply as possible she represents the creative intelligence, perception of wholly realized concepts and balance.

The most important thing to see here is relative to perception. This is the ability to see patterns. It could be said that the level of intelligence relates directly to the ability to perceive patterns, the interrelatedness of concepts. The more objects a juggler can keep in the air, the more skilled he is. The more concepts a person can correlate simultaneously the smarter they are. If you can visualize the whole, you can take it apart and reassemble it in your mind without the aid of physical parts, you can recreate it in reality.

If you can see the whole you can see the parts that don’t fit (healing). If you can see the whole you can tweak it and enhance it (art). If you see the whole you can manipulate it (strategy). The sign and aspects of Pallas Athena reflect your ability to perceive patterns which constitute the whole. The house position signifies the area in your life where this is likely to take precedence.

Now here’s an interesting bit and where we can see a unique influence on the Libra side: balance in the polarity of the masculine/feminine. Pallas Athena is feminine but the placement is also where we are likely to see where the feminine is sublimated in favor of the masculine. I see this as a reflection of pattern recognition as well. In a patriarchal model it’s only realistic to favor that which is valued by society, recognizing the emerging mode of the day For The Win.

Overemphasized in the chart or stressfully aspected this can be reflective of the woman who talks about her “balls” or the man who makes a big fluff about how super-macho he is. It is over-identification with what is perceived as the successful whole, at the expense of nuance and balance. An underemphasized Pallas Athene can expressed in the opposite, an individual who acts overly submissive to the dominant paradigm.

Okay, smarty-pants, where is your Pallas Athena? Do you perceive the patterns of creative intelligence in this area?

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Introduction To Pallas Athena In The Natal Chart — 72 Comments

  1. Hah! Cancer in the 10th. My painting tutor said to me last year on seeing my attempts at landscape ‘It’s very interesting – you don’t see shapes, you see patterns’.

    It forms a grand trine with Moon/Neptune in Scorpio and Jupiter/Chiron in Pisces. I’m very good at knitting ideas together and picking them apart again. I can totally relate to what you say about art and healing, but the strategy bit eludes me somewhat.

  2. hehehe…was hoping you were going to talk about Pallas…thanks…It is at 29 aqua sitting between my mercury at 25 aqua and my chiron at 3 pisces…in the 6!!!my best friend always tells me ” leave it up to you to notice stuff that nobody else will pick up!!!” the conjuction between those 3 planets seems to be very important since mercury is the ruler of my chart ( virgo ascendant)…just haven’t figured out the whole picture yet…it probably will not happen until I go through my Chiron return…any thoughts anyone?

  3. Mine is conjunct my ASC at 4 gemini. Opposes my Neptune at 5 Sag. Conj my saturn at 0 gemini. Opposes wide my moon at 29 Scorp. Sextiles my chart ruler mercury. Trines my pluto in libra. Trines my MC 4 aquarius and North node at 3 Aqua.


    I have always been pattern and puzzle oriented. Maybe a bit of an over analyzer? I think it is finally trying to come out but not sure how it will manifest or is manifesting.

  4. 25 Aquarius (House–?). Square my scorpio saturn, trining my neptune, inconjunct my mercury, opposing pluto, sun…..

    Yes, I see patterns. I also tend to not always be relegated to typical female type activities. I’m more comfortable with power tools than most women–have a chainsaw, have used a Hilti when I put in a fence (alone), used to blow glass, learned to ride a motorcycle in my forties……

  5. Quite perfect conjunction with my Virgo AC by 1º27′
    being Virgo a pattern specialist… it boosts.

    Sextile 11th house Cancer Sun & 2nd house Scorpio Uranus.

    Square Sag. end of 3rd house Neptune that has a 29′ IC
    conjunction… i’m really aware of my family interrelationship pattern.

    Trine 8th house Taurus Chiron.

    My pallas probably explains my interest on Marc Edmund jones Work.

  6. I’m confused here… my Pallas is in Scorpio, 21.05 and retrograde, but I don’t know what house this is because my fifth is supposedly Libra, and sixth house is Sadge.

    Asc node is 10.56 Aries…and midheaven is 22.58 Pisces. If you need more information let me know, because I need help finding the house– I guess it looks like it’s in the fifth, just not sure how the house system(s) really work.

    Thanks for talking about these other bodies. It’s very comforting to realize that my pluto actually does have some company in Scorpio. I thought it was totally lonely without other planets nearby…

    Please and thank you 🙂

  7. I don’t really understand the concept of patterns–or when I read about it, my eyes kind of glaze over and I go “huh” ?

    Which maybe makes sense! Because PA is in my 7th house (which is otherwise empty). She trines my cancer sun and part of fortune in scorpio (for those who wld include that)…

  8. Pallas is in Capricorn in the 10th house, but within a few degrees of the 11th house. Pallas is conjunct my Part of Fortune and sextile Mars. Otherwise, no aspects that I can see. I have no idea how to interpret this.

  9. Ruth my Pallas connections are simular to yours and I also do many activities that once upon a time would have been moremasculinely oriented. I build buildings and remodel my house. Found dry rot and jacked the house up .. much to my elderly unles dismay, al by myself and replaced the foundation plates. I wonder if there is a generational expanation or orientation here. Of coarse my grandfather was the only constant man in our family and he taught insted of just doing 🙂

  10. Mine’s in Saggitarius, possibly conj my IC or not far off anyway. I’ve certainly got a quite ‘male’ side – I’ve always done all the decorating, upholstery, have an electric drill etc etc!! – I’ve also earned money at male-type stuff inc gardening and sports photography

    I certainly have the ability to see the overview, highly developed – both naturally and from all my training and professional life. It was what my degree, and my work in publishing, were all about; and it goes for a lot of my interests too (history, politics, cultural/art movements etc)

  11. I have pallas athene between venus/merc and the sun in Aries. V/M at 15, PA at 13 and sun 11….in the 10th house.Their so tight , I feel their a bunch of musical preformers trying to upstage eachother.. I don’t exactly know if I recognize her …but at work I have heard several times that I have great logic and reasoning emotional reasoning however sucks..

  12. @satori,would love your opinion on whats coming for me at new moon as ive been feeling excited to the point of nervous about the following and as you’ve so kindly been helpin understand the goddess asteroids hoped you may have some insight. On the 6th my natal pallas conj juno in pisces 5th will be conjunt jup hekate and uranus, it feels really special, even magical as inferred by hekate, but i may be reading too much into the possibilities, thanks in advance

  13. ps I feel my pallas in 5th sextiles my neptune in 1st which to me explains my ease of symbolic sight and natural cycles, which provides my natural ability of dream analysis?

  14. whoa this lil lady in Cap in 1st house has a lot going on in my chart…

    trine Chrion
    square Pluto
    square Saturn
    sesquiq Mars
    opposite Venus
    sesquiq Sun…

    Interesting since learning to balance my wants vs the needs of others is a main focus for me right now and it says that Cap is a good placement for organizing & making things more efficient. Looking forward to going more in depth on this…

  15. I wasn’t saying it was “good”, I was just pointing out that it was very very involved with most of the heavy hitters in my chart. I’m greatly limited by not knowing my birthtime, so I am basically going at this ass backwards.

  16. Thank you Satori. As an older astrologer, this is a new concept for me to think about. Mine’s in Leo, 9th house, conjunct Pluto and trine Mars 1st and Venus, 4th. Mmmm….(thinking..) Wonder if that’s why I have always had a negative reaction to/from Male religious leaders? Think so?

  17. I never read anything on the asteroids other than Chiron, so this is a thrill ;). Pallas in Aries in the 4th conjuncts my IC, trining Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury, but squaring the ASC. I can recognize patterns pretty well and love strategy, but don’t do too well with puzzles.

    I haven’t figured out how it plays in the 4th House yet. I’m probably thinking too hard about it and will realize it later, lol.

  18. I have Pallas Leo in my 2nd house equal/3rd house koch… it’s quincunx Ceres Virgo,square Vertex Scorpio,quintile NN scorpio,square Jupiter Rx Taurus,square Mars Scorpio,square Sun Scorpio

    I’m not sure exactly how this plays out with me,or if I’m good at seeing patterns or not.

    I tend to express my creativity in intense,dramatic,inventive,artistic and focused ways,but I didn’t really discover how to express my creativity until about 8 years ago. At the risk of telling everyone my age, lol! I’m 34 years old.

    Here’s one interpretation I found, much of it is pretty accurate….

    Pallas in Leo represents a creative perception that is especially strong. One ‘sees’ in terms of how one can impress one’s unique vision upon the world. As a healer, Pallas works with art therapy, psychodrama, play (sand tray) therapy, dance therapy, and stress reduction through pleasure. Pallas in Leo people crete through drama, acting, performing, courtship, and romance as an art form, and through solar inventions. Individuals with Pallas in Leo have charisma and the ability to stand up in the public eye as a front person fora causes, and to sway the masses through political comedy and darma. The wisdom of Pallas in Leo is the wisdom of the Creative Impulse that vies birth to new forms of expression.

    Pallas in the second house points to a strong practical sense and creative skill in acquiring resources. One can manifest an abundance of material possessions or value in one’s life through creative visualisation.

    Pallas in the third house is an indicator or strong intuitive abilities. One can create with words and communications, revolutionize educational techniques, be an environmental activist. There exists a personal intelligence and a strong thirst for knowledge.

    Pallas in aspect to Sun

    The mental-creative principle combines with identity and purpose. This combination indicates that the transformation of sexual-creative energy into artistic and mental accomplishments is central to the life purpose.

    Stressful aspects may symbolize a fear of one’s power to accomplish, which can lead to blocks in the mental and creative processes. Difficulties may arise in relating to one’s father. These individuals may feel alienated from their own sexual identity. Consequently, they can experience confusion in their sexual interactions with others until they clarify their inner confusion.

    The resolution of these conflicts lies in learning to harmoniously integrate one’s creative aspirations into one’s basic life purpose.

    Pallas in aspect to Mars

    The mental-creative principle combines with the masculine principle of action and assertion. This combination emphasizes the valor and activism of Pallas.

    Stressful aspects can signify a blockage in sexual-creative expression or the inability to actualize creative ideas. The sexual frustration can lead to feelings of sexual inadequacy and compensatory militant behavior. There may also exist confusion over one’s masculine sexual identity with either too little or too much masculine expression.

    The resolution of these challenges lies in aligning one’s creative thought processes with will and execution. Learning to access one’s inner strength and courage appropriately will facilitate this process.

    Pallas in aspect to Jupiter

    The mental-creative principle combines with the expansive broadening urge.

    As Jupiter symbolizes the search for truth and meaning, this combination emphasizes and enhances the wisdom activity of Pallas.
    Stressful aspects may point to potential conflicts between one’s ambition and ethics, especially if the individual has inflated achievement needs. These may be caused by the high expectations communicated by the father to the child. This aspects may also signify mental blocks in expressing or understanding concepts and ideas.

    The resolution of these challenges lies in giving one’s mental-creative powers an expanded scope of social expression, one that benefits the highest social good.

    Pallas in Aspect to the Moon’s Nodes

    The conjunction and harmonious aspects to the North Node: To share perceptions with others; to work out the details of a meeting; to prepare for a meeting.

  19. PA in 10th Gem square sun 1st Virgo. Mercury also in Virgo.

    Earn a living as a systems analyst/programmer., looking at/for patterns. Have found that seeing patterns is a useful skill for debugging programs. Like systems across the board: for instance, astrology and personal organization systems.

  20. Tangential comment: This has been making me wonder for a few days about a poem I’ve liked since I was a kid
    (very small snip)

    But, with mien of lord or lady, perched above my chamber door –
    Perched upon a bust of Pallas just above my chamber door –
    Perched, and sat, and nothing more

    I always thought it was the Titan – how did I not make the Athena connection before now? Who knows.

    Anyway. Carry on.


  21. Those aspects are very tight, electricmind!

    Pallas Athena is in Leo/8th, forming a Grand Trine (if we say for discussion purposes asteroids may be part of the formation) with Neptune/12th and Venus/4th. It is widely conjunct Saturn (9 deg orb).

    I do perceive patterns of a creative and 8th House manner. Creativity and having the space and comfort to listen to the quiet corners of my mind are an important part of my comprehension process.

  22. She is a degree away from black moon Lilith, 12h in Aquarius. Lilith is exactly inconjunct Pluto in 7h, and then Pluto’s in a grand cross so she’s linked into that. Patterns of rage, much? I have a few inconjunct’s and don’t really have a sense of how this aspect feels, yet.

    Can relate to much of what you’ve talked about Satori, the over-submission to the dominant vs the over-expression of the dominant…either extreme has been my undoing many a time.
    Definitely love patterns. Have a deep sense of the hidden patterns of emotional damage.

  23. I’ve got Pallas Athena exactly conjunct my Sun in Aries in the 9th house, and trines Uranus. I’ve found that my ideas were usually too far out there for others sometimes, or at least they were in my younger years. Well, even now there are people who just like to see things inside a nice, safe little mental box. Aries does like to pioneer ideas, and I love to write and explore various metaphysical and spritual concepts that helps us see things in new ways.

  24. Conjunct my Venus and Mars, in Pisces. I guess I am comfortable in both masculine and feminine roles.. And I do perceive patterns, and produce them in my artwork, very intricate- studied textiles at one point- and patterns within patterns. hmm.

  25. Pallas in the 8th, conjunct Mars and Saturn. Also trine Ascendant. No idea! Though I’d say I’m aware of my more masculine side.. lol

  26. I guess it’s kind of ironic that my natal Pallas is conjunct my natal (True) BML within a degree. Creative intelligence conj direct, powerful, provocative energy – in Capricorn no less.

  27. Pallas Athene (I just love the name too)is in 7th house Scorpio.
    I see the patterns of others behavour.

    Interested if Eggplant can relate to this in some way? Your water trines to PA 7th hosue could be intuitively understanding behavorial patterns of others? just a thought…

  28. I love the name too, Australia.

    I have Pallas in Libra conj Pluto by mere minutes in the 8th. The conjunction forms a near exact square with Jupiter in Cap (all @ 2 degrees separated by minutes). I can recognize patterns within relationships and behavioral/psychological patterns within others.

    The square from Jupiter does incline me to be a bit preachy and put it mildly. LOL. But also the spiritual beliefs (jupiter) passed from my father (capricorn) do not wholy agree agree with the relationship (Libra) I have with life, death and birth (Pluto) and the patterns (Pallas) that I see surrounding each (which are so evident I can fortell births and deaths though pinpointing the exact timing of it still eludes me).

    I’m constantly weighing what I was taught and what I know could and is also true.

  29. Ooooh, I have 9th house Pallas conjunct Saturn and MC, with 10th house Pluto nearby also conjunct MC. I think Saturn might be suppressing my recognition of important overall patterns. History is just recently becoming important to me. In school, it was the absolute last thing I wanted to hear about; well, that and just about everything else (Leo Sun, Taurus Moon, does that make me lazy?!).
    I did love the tests they would give us in middle school though, where they would give a short sequence and ask what came next. I can deal with a literal patter, I also love textiles.

  30. Pallas Cancer 5th trine Chiron Pisces 1st and Trine Neptune Scorpio 9th.

    I “feel” my way through life. I’m very attached to my children and loved helping them with school projects. I like being creative when dating, and in raising my children. I take both situations very seriously, and have been both father and mother to my children.

  31. I have Pallas at 1 Virgo, tightly sandwiched between my Mercury 0 Virgo and Venus/Pluto at 2 Virgo. I’m a writer, so I imagine it helps to see patterns and creatively express things.

  32. trine sun
    sextile chiron
    trine mars
    trine saturn
    sextile pluto
    trine northnode
    square mercury
    opposite midheaven!

    I have ALOT of Pallas aspects…. I only act like I have balls when I’m really angry, but generally speaking I tend to try very hard to be diplomatic in an artistic way. I have a major tendency of picking up on patterns fast… I can sum people up really fast, and I have an extraordinary talent of just KNOWING how a relationship will live or die within five minutes of knowing the person. I can see people’s vices at a glance, plus their positive qualities, too.

    My pallas is in Virgo, 3rd house
    my sun and Saturn are in Capricorn, the 7th house
    my mars is in Taurus, the 11th house
    Pluto in Scorpio, the fifth house
    MH in Pisces
    NN in Capricorn, 7th house

  33. I’ve always thought of myself as someone able to perceive greater patterns beyond details, to “spot” the occult “structures” behind something, to see a much wider picture. This post explained things a bit to me, I have Pallas Athena in Aquarius, in my 7th House!

  34. I have Pallas on my 6th house cusp, in Capricorn, sextile mercury in the 8th and square mars in Aries in 9. Mercury and Pallas make a yod to my Asc. I feel like my purpose in life must be to get smarter. (I also have merc sq. Uranus/Jupiter conjunction. And Saturn conjunct Pluto in the 3rd.) While I’m definitely intelligent, I’ve had problems communicating things in a coherent way throughout my life. People can easily perceive me as dumb because my natural way of being is spacey and I easily lose track of my thoughts and where I want to go with them. I get mentally jumbled up and I have ADD. (Quite sure I have dyslexia as well.) I’m obsessed with figuring out puzzles and am always strategizing. Right now, T. Pluto is conjunct my n. Pallas. I feel mentally over-stimulated, it’s helping me to concentrate and break down my thoughts better.

  35. Wow. My Pallas is 18° Capricorn in my 5th. It’s a perfect fit in my grand trine to Uranus/Pluto/moon, Jupiter, a wide conjunct to Mercury/Venus/Juno/Lilith, and it sextiles Neptune. It’s like music. I have to study this more.

  36. Satori asked, “Do you perceive the patterns of creative intelligence in this area?”

    Noooo, not usually, because my Pallas is in 12th. Perceive, I mean. But, sometimes yes, because aspects offer sideways access. Triple 12th house conjunction: True Node, Juno & Pallas – sextile Vesta, & Uranus.

  37. Damn. My Pallas Athena at 14 Scorpio (third house) is quincunx my Chiron at 14 Aries. Last night I drank prosecco and grappa and smoked a Cohiba then puked. Told my boyfriend this has always been my pattern. I feel that I need to outdrink outsmoke out…balls to the wall (ha) my men. I told him I have a lot of my dad in me. My dad has spent his life alternating between chasing women and chasing God. A few weeks ago I told my boyfriend I wanted to leave the country on a mission trip. We’ve been discussing deep stuff lately. Feeling Pluto like a ton of bricks. My Pallas Athena trines my Mercury in Pisces to the degree. Is also quincunx my Saturn in Gemini and square my Venus in Aquarius. I feel the compulsion to prove how tough I am. It’s ego. It’s stupid. I get drunk with my boyfriend and we swap war stories. His are literal. I really did bleed in a foxhole once but it was basic training and I had a really bad period.

  38. Pallas Athena at 29 degrees Aquarius, Second House (personal values). I get the big picture(s) to make everyday life, art, because damn, it mainly doesn’t make much sense to me without it. Thanks for this about the fully formed female warrior born from the head of Jupiter, I love the image. Big Picture!

    • Just did some chart surfing with Pallas Athena, a new chapter of awareness, Satori. What a nice view for the day Pluto goes direct, and the first day of Lono Season in the Hawaiian culture (no war). Pallas Athena tries my MC and Uranus in my 6th. That Uranus aspect fills out a Grand Trine in air to give me something huge to lift me when the Scorpio-Saturn-Capricorn stalemates wear me down. Like helium, wow!!

  39. Pallas is my empty second house. I feel super special about her though, being mainly composed of those three signs she is a blend of. She makes no major aspects for me though, and she is in Virgo. Hmm.. I can see the small parts that make up the pattern that make up the whole? What? And this affects my values and income… Yeah, modest income is correct. I should make money doing modest jobs that other people don’t want to do… With athenaij the mix…. Tiny pattern recognition. Practical pattern recognition. Creatively expresses themselves through the practical arts, cerebral, analytical. I should be a seamstress, computer programmer, or some such… That is how I should built my fortune. Lol. This is hard e.e

    Yeah though, I’m basically pallas incarnate. ?

    • As for being overly or underly submissive… I think with palladium barely suspected, I first come through with submissive behavior. With my ex-boyfriend for example, almost completely so. He expected me to be by his horrible side for a long time.he told me so. Anyway cut to a few months time. I was nowhere near him. I feel like I dated him during a blackout. I had no intention of being near him…. Nor did I fancy him as much as he told himself(and me). His Aries enabled this… Anyway, it must have hurt him a ton, I’m sorry, I can’t help but hope that it did, for he was abusive sexually. Back to pallas, maybe my mixture of aqua, Leo, and Libra enabled a stronger expression of palladium than my asteroid would 🙂

      I do wonder if he was surprised

  40. “This is the ability to see patterns.” Excellent insights! My Pallas is within minutes of my Aries, 8th house sun — It’s super intense, and I can see quite a lot.

    I can size people up in about 3 seconds, see when they’re happy, sad, hiding something, etc., and I also see emotional patterns (8th house ruler, Pluto is in the 12th.) I take a lot of solace from this Pallas placement… Have been told I should have been a shrink.

  41. My Pallas is just out of conjunction by 10* with my AC in Aquarius at 29*. I am pretty quick to catch onto patterns, in fact, I am always watching for patterns/signs. They say that when anything is in the first or last degrees of a sign it is stronger.

  42. Sun/Mercury/Pallas conjunction in Aries, Third House. Seems to manifest as my ability to see patterns in communications, an innate sense of the true meaning behind the words.

  43. I have palace Athena at 24° of Virgo and my playhouse controlling what does that mean? It is also my Neptune Venus midpoint. I am an artist.

  44. I have palIs Athena at 24° of Virgo in my 4tyhouse con psyche what does that mean? It is also my Neptune Venus midpoint. I am an artist. Is so hard to figure out what this placement means. Any help would be appreciated.

  45. I have Pallas @ 8 Aquarius in the 8th house, connected to nothing 🙂 = well, widely trine my NN. PA & NN are my only objects in air as well. I have no idea what any of this means.

  46. Mine is in aries in the 9th house opposite sun and mars in libra. I read in a book of slovenian astrologer that pallas is the co-ruler of libra, even though it’s an asteroid. Juno is also supposed to rule libra. Mine is in libra in conjunction with sun & mars. Could it be that libra has three rulers? Insight would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  47. Pallas is conjunct my midheaven, 23 degrees Virgo. Square to Neptune in Sagittarius 23 degrees in the first house. Not forming any aspects to Mercury. I do have natal Mars in Virgo 6 degrees.

    Do I perceive patterns of creative intelligence in myself? Not really. As it’s conjunct my MC, it’s probably relevant to point out that over the years people who know me – and then those who don’t really know me well alike – often describe me as smart or intelligent. I’ve never been called creative though.

    With the square to Neptune… one interpretation might be doubt and lack of self-confidence about that pattern-finding intellect shown on the public stage. Virgo is humble and self-critical without other energy to counter. I don’t have much other energy to counter it.

    My best friend and I occasionally argue about my intelligence, with her attributing more of it to me than I attribute to myself.

  48. In capricorn , 12th house making an exact trine to Jupiter in 8th house. Maybe it’s about the dream patterns? Sometimes I can decipher the symbols of my own dreams.

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