What Zodiac Sign Has The Most To Teach You?

Speaking of pulling in people who have qualities you lack, I am attracted to Taurus. I am completely surrounded by them and it is hard to deny the impact they have on my life.

I have learned to commit from them.  I have learned to take my time, to feel good about myself and to just plain last.

Taurus is sturdy. I used to react to flies buzzing ‘round but I have learned to disregard as  flies have such a short life span.

Basically I have learned that the solid chocolate Easter bunny has appeal and sometimes change is really overrated.

Do you attract people who are remarkably different from you?  What have you learned from them?

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What Zodiac Sign Has The Most To Teach You? — 19 Comments

  1. Leo. I have a hard time understanding why it almost everything that comes out of mouth is about me. If you look at this objectively, do you really think people are going to react positively to this approach? It is hard to have a relationship with someone when all ever talk about is one person. Actually, not all are like this, i mainly think it is the insecure ones who do this. One Leo i know tells me everytime i see her that she has not smoked a cigarette for 3 weeks or whatever, I am kinda sick of hearing about it, since it paves the way for talking even more about her inevitably. But anyways not to dis(pun)-like. The really wonderful Leo i know who works with autistic children, i have never met anyone so full of love and life and love for all even those who are disabled. It’s like everyone is a jewel to her, doesn’t matter what there looks or abilitys. I think i have alot to learn from this sign, because i react so much differently to some then others of them…

  2. Virgos – I’m a Sag sun, North Node in Virgo…so it’s my karmic duty to learn how to cut coupons, be anal and detail-oriented. LOL. I confess I couldn’t stand Virgos when I was younger, but I appreciate them much more now. One of my Virgo friends is fantastic at asserting herself. Sometime she comes off as really uptight and I’m trying to get her to see the spiritual Zen flow of things. Makes for interesting convo. 🙂

  3. Aries . . . lots and lots of Aries! They are great for teaching me to get my lazy Libra butt in gear and prioritize!!

    when my progressed Sun was in Scorpio there were a lot more Taurus types around. I miss ’em because I really like Taurus. 🙂

  4. I get Leo, for a different reason. The evolved ones use their stubborn for such wonderful stick-to-it-iveness! I’ve definitely learned a lot from my wonderful Leo pals. There really haven’t been any who were typical of the “Leo me-me-me” pattern, but perhaps I’m biased due to my rising (also Leo).

    I have also learned to be more objective (and a little more snarky) from my Virgos. *grin*

    I notice that there is a definite relationship between your rising and the sun-signs of folks you have “karma” with. I am a Cap but I’ve loved Leos all my life and learned much from them. And I attract Capricorn risings — my ex-fiance and sister both have it, for example.

  5. I was wondering if anyone out there has any information on the Scorpio woman Leo man relationship… I have not been able to understand what the hell is happening here with the first one I knew, and now indirectly another has come into my life, and i am at my end as to how to deal with this…If i am supposed to learn somthing I don’t know what it is.

  6. Pisces…I’m so fixed in so many ways. It’s interesting to meander here and there. Though my rising is pis, that shows up as a disconnect from who I am and how I come across…my asc is quincunx my sun.

  7. Capricorn. Every since my Capricorn son was born (and he’s 23 now!) my life has been ruled by Capricorns: friends, colleagues, bosses. I’m a Scorpio with Sag rising, and they seem to structure my life for me, leaving me free to move around and deal with all the emotional stuff, my own and that between others. I think if they all abandoned me, I’d have to get my ass in gear and organize everything myself!

  8. Man, Elsa, me and Taurus? We just want to grit our teeth and but our heads. The minute I meet a Taurus I know it. I fought with one yesterday on the phone who I didn’t even know!! He said to me, “I’m a difficult person to say no to.” And I hung up.

    It’s always the way with that sign.

    I’m now seeing a Virgo. He’s hard to read but impeccable about details. I don’t need more of that, but there’s something aloof about Virgos, something in their practicality, that attracts me (even though I’m a double cappy) – I don’t know why I’m not more practical. (Recently, I’m being forced to work on that.)

  9. great topic, elsa! Aries has purified me with its flames. Always wanted to envelope them as a Cancer, and learned the hard way that this leads to a good scorchin’. they’ve taught me that sometimes it’s okay to walk away and not look back. my saturn is in aries in a tight sq to the sun, and this gift has made me a much stronger cancer. aries taught me that I don’t need to explain who I am to anybody. and to be daring, and protective of personal freedom.

  10. Pisces. Absolutely surrounded (family and non-family) by Pisces and other Neptunians. Sadly, some have taught me how I don’t want to be (and no, I’m not blaming that on their Sun sign… I would never avoid being around a Pisces because of this.) It’s just the truth that some of those individuals have taught me to avoid being like them. From the rest, I’ve learned a deeper appreciation of music.

  11. Lately (the last several years) Virgo. I am Virgo rising, with two planets and South Node in Virgo in the 1st. I think I have been attracting them as mirrors to show me what I do not want to be… It has not been fun. Before Virgos, I have always attracted Scorpios and Leos. I hope they return soon.

  12. Geminis are a lot of fun! Very unpredictable. Sometimes vacillating between hugging you to death and the next moment smacking you with a two by four to let you know how much they care and to remind you to pay attention to both sides of their story.

  13. One of my most significant intimate relationships was with a Taurus. She schooled me in all kinds of ways….. It’s hard to articulate some of the things she taught me. I think the most significant thing she taught me was to be consciouses and aware of our personal expectations in a relationship. She also exposed me to culture I had never experienced. The first time she took me to her family’s home the whole family worked for hours butchering three deer on the kitchen table. That was cool…. She taught me so much more, but I can’t find the words for it right now….

    I think I have the most to learn from Aries at this point in my life. For the past three years I lived with close freinds who have 2 daughters. A 10 year old Aries and 5 year old cancer… I have know both girls since birth and have done lots of childcare for them over the years. The cancer and I have a deep connection and we get along great. The Aries and I love each other but our relationship is more of a power struggle. She loves to tell people what do and how to do it, and I have a huge problem with people ordering me around. The Aries just pushes my buttons by being herself…. She has taught how to be less uptight and more tolerant of temperaments that rub me the wrong way…….

    I left my ridge top in se Ohio this past January to go out on walk about to try and figure out were I am going with my life… I ended up in Eugene Oregon, and find myself living with a Pisces I have know since I was 15 and her 5 year old Gemini daughter…. I am learning all kinds of things from my present living situations… The Gemini is an amazing little terror!! She is way cool…

  14. yes, taurus now for me too. and, interestingly enough, venus in libra.
    The idea that opposites attract has sometimes been true, but fleeting for me: when libra meets aries, what passion, but only archetypal. Taurus, perhaps, has the staying power. The soldier-like qualities of Aries man, but also the firm rootedness of the bull.

    Today I saw a bull and a heifer in a field together. The bull was kissing the heifer on the nose. It was so ridiculously loving.

    All in all, I think the Taurus man is the epitome of Man. And as a libra woman, I like to to epitomize Woman to the best of my ability. A well matched pair, I’d say…

    Oh Taurus

  15. I have this odd ability to attract other Geminis. *blink* But in terms of different-ness, the sign I probably experience the most is Cancer.

    My mom is a Cancer. My current closest friend is also a crab, although thankfully leavened with Aquarius rising. 🙂 My mom and I battled for years over the fact that I didn’t want kids; she just couldn’t get it, and because it wasn’t something I consciously decided on, I could never explain it to her…

  16. the other cardinal signs. aries has a hard time remembering, sometimes, that you can’t do it all on your own, and there’s lots to learn from the others about getting things done in context of other people- organizations/groups, partners, as a family etc etc….

  17. I wish I attracted more different people. My sister and mother both Taurus, all three of us born on almost the same day of the year. Yet. They are Taurus/Aries Moon (sister scorp rising and mom Virgo rising) and I got the Leo moon (Pisc rising).

    Who I usually end up dating is the flip side of me, the Leo man with the Taurus Moon, with some Virgo in there somewhere.

    As to my mother and sister, and whether or not I am projecting my own shadow, I say four horns is two damn many. They get all up in your business with that cardinal energy.

    I’d rather just sit back and mind my own damn business….just don’t ignore me too long or I’ll roar, Ha ha ha! Honestly, I don’t see that much of the Leo in me, I am too shy, so, apparently, I fulfill my Leo moon by attracting Leo partners.

  18. Interestingly, as a Taurus female, Taurus men tend to bore me (but only after they bore my pants off, LOL, kidding about the second part)!

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