Manifesting The Potential Of Your Astrology Chart

princess.jpgsatori writes:

I was rereading Diane Eichenbaum’s Soul Signsย and came across a poem she cited, written by a Californian, grade-school girl

I am the moon.
I am the sky.
I am someone no one else has been.
I am the person that gets everything they want.
I am the one and only princess in the world.
I am an astronaut that always goes to Pluto,
I am a flower that never dies.

it reminded me of your current bit on manifestation.

I think I’m going to manifest being the one and only princess in the world (but I still plan to do it with a cheeseburger in a van down by the river ::smirk::).

What would you like to make of yourself?


Manifesting The Potential Of Your Astrology Chart — 11 Comments

  1. I started thinking the princess thing, bit by bit, after a breakup a few years ago. I was really mad. I didn’t really want to date but I decided to put something up on match. it was kind of a “goddammit, universerse: THIS is what I want!” thing. I put up this:
    Princess Seeks Vasectomized Orphan.
    I took it down almost immediately. beyond all reason I did get a few responses. Geminis.

    the idea has seeped in though. I may actually be more of a princess than I ever wanted to admit to myself. I’m a pretty, fucking princess, goddammit.

  2. bahaha! yes, you did! but absolutely no need to be sorry! the anger passed and the thought morphed into “Princess Not Seeking Anything at All, but if a Prince Should Happen Along…”

  3. Jennifer, I love that.
    you know what amalgam comes to mind:
    you can’t kill the motherfuckin’ vampire… you might can fuck him up a bit but he’s still flyin’!

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