If You Could Travel Anywhere In The World…

travel.jpgkashmiri’s Sagittarius rising asks:

“If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?”

kashmiri – I have no preference at all. I live in a different realm and it makes little difference to me where I am although I do prefer a warm climate. But a far as a romantic idea of a locale or some kind of yearning, I don’t feel anything like that at all and I never have.

I think this is a function of my Saturn / Neptune-ness. To me, everywhere I go is the same as everywhere else I have ever been. It just all bleeds together so based on that, I will go wherever, whenever.

What about you? You can go anywhere, so where will you be going?

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If You Could Travel Anywhere In The World… — 30 Comments

  1. San Miguel de Allende,GTO, Mx because it is calm, family oriented in the most broadest latin definition of family which means they are people oriented, they are civil, smile on the streets, have mariachi bands for the dead.

    Mexico, a Capricorn country with Saturn in Aries, has many problems but Mexicans have no illusions about their leaders and political structures, they accept that their government is corrupt and go on with life, poco a poco, or little by little.

    I also have a neptune, saturn conjunction in Libra and the city is filled with traditional healing.
    The healing aspect, access to locally grown food,
    proximity of basic resources without the use of a car, and water, an aquafir is important to me.

    They say the water will run out in 5 years.

  2. There’s a theory about South Nodes and karmic places. There are a lot of people with unexplainable attractions to places they’ve never been before in this life and Karmic Astrology connects that with the sign of your south node.

    For me it rings true, I have SN in Sagittarius and I want to go to Argentina, which is a Sagittarius-ruled country. 🙂 It helps that I have other 4 planets in Sag, of course.

  3. I can’t really explain it, but I’m drawn to certain places. From the minute I stepped off the plane in London, I felt perfectly at home…but as beautiful as San Diego is, I’m not comfortable there for very long.

    I’m working (and working, and working) at getting near the ocean. Cancer moon so probably not surprising, maybe the surprise is that I’ve lived my entire life landlocked!

  4. Oh gosh, want a list? Stonehenge. The Natural History Museum of Vienna – the Venus of Willendorf is there, and she moved me enough to get ink. Buenos Aires to dance the tango. Tierra del Fuego, because it’s the end of the world. So much stuff in Western Europe I can’t even tell you – castles, graveyards, chapels, oh my. Hong Kong, because I can. Sydney, same reason.

    San Francisco for dinner (I’m in LA) in a couple weeks because an internet buddy is coming out from Des Moines. Vegas in a couple months because I enjoy it.

    I will travel the world and it took me til I was in my 30’s to realize I wanted to.

  5. I always needed to go to Germany for some reason. I felt drawn there, so I moved there. Then, it was as if that urge was satisfied, so I moved back the USA. Now I have no real desire to travel anywhere else. It’s weird, because I’ve been to all sorts of places all of the world for extended periods of time, but nowadays I don’t tend to like trips longer than a day or two. I need my home and my familiar surroundings. My friend just moved far away and really wants me to visit, but the thought of flying there and staying there is making my skin crawl. Perhaps that’s my Cancer sun and moon.

  6. Shannon,

    “I will travel the world and it took me til I was in my 30’s to realize I wanted to.”

    Same here! I’m really happy to go anywhere. Not sure what’s in my chart about it, but I’m always fantasizing about far off places – India, Thailand, Alaska.

  7. That’s funny, I always thought the same thing – everywhere looks/feels just like everywhere else to me. Everytime I try to leave my life behind and go somewhere new (whether for a weekend, a vacation or an actual move) I realize I never escape to anywhere new because it’s all the same place. Same stuff everywhere just the labels are different. Capricorn moon conjunct Neptune.

  8. I love to travel, and I don’t care where I’m going. I just NEED to go.

    Most of my work life I’ve worked about an hour away from home just so that it’s a trip (Twice a Day! SCORE!). When we were young my brother and I -if we couldn’t afford to actually go somewhere- would scrape up a dollar and ride the subway back and forth the length of the line playing go fish, every now and again getting off at a random station. I can’t imagine getting up and spending all day every day in the same neighbourhood. When I did work close to home if I ever got recognized anywhere else in the neighbourhood it drove me a little batty. If I’m not in the house I like to believe I’m travelin’. Everywhere is different. Even if its just a little bit.

  9. It’s funny, because I have Saturn/Neptune (trined) and while I feel the same everywhere I feel more “pure” without the trappings of every day life. Escapism. I have traveled a lot, but east, and not south (ie. States or S. America). I agree with Joana’s SN comment. I’m drawn to the East.

    If I could go anywhere, it would be here:

    A musical festival in Timbuktu. I fell in love with one of the bands that play there regularly and so the dream began.

  10. Jupiter in the 9th square the sun, and cnj saturn (I’m capricorn), mercury cnj sun and probably asc. Jupiter also just out of orb for a sextile to venus or neptune in Sag . .

  11. Cuba because it’s illegal for me to go. Italy for the food and the gorgeous people. New Zealand for the natural beauty. All the above for the photographic opportunities.

  12. There are so many places that I would like to travel too. V- I love Mexico! I am sure that I could live there six months of the year someday.

    At the end of the month we are travelling to Sicily, up the coast to the Riviera and then on to Mt. St. Michelle and Paris. It is important to me that I see Mt. St. Michelle as I think I may have had a past life there. This will be my first time in all of these places, so I/ we are very excited!

  13. Yay Spinner! That sounds like a wonderful, wonderful plan! How exciting!
    I have dreams of Mexico too. I’m really glad V. posted that comment as I’m planting the seed to escape this rainy place 6 months out of the year. Hopefully it can happen within the next 10 years, that’s the dream anyway.

  14. I never have had a burning desire to travel. I moved to Atlanta after I married my first husband who was from here.

    Last spring I went to Ireland with my man. I didn’t want to come back. I think part of me will always live in his little home town by the sea now and I can’t wait to go back. I was so happy there for those two weeks.


  15. Lupa- I have not been to Buncrana, but I have been to Donegal and Derry. I have a real heart connection with that part of the world and some of the people there.

  16. Everywhere, like June said. But especially Tasmania (marsupials) or Provence (hot sun on lavender) or a return to Madagascar. 9th house sun & mercury, moon conjunct jupiter.

  17. The place I’ve always wanted to go is Ireland, I don’t know why really, I just want to go there and experience it.

    Lupa, thanks for the link that’s a great picture you can almost smell the water.

    And Spinner, I hope you have a great trip! And you must let us know what your experience in Mt. St. Michelle turns out to be; I’m just excited for you. I’ve often thought that’s why Ireland pulls me, must have had at least one important past life there I think.

  18. any and every third world country. I like growth and movement and challenge. First world countries (been there) are just too easy or complacent for me.

    Or maybe not enough culture left in them… dunno. 3rd world places I feel more comfortable.

  19. I would like to see the sunrise from the Great Wall of China (I’d be looking out for Mongols, of course;). Pity sunrise happens outside opening hours;D
    I’d also like to visit Angkor Wat and New Orleans.
    Of the places I have been, I’d recommend Firenze – the atmosphere is awesome! A bit heavy, but I like that. (Venezia is just like all the photos you have seen…) Ireland is beautiful, a bit hedonistic (for tourists anyway) and relaxing; Hadrian’s Wall is a fascinating experience granted you have an interest in history and a vivid imagionation (and while you’re up there, visit Alnwick Castle as well – 800 years of history); and Redwood national park (Cal) and Crater Lake national park (Oregon) are cool as well, very exotic for me as a North European:) Everything is big in the United States – even the cones!:D

  20. Is it bad to have a “romantic idea of a locale or some kind of yearning?”

    I have exactly that. This romantic idea of locale and the need/wish to travel places keeps me alive and energized in some way. I need to have another place in view or to dream about partly to get the sense that there is another environment that is different or better or there is possibility somewhere else. Lately this place has been Europe but especially Paris.

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