Literature – Are Characters Beloved Because They Correspond To Universal Archetypes?

snape.jpgA reader writes:
“Are our most beloved literary characters beloved because they correspond to the universal purpose of astrology? Last summer, in the midst of Harry Potter mania, I saw a list someone had compiled of the various birthdays of the characters. They all seemed to match very well. For example, I couldn’t imagine Snape as anything but a Capricorn. And would Harry be “the boy who lived” if he wasn’t a Leo?

My latest book is Anne of Green Gables. While listening the other day, and hearing the imaginative, dreamy ramblings of the main character Anne, I told myself that I would be shocked, shocked if she were anything but a Pisces. Within 5 minutes, the Anne character said that she had just turned 11 in March. More likely than not that the character is Pisces.

I think that the characters we love most resonate with the unconscious knowledge that we all have about what traits are believable. What do you think?

I’d say the most memorable fictional characters very much hold true to some form. It reminds me of Jodie Foster’s refusal to reprise her role as Agent Starling in The Silence of the Lambs in the second movie, Hannibal Rising .

Foster felt her character in second movie acted out of character and so wanted nothing to do with it. She was so right…

Do you recognize the astrological archetypes in literature? Tell us!

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Literature – Are Characters Beloved Because They Correspond To Universal Archetypes? — 17 Comments

  1. lol, professor Snape tickles me to the bone. Definitely Capricorn.

    Ophelia, the little girl from Pan’s Labyrinth seems like a Pisces to me too 🙂

  2. OMG Ana! Anytime I watch movies, I always label each character a sign. Professor Snape definitely a Cappy, and I definitely think Ophelia a Pisces. I have even gone so far as to give all of the Spongebob characters a sign, like Squidward, he is FOR SURE a Capricorn. The guy who does his voice over is a Capricorn, and I just knew it!!

    I just read the Epic of Gilgamesh, and I would have to say Gilgamesh was a Leo.

  3. But OTOH, Ron Weasley strikes me as very Un-Pisces (he’s March 1). He reads more like an Aries to me with the hotheadedness and insecurities. Hermione is a textbook Virgo, however.

    I see Harry as more of a Scorp, really.

  4. I think Ron is such a pisces…a tad passive aggressive, dreamy (wandering mind), wants to be a jock but doesn’t really go for it, a really good friend but not terribly aggressive in any way. He seems less hot headed to me and more passive which makes people upset (like virgo Hermione)…

    He reminds me of my pisces hubby at any rate.

    I do agree that when I watch a movie or read a book my mind wonders about the sign….I have a book somewhere that also assigns dog breeds to the different signs…ie., dobermans for sags, pointers for gemini’s, great danes for virgos, etc. It’s pretty fun.

    My pisces asc just pushes my mind to back to the world of work. ta ta.

  5. I’ve just finished Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende and the main character Eliza had the ability to be invisible in social circumnstances (not magically invisible, but discreet) and I immediately thought of Neptune in the midheaven!

  6. I absolutely love this topic although my brain is too fluffy to come up with any good examples! I always felt Scarlett O’Hara must be an Aries although I can’t remember if the book said…

  7. I’ve always been fascinated by this but I really don’t know enough to assert an opinion. I have to agree with Gem, though — Ron is definitely a Pisces. I don’t get the ‘me-first’ attitude that a lot of Aries have, and Ron is anything but direct.

  8. Jo March was November, not sure if it was Scorp or later on and a Sadge. However, she married later in life, ended up running that school for boys, was very independent and liberated, oh, and sarcastic, so I’m going to say Sadge.

    Amy with all that artistic stuff and Europe and social graces and dresses and marrying Laurie, prob a Libra.

    Meg was very domestic and motherly, kind of serious and dutiful. Frugal too. Maybe a Virgo?

    And poor Beth–well, I don’t know. What’s the weakest, most-suffering sign? Cancer?

  9. oh this is a fun game! I agree with you on Jo and Amy, Pixie Dust. But my votes would be Capricorn for Meg, and Pisces for Beth.

  10. My first thoughts were Cappy for Meg (family, duty, stability) and Pisces for Beth (servant, dreamy, religious devotion). I completely agree with you, Jessica. I got sidetracked because I didn’t think Beth was costumey enough to be Pisces, and Meg seemed kind of organized and a household manager, keeping accounts and making that jelly that didn’t jell.

    Yes, I think we have the March girls figured out!

  11. Frodo Baggins a Tarus- that makes sense.

    I was dragged to see the Igor movie with some small relatives of mine last year.
    I was wondering why it was out in September, not October. Then I realized Igor was a Virgo. With a Saturn-Sun, no less.

  12. Elsa, you’re so right about Snape being a Capricorn. Sun conjunct Saturn, too. I did an astro profile on my blog after I saw the movie. Good fun!

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