Astrology And Fashion – What Can You Not Wear?

pink-and-blue-baby.jpgLoonsounds writes on Fashion Trends 2008… The Look Of Pluto In Capricorn Redux

“Oh man, I could not wear black, not even to a funeral. Pisces rising with Venus in the 1st.”

Sounds right to me!

Personally, I am a Capricorn rising and baby blue and pink… pastels in general are out!

What can you not wear? What is your rising sign?

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Astrology And Fashion – What Can You Not Wear? — 58 Comments

  1. Libra rising. I can wear pretty much anything. Refuse to wear anything that is too revealing or “feminine”, though. Flowers, pastels, wide necks, strappy pathetic loose things… no.

  2. My rising sign is Taurus and naturally I can not wear polyester or any “cheap” feeling fabric.

    Mars in Leo, so I like to be noticed, I can wear almost anything if I feel I wear it well. :Smiles:

  3. I cannot and will not wear anything poofy, fluffy or ruffled!! YUCK!! Pink/Baby-Blue are definitely OUT!! I have told my family that I want to be buried in my tie-dyed-peace-sign t-shirt. I’m a Leo sun w/Venus in Leo and 11th house EVERYWHERE! HA! Good question! 🙂

  4. Scorpio rising. Black. Navy. And more black. Although my Venus in Leo sometimes complains and makes me wear turquoise or apple green. I feel like an idiot in pink.

  5. Capricorn sun, Aquarius rising. Not into really formal or really floofy things, and I don’t think I’ve ever owned a yellow garment once I was able to make my own clothing choices. I’m better in either bolder, darker colors or neutrals. Bright yellows and similar shades don’t work for me.

    Some pastels, maybe (light blue is alright) but for the most part, give me something bolder. 🙂

  6. Yellow looks terrible on me. I can’t wear white either.

    No pastels, ever. (Cap rising too.) Red looks good & I wear it a lot (Mars conj asc.)

    My Virgo Venus likes hippie stuff but no ruffles.
    Gemini moon likes weird shoes? I have a pair of gold combat boots.

  7. Jilly – Venus Virgo here too – hate ruffles. Almost wrote that initially. (Original comment is MIA – but I have faith it will return.)

  8. joana – was just about to write the same thing. beige makes me look washed out an ridiculous. aries rising. i like my deep blues and bright reds. anything with real color.

  9. Oh, show us a photo of those gold combat boots, they sound totally interesting.

    Oh, pink is my favorite color, but I prefer the hot pink over the pale pink, and a little cleavsge never hurt this Pisces/Venus 1st. Maybe it sounds bizarre, but HEY, if you can pull it off, you can pull it off. Leo moon also, I can pull it off.

  10. I like strong, classic colors, and I love bold sailor stripes and pretty florals. I like bows and ruffles and I often wear dresses.

    I hate pastels on myself, and I cannot wear certain pinks next to my face — or black — or beige/brown colors.

    Aquarius rising, Leo sun, Venus in Virgo, obsessive about fashion.

  11. Like Omie, I’m Taurus Rising and nothing synthetic will ever touch my skin.

    Plus, I have tons of Leo all trine Uranus, so get me in anything bright and unconventional and I’m happy!

  12. gemini sun, aquarius rising — i like grey, my closet is grey, grey and grey. sometimes silver. once in a while beige. it’s the color of air. venus in leo often adds a hot pink, gold or chartreuse accent. the drama

  13. Very feminine, details like beading, contrasts, doodads. In no way shape or form anythign manly or shapeless. No muddy colors, pastels are good and so are sparkles. Florals. I like to show off/bare that part above the cleavage and spreading out to the sides near the shoulders, like a rounded boatneck, so my upper chest, clavicle, the muscles from my neck to shoulder and throat are all exposed. Especially good with hair slightly loosely pulled back on the sides and dangly earrings.
    Always a bit of a heel.

    Virgo rising.

  14. hey midara,

    uranus also touches just about everything in my chart so I can rock some pretty bold choices: it is a lot of fun.

  15. Aquarius, Taurus Rising

    Aqua is definitely my favorite color to wear, EVER! and people always comment that it looks fantastic on me…besides that, Red too.

    I really don’t like beige or any other light pastel colors. I like bright and intense

  16. Although I love yellows and greens, they do make me look jaundiced. I love aquas, all shades of blue, actually, Scorpio, Leo rising.

  17. Aries Sun/Aquarius Rising – my two favourite colours for clothing are turquoise & red, with electric/cobalt blue running a close 3rd…for a long while I had a thing for navy – at least half my clothes were navy or some other dark’ish blue. I don’t wear much in the way of pastels, preferring jewel tones 😉 but I can’t wear yellow UNLESS it is a pastel (don’t have a single piece of yellow clothing). The rest of my wardrobe is comprised of greens & purples/pinks (deep, not light pink). I wear mostly pants, though I have a few swirly skirts to satisfy my Venus Taurus 😀

  18. I can’t wear orange. Like the color, but I could haunt a building wearing orange. And I can’t stand the “bodily function” colors- puke green, pee yellow, and poo brown. People just LOVE poo brown these days and yell at me for not liking it and saying so, but…do you WANT to look like a walking turd, at a wedding? Uck!

    Scorpio rising. I somehow don’t think that has anything to do with the color hatred.

  19. Wow, Lilly, I’m also an Aries Sun/Aqua rising/Venus in Taurus. Navy was a mainstay for many years, but for some reason I’ve drifted away from it. I do lots of black because it looks good, I’m always in a hurry, and you can just throw this and that on and it will always work. Like to accent with red and turquoise; I have lots of Native American jewelry and it just upgrades the cheapest ensemble. Beige and white in the summer as a lighter version of the throw-it-on blacks and grays. Pants when I don’t feel like shaving my legs, which is phasic and usually dependent on having some man to meet later on. 🙂 Love skirts, though – wish I had the discipline to just shave and wear ’em every single day – it’s such a lift and sometimes I forget how nice it feels to look like a girl. Alas, Moon in Libra just can’t be bothered some mornings. And progressed Moon in Aries is, well, a little devil-may-care these days.

  20. leo sun/pisces rising/gem moon…depends on where I am at and what role I want to play. At work I’m NYC black, khaki, grey, splashes of color but clothes have to have an interesting twist…I like minimalism and no patterns. I lived in NYC for over a decade…so functional is key.

    Outside of work, I like whatever is comfortable and with some color. Today I wore a bright orange top which made me feel really sunny. Evenings I have worn my fun leopard print skinny skirt with tube top and heels (on a sexy date night with my hubby) to skin tight leather pants with a crochet dress over it at a film festival party or I love wearing my green snake skin cowboy hat around town (I live in the SW)! I don’t like gawdy and I can carry these things off for now. My leo side likes to role play…

    I’ve gotten more tame than I used to be but am thinking that needs to change…. 🙂 I would love blue streaks in my hair right now.

    Progressed moon in libra wants me to be more girly than I am used maybe some more color and floaty clothes which have been appealing of late.

    When I draw clothing designs they are always influenced by the water. And for some reason my toe nails are painted fuschia and sparkly blue right now.

  21. girlie things. noisy things. glaring stuff (though shiny is good, it can’t be too complicated)
    i am such a virgo rising/aries venus 😉
    (but i have uranus and mercury and neptune aspecting the ascendant…)

  22. Scorpio rising = lots of black, body skimming, sexy.
    5th house Aries Stellium = lots of dramatic stuff, bright colors, shiny things.
    Cappy moon = neutral shades, conservative, vintage.

    I’ve often called my look “slutty preppy” or “nerd glam”

  23. I can’t wear anything well. I’m all lumpy and awkward. I just love my pajamas. The second I get home it’s like get this underwire off and let the girls free, elastic and nonrestrictive time now, kthxbai. I credit my Venus in the 7th in Pisces for this.

  24. Aries sun with Scorpio rising.. I cant wear patterns, ruffles, frills and most pastels. I also cant stand being uncomfortable, the older I get the more important comfort becomes (venus in taurus?) I’m also not very good with up to date fashion, it just doesnt interest me and I can’t understand what all the fuss is about. I prefer simple classics… like that little black dress.

  25. I am a Virgo Sun with Aquarius Rising and I love earth tones: grey, brown, olive green and practically any shade of blue (except royal).
    I’m not one for frilly things and/or lacy things. I like my blue jeans and comfy tee-shirts and it’s very hard for me to find clothing that I actually like. All blue jeans are definitely NOT created equal.
    Organic, sustainably made, vegan…all the better.

  26. Sagittarius sun with Cancer rising Sagittarius moon. I love earthy colors. I consider myself to be a boring dresser in terms of colors. I love black, I think it’s absolutely beautiful and solid colors generally attract my attention. Venus in Scorpio. I don’t like dressing loud or showing too much skin. I hate tight clothing and I still have no idea how I manage to wear skinny jeans.

    I like to layer a lot, I guess I like to cover up and it’s comforting and I feel like I’m in a shell. I also like super super comfortable clothes. I LOVE masculine looking clothes. Androgynous/unisex clothing is also very appealing to me. I like things that sort of drag too, things that look like they are a bit too big for me.

    As for shoes, I love boots. Especially equestrian boots. I hate high heels not only because I think they’re ugly, but because I have really flat feet. When I was younger I always wore sweats, windbreakers, big sweaters, I used to play basketball so I was almost always in my gear.

    Don’t really care much for underwear, I wear it because it’s comfortable, but I’d never spend a shitload of money on it. Oh! and I really like cowboy clothes, don’t know why. I hate accessories. Best thing ever: Jeans and a cool ass t-shirt and some pretty kicks.

  27. Fun question, Elsa! I dislike loud, tacky colours, bold prints. I have an Aquarius ASC, so basically anything that smacks too much of disco era Leo, or looks too big/too cheap/too bling turns me right off.

    Mars conj ASC – my fave colours to wear are red and army green and I love the military style. I like something unusual, that’s difficult to place in terms of time or origin. Aquarius also enjoys playing with being extremely feminine or ubermasculine or mixing both together. Despite the air ASC, I like earth tones best, appreciate architectural, well tailored pieces, expensive fabrics. But too much classic conservatism is boring so I’ll don extravagant pieces too: high quality corsets, killer stilettos, fur (all the fur I own has been gifted to me) etc. John Galliano and Eiko Ishioka are my fave fashion/costume designers.

    Mars conj ASC. I’ve always enjoyed telling my boyfriends to pick me out an outfit from my closet. It’s amusing to see what they would like me to wear. I veto any combo I deem unworkable.

  28. This was great! It was fun reading how everyones fashion related to their chart.

    Personally my favorite look is a little black dress thats short and sexy with black boots or sexy high heels and a black leather jacket depending on the weather. I love boots and black. I think its classic and sexy. Red is another favorite.And Knee Highs! I love Knee highs with a mini skirt. I like the just rolled out bed sexy rock chick look. This is probably due to my Pluto-Venus conjunction.

    However I have pisces rising and I wear a lot of skirts, dresses and deniem shorts. I do most colours too although I hardly wear white or beige. Basically I like to look casual sexy

  29. I have leo rising with first house Uranus. I can carry off unconventional pretty well, or at least I have believed that for the last few years. I don’t have issues with neutrals, but I usually don’t wear them anymore.

    I LOVE bright colors and hippie clothes. Stuff that sparkles and shine absolutely mesmerizes me. It’s like clothes magic!

    The only thing I absolutely cannot tolerate in clothing is feeling uncomfortable. Maybe that’s the Taurus midheaven? I dunno. I’ve got lots of Earth and am therefore fairly well tuned to the physical.

  30. I have to go 100% with Stephanie. I have Scorpio ASC and I HAVE to feel sexy in whatever I’m wearing. Even those depression-era pin stripped vests that I love so much right now, I think they accentuate the waistline, hips, and breast area very nicely. I wear a lot of black, because I think it is just classic (Cappy moon). I also love earth tones, and really liked the Bohemian look that was popular over the last couple of years. Bottom line though, I have to feel sexy.

  31. I also LOVE lingerie…I am keeping my credit card away from one cute get up at Agent Provocateur that I almost bought this a.m….(dreamy)…

  32. I like bright colors and neutrals, and sparkly shiny accessories. No pastels, no ruffles, no extra *stuff* on the clothes. My work at home uniform is a plain T shirt in black or a bright color, flared blue jeans (maybe they’d be called bell bottoms, but wider than boot cuts), cute shoes, a big funky necklace and my litany of earrings. I’d wear bracelets but my carpal tunnel just can’t abide them. *so sad*

    Gemini rising here

  33. I love bold, deep, intense colors. Especially black and red. Nothing washed out or faded looking. Also like earthy greens, browns and greys. White and silver dresses are favorites too. Narrow belts or a sash around the waist are good, but no accessories, patterns, lines, dots or distractions. Just big color with clean classic lines, tailored and fitted, made with a nice fabric. Not much jewelry either, maybe some pearls or a silver watch.

    Gemini rising, Aries sun/mars/venus and Capricorn moon.

  34. I love wearing sun-dresses or boat necklines. My neck and shoulders are my best feature. No pastels for me although in theory I think they are pretty. I rarely wear jewelry, unless I make it myself.

    I look powerful in deep reds and dresses. Pants make me look and feel less powerful. I wear black when I need people not to bother me, blue or deep eggplant when I’m happy.
    I love novelty prints, medium size. I have an extreme dislike of advertising and slogans on my clothing.

    What I usually end up wearing is sleeveless fitted tank tops, skorts or elastic pull up jeans (I work outdoors and have a huge garden, 4th house moon just visited by Pluto).

    Leo rising, pluto ascendant, Virgo sun 1st house Venus and Neptune in Libra.

    red=leo rising
    sun-dress= virgo sun need to be lady like and feminine
    thinking pastels are pretty= Neptune Libra Venus
    using color for mood or power = Pluto ascendant

  35. Jilly – that’s funny that you posted that. I cannot wear shorts. Period. I have to wear a skirt or dress instead. I hated skirts and dresses as a child and my mother would struggle to put me into one for “occasions”. Now, that’s my preffered outfit in the summer. I don’t think it has anything to do with astrology – just living in countries that are more conservative towards women’s clothes or something.

    Shorts feel restrictive and binding to me now. Too funny.

    I can’t wear LARGE bold patterns as they seem to overwhelm me – skin coloring.

    I also cannot deal with synthetics. Period. Oh and have a thing for scarves. I don’t wear them with the outfit. I bring them along to wear with the outfit when I go into airconditioning.

    I don’t chalk any of this up to my asc. It’s all the taurus sun that wants comfort comfort comfort. Oh and men’s clothes that are well-made to last. ROFL

  36. Gem, did you know almost everything on Agent Provocateur is 50% off right now???? I’m buying! Oops, my Libra is showing.

  37. Shannon, you get dressed up like that to work at home? Maybe you have people who come to you, I understand jeans and a t-shirt but baffled on the cute shoes, necklace and earrings. Do you do hair, perfume and make up also? If you please humor this nosy stay-at-home Pisces/Taurus messy chick who does her stuff at home and who wears what ever she first grabs, no shoes, and definitely no bra.

  38. Last night I heard a comment, ‘Beige is not your colour hun.’ and I thought to myself ‘Is beige anyones colour?

  39. Aries rising, Leo Sun. NO pastels, NO light colors, NO deep greens, NO beige 😉 . I wear pink, but it has to be deep pink.

  40. As for what I like…lots of black and deep, rich purple, MUST fit my figure, but not to the point of ridiculousness (no baggy anything!). Believe it or not, chocolate brown and navy (on the bottom, mostly) look good on me. That’s my Virgo Venus. I also like tops with lots of buttons. That’s another Virgo quirk.

    My Moon’s in Libra, so when the weather gets warmer, I break up the dark colors with deeper pinks, medium blues, and turquoise.

  41. Spinner–NO! No it isn’t! Put down the beige, people! Forever!

    I can’t wear heels. I’ll wear a wedge if need be.

    I can’t wear pencil-skirts. My butt stops traffic as it is and you might think I’m kidding but I’m not.

    I can’t wear empire waists, or low-cut tops. I don’t do cleavage though I like to show off my neck as it is quite lovely.

    I can’t wear sneakers in public, unless I’m jogging in public.

    I don’t wear fleece. Clothing made from plastic bottles? Taurus says NO! (Even as a bicycle messenger on the West Coast– I wear silk long johns and wool and cashmere pullovers, it’s quite funny actually).

    The few concessions I make with synthetics is a rain coat (when it’s monsooning out), bras and lycra leggings.

  42. My Sag sun says “NO FRILLIES! NO RUFFLES! NO SKIRTS OR DRESSES!!!!” But every once in a while, my Leo rising will come out and “girl me up”. I usually don’t like girlie things. Comfort doesn’t get in the way of my shopping. I don’t have Taurus ANYTHING!

    Plain tee shirts are a “No” for me– there must be a logo or at least a pattern to redirect focus. Must be a Cap in Uranus thing. Oh well. I’m becoming a little more adventurous with my style as I gain experience in the fashion world. But after all, I’m only 14.

    Commenting on AngieS, I will not be buried in a dress of ANY COLOR! I guess I’d be buried in my favorite rock band tee. Black is a BIGGY!!(Scorpio Venus, Jupiter, Pluto, and Mercury)

    Great Question, Elsa!!

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