One More For The Scorpio Moon: Update On The Father’s Day Story

To catch you up on the Father’s Day story, I heard back from my husband’s (deceased) friend’s father today and his 17-year-old granddaughter would like to talk to my husband about her father.

My husband is still shaken and not entirely sure what to say to a “girl” so has opted to email her first which makes sense to me.  You call someone these days and no idea where they might be when they pick up the phone.

This will also give my husband a chance to compose and he’d just feel better talking to her if he takes this interim step.  He knows the girl of course, but hasn’t seen her since she was 6 years old and seeing pictures of her grown makes him very aware his friend did not get to see his daughter grow up which is horribly sad no matter how you turn it. I just makes you feel bad to think about it.

In whatever case, he’s also having me scan pictures he has so he can send them with the mail and I just want to say that while we’re getting through this, it is intensely emotional.

This grand cross / the lunar eclipse is all about doing the right thing even if it is painful and so we are. We play our best game, you just wonder sometimes, about the cards you wind up holding and no matter what you do it never seems like it is enough.

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One More For The Scorpio Moon: Update On The Father’s Day Story — 6 Comments

  1. I also want to say that the posts / pictures / tributes that some women around here (and on facebook) posted about their fathers who have passed have been a great help in giving me (and consequently my husband) some insight into how this feels for a young woman. Thank you.

  2. My husband is agonizing over what to say to a “girl”. I mean he is just plain in a pickle and I miss him.

    I had two people listen to me about my husband this week. It was nice.

  3. He wrote her a very moving letter, late last night. I think she will like it and at the end he said that now that the ice was broken, he’d try to get his nerve up and call her. 🙂

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