Old Lovers Keep Popping Up! Pluto Transit To Natal Venus

Gold-Koi-Fish-Pisces-TattooHey Elsa!

Help! What the freak is going on? Every male from my past is contacting me. Ex-boyfriends, old friends, I don’t want these people in my life right now, but they are intruding. I’m too busy for this crap. Should I respond? If I ignore them will they likely go away? I just don’t want to be filling my mind with answers to ex-boyfriends questions about our relationship from 8 years ago.

Pisces in a Panic

Dear Panic,

Yuck!! I hate it old lovers, dead and gone are resurrected, but this is par for the course, when Pluto transits your Venus. Yes, you can ignore them but I’m not sure they’ll go away. Physically yes, but psychically they may hang on until you’ve unraveled this.

You don’t have to deal with them directly, but I think you may be served by turning to face this thing, rather than running from it. Try to discover some sort of meaning. Because I believe the universe is benevolent and the fact this is happening suggests there is something in it for you.

Look for deeper insight and understanding, patterns around how you relate to others. This is the information trying to surface, and once you access it, these ghosts can get back in their graves and you can move along.

Finally, it’s my experience with Pluto transits, you go down (deeper) willingly or get taken down. And it’s far more classy to go on your own will rather than be dragged kicking and screaming.

Good luck.

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