Next Generation Ad-Blockers (Unintended Consequences)

At one point during this hacking episode, ads were places all over my site. There was a blinking BITCOIN ad, up top and google ads as far as the eye can see. Of course this got me thinking.

Everywhere I look, I see people, or entities opposed. For example, publishers want to monetize their content. Ad-blockers interfere with this.

It’s widely understood at this point, Google favors the Left. Google can do a lot of damage to a Right-leaning site or “influencer”; this term has caught on. The Right fights back.

One way the right is fighting back is by creating a browser plugin that not only blocks ads, but clicks on them.  Think about it. You go to a site; you can’t see the ads because they’re blocked.  But at the same time, the plugin clicks the invisible ads.

This causes Google to have to pay the publisher, but it also harms their product because the advertiser will not get any sales for their advertising buck.  Pretty tricky, huh? This happens, silently. Spooky, huh?

So that’s the deal but what about the unintended consequence of this?

People rarely click ads. If this rate climbs even a little bit, it will motivate more people to place ads on their site. But it will also motivate people to hack sites and place ads; this is common sense. The value of an ad on a site is rising at a high rate this time (though it’s worth less or even worthless to the person paying for it).

This is more on the theme of machine vs machine which has captivated me recently. I even think of young (recording) artists with their machined voices.  I’ve written about this before. Slowly, it’s not the artists / humans that compete for sales and awards, but the machines and algorithms that dictate their moves on all levels.

I don’t like the screw you – screw you, back and forth, but I don’t know how to stop it. Do you? I just don’t see anything on the horizon, near term, that’s going to help this situation all that much.

This doesn’t mean you can’t try to live right in your own sphere. But even defining that can be a challenge.

Anyone else have ideas?



Next Generation Ad-Blockers (Unintended Consequences) — 15 Comments

  1. This all sounds a lot like pluto in aqua, huh . . As aqua needs to be plugged in (it does haave a guy constantly pouring forth water/data flow) and pluto is often about learning how to get unhooked from urges, I wonder whether it might all boil down to how not personal this all is and finding ways to unplug? Obviously we can’t switch the damn machines off, but can we negotiate safe undergound space? Not even sure what that might look like, trying to figure it out myself . .

  2. Speaking about ads, there is a product where you can target your competitor’s customers by showing your ads on their customer’s phone while they’re at the competitor’s location and when they go home and search. The competitor can’t do anything about it since this is a one-way arrangement. The competitor will pay to have the target off their back, but there is no way to break the contract unless the you cancel, in which case, you can then be targeted by your competitor. Who gets the contract first, wins. It’s all programming and no effort, and it’s an extremely successful product.

  3. I agree with Dora – this sounds like Aqua in Pluto. Now I am wondering if the significance of Aqua in Pluto will be that we have terrible hacking battles during that time period. Pluto needs to destroy (or transform) and Aqua will do it by computers.

  4. Thats all pretty unreal. It seems to me everything is soon (and now) going to be about lying to get what you want. The Saturn-Neptune square in 2016 escalated it. No truth, just lies. People are going to have to get smarter.

    • Yes, you install an ad blocker or an ad blocker / clicker and then forget about it. Meanwhile it’s ripping it up in the background. No blood on your personal hands, nor thought of collateral damage.

  5. Originally nobody wanted to block ads because everybody understood that there have to be ads if we don’t want to pay for every little service on the web. But then some of the publishers began to make blinking and flashing ads, pop-ups and pop-unders until it became so annoying that, although still not wanting to interfere with business models, some people had to do something for self-defense. Nothing else than self-defense! The publishers were not willing to learn, but made more annoying ads. So there started the competition between both sides. I learn the first time here about blockers, which do clicks. But it is quite logic because users still don’t want to interfere with the business models of content providers, while there is still the need of self-defense. This time the business model of those, who make the ads, is affected. So maybe they learn this time and become as civil as the users and the content producers. Probably they won’t because advertising still means big money.
    I’ve seen content producers talk with their users. They agreed with each other that the ad blockers will be switched off when there is guaranteed that there are no flashing, blinking, or otherwise annoying ads. But this seems to work only on German web sites. For others, who find talking with each other too difficult, there will be different solutions. Steemit is still a beta version, but maybe it is already a concept for solutions to make ads superfluous for content producers.

  6. I just discovered real player now goes into your personal pics, puts together a video of certain pics and can post it on Facebook, with dates. It just happened! NOT CUTE. My pics in my computer are private and for me to decide what to do with. NOT a software program!!! This is unbelievable!

    • My guess would be, move your pics to an external drive – e.g. USB stick – and remove all copies from your computer. And, have a second device (computer) that does *not* connect to the internet. To be more specific, the non-connected device is ALSO not networked to the connected one-s… it’s stand-alone.

      Personal sphere of life matters a great bunch to me. Which is part of why my best friend appreciates me (he has Venus in Scorpio, in a stellium which includes his Sun, in his second house). I have Scorpio in my 2nd house, too – different degrees of that sign, though, for mine – so, I too place a high value on the importance of recognizing what is private.

      PS When we download apps that state, at the outset (installation process) that they require access to whatever else we have stored in our devices… does that ever give anyone else pause, to think, maybe no to that “need,” maybe no, to that app?

  7. Excellent advice, Poppy! Thank you. Naturally suspicious, I figure that any website or app that tells me it needs access to my info (Facebook, etc) is one I don’t need – if privacy and/or security concerns you. (It is to me but I’m just figuring out how to protect myself: Taurus/Scorpio on the 2/8 axis; Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Venus in the 8th.)

  8. Hi Elsa

    This is crazy, I feel for those that have been hacked. But why don’t people just ignore the ads. It’s not like you have to buy the products.

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