New Moon in Sagittarius: December 18, 2017 – Effects By House

The new moon in Sagittarius takes place early in the morning on December 18th. As you can see, the Sun Moon pair are sandwiched between Venus and Saturn. It’s quite positive!

The idea you can benefit from this is confirmed by the fact the stellium is supported by Uranus in Aries. There are no harsh aspects involved.

Venus is concerned with relationships.  Sagittarius rules stories and philosophy. The Sun and Moon make it all very personal.

Saturn is concerned with maturity and commitment. It can also indicate the lack of something.
Uranus is always about change and Aries is independent.

This new moon takes place two days before Saturn leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn.  It’s clear to me this is an exceptional time to change (Uranus) your view when it comes to love, money or commitment.  And you may need to break a social rule to get this right!

I am talking about going beyond what is familiar to you and forming your own independent (Uranus in Aries) view (Sagittarius) on these topics. This falls in line with yesterday’s post about ending your personal love-tale-of-woe! In whatever case, I would not miss this opportunity to do something positive.

It’s key that you adhere to some principle you’ve developed. Here are some ideas:

  • New Moon in the 1st house –  Be a positive force in this world
  • New Moon in the 2nd house –  Do good things with your money or other resources. Respect yourself; don’t jeopardize your self esteem.
  • New Moon in the 3rd house –  Honesty is the best policy.
  • New Moon in the 4th house –  Show up for your family.
  • New Moon in the 5th house –  Teach children.
  • New Moon in the 6th house –  Demonstrate good judgement at work. Be someone others can trust and count on.
  • New Moon in the 7th house – Long range commitment. Be a stable, generous partner.
  • New Moon in the 8th house – Work to make something good come from something bad. Also, deeply rooted wisdom.
  • New Moon in the 9th house – Commit to learning and teaching, more.
  • New Moon  the 10th house –  Be a positive role model for those who are younger or coming up over the territory you’ve already covered.
  • New Moon in the 11th house – Expand your circle of friends. Dream bigger.
  • New Moon in the 12th house –  Ethereal wisdom, serve or suffer. Follow God.

Where will the new moon fall in your chart? State your intention.

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New Moon in Sagittarius: December 18, 2017 – Effects By House — 30 Comments

  1. New Moon falls in my 3rd H.
    I wouldn’t qualify my communication & exchanges as dishonest, but I do have a hard time saying things straight when I think it will disappoint someone. I tend to say “yes” when I’m thinking/feeling “no”.
    Parallel to this, Saturn is transiting 3rd H as well, so I hope to improve my communication and be more affirmative, esp since my lack of straightforwardness has gotten me into sticky situations sometimes & I hate myself for that.

  2. New moon falls in my 8th house and trines my Leo Venus to the degree!

    Your suggested intention is great, I may just borrow that.

  3. NM will be in my 11H. I will have finished moving into my new house and ready to make new friends; dream new dreams. I’m happy that asteroid Chiron is now direct – leave behind old wounds because the lessons have been learned.

  4. That Sunday night I will meditate and pray for insight, understanding and clarity on the path forward as Saturn moves into my first house. Also to express gratitude for the opportunities and teachings while Saturn was in my twelfth.

  5. 12th house. Following God seems the only thing left to do for me. The Lord is my shepard.

    Something is dissolving within me, but there is still some residual stuff coming up. I guess when you give your life to god it happens in stages. One attachment to one illusion at a time.

    There is grief. But its the grief that is grievng. The fear is afraid and the doubt is doubting. The principle that has been developed is one where i let go of everything thats not me and its too late to back out now. The thought of going back to a material existence is ridiculous. Plus im having a great time:)

    • 12th house dissolving of the Ego.Yes been through this ,a slow process since 2009. One can not merge with God until we leave it behind. I see this work being done in my husband as well. In our suffering there is always lessons. Libra you are wise.

    • I really like how you say it’s the grief that is grieving and the fear that is fearing and the doubt that is doubting. Never looked at it like that but makes so much sense. Thank you.

      • Right! It’s not *you* – all those things are happening in the form – if you identify with the form, you are in it; if you identify as the formless/soul/god you are free….

  6. All in my second, with saturn conjuncting progressed ascendant and natal sun at the very beginning of capricorn. Looking into a new job tomorrow. Building stability?

  7. New Moon is SMACK on my IC, cusp of the 4th, conjunct my Mercury/Saturn conjunction (Sag 29 + Cap 0, and yes, I am beginning my Second Saturn Return).

    Looks like it’s time for me to show up in wholeness for my family, whatever that situation turns out to be. I intend to do so.

    Beyond the personal chart, I find it interesting that the New Moon is also conjunct the Galactic Center – source of cosmic info for our little planet!

  8. Timely post! Falls in my 5th and makes a tight quincunx to my 10th Mars and trines my midheaven (ruled by Mars) I’m hot commodity! I’m being recruited hardcore by potential clients to branch out and be self-employed and take them on. However, I’m definitely feeling that awkward quincunx. I have some legalities to work out and not sure about taking this on as a business. If I do, I have to be in it. Saturn in Cap is long-term and I’m not entirely sure this is my calling. I have a lot of interests. My main calling is to my kids (5th) for now. That’s what I’m weighing at this point. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. Thanks for your words. As usual you nail it 🙂

    It has slowly dawned on me that I have to re-frame my principles for dreams, hopes (and hereby also romance, since my 11th house is opposite the 5th). So close to the Capricorn sign, it smells of commitment to me.

    One expression of this energy is about commitment – that my (romantic) needs may not be met unless there is some form of commitment on both parts – as in “I will not have sex with you unless you’ve committed to something more solid (a relationship)”, and I think that goes beyond the social rules of today’s society with easy hookups. It’s a bit old fashioned, very traditional not to want the easy come, easy go kinda stuff, but it’s an important goal (for me at least) not to engage in superficial things, especially since Saturn will enter the Cap-part of my 11th house very soon, as well as my 12th house afterwards.

    I’ve felt like a “weirdo” for having these traditional values, but it sorta fits who I am at the moment. So I will commit to not engage in superficial stuff unless there is some solid form to build upon with this. It’s about integrity, to stand up for your beliefs and commit to them and not let anyone sway you from these. I really like that I have to admit. Of course – as a 4 planet Scorpio + 4 planets in 8th house it would be weird if these things doesn’t appeal to me in any way… 😉

  10. I Just love the simplicity with which you define the events and just throw out the words with such vibe. I am so Totally glad to be done with that life changing Pluto Uranus Square. It was a real upheaval in our family and changed life forever, murders, deaths, births. It was our own personal soap opera. And now for the new moon in my 5th bringing in teaching children. Ironically, I am a merit badge counselor for my grandson’s boy scout troop. And, that is a reward in itself. Watching boys grow up to be responsible young men learning accountability as well as responsibility. And my birthday is at the end of the month giving me a new solar return for 2018. Yeah.

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