New Moon in Libra: September 28, 2019 Effects: Niceness That Hurts

Vintage :Libra pinThe new moon at five degrees Libra takes place mid-day on September 28th.  Mercury and Venus will also be in the Venus-ruled sign.  I think this will be pleasant. Unfortunately, the nice behavior may not be sincere!

I hate to say that. There are definitely, nice and loving people out there, but this is just not looking that way to me, mostly because the sun and the moon are applying to square Saturn and then Pluto in Capricorn.

This suggests that the sociability has an agenda and frankly, it looks as if it might be quite cruel.

The scenario that comes to my mind, is a person who is overly kind and gushing to someone, in view of a person they shun. It made me laugh that, but I’m serious. It’s niceness that hurts you!

I can’t remember ever dissing a new moon like this, but personally, I’m going to have my bullshit meter, tuned!

new moon in libraWe set intentions under the new moon. Here are some ideas, depending on where the new moon falls in your natal chart:

New Moon in the 1st house – “Hi! I’m Elsa, and I’m nice and I love you!”
New Moon in the 2nd house – Being nice is a value.
New Moon in the 3rd house – Pleasant speech that conceals who knows what.
New Moon in the 4th house – Cover the ink stain with a doily.
New Moon in the 5th house – Well dressed children.
New Moon in the 6th house – “Hi! I’m Elsa and I’m nice to work with… for absolutely no other reason.”
New Moon in the 7th house – Be nice so you won’t have to be alone.
New Moon in the 8th house – Nice on the surface, seething below.
New Moon in the 9th house – Too much jewelry. Too many accessories.
New Moon the 10th house – Complimenting people at work…for absolutely no reason.
New Moon in the 11th house – Friendly hug. “Love you!”
New Moon in the 12th house –  Drowning in codependency… really pretty doormat.

Now before you send me an unpleasant email about how I hate Libra, I want you to know, I’ve fiercely stood up for the sign, dating back more than 10 years ago…

Defending Libra, Love and Co-dependency

If you want to do well under this new moon, let your, Libra “niceness” mash with Capricorn “doing the right thing”.

Where does the new moon fall in your chart? What’s your intention?



New Moon in Libra: September 28, 2019 Effects: Niceness That Hurts — 38 Comments

  1. Fucking too funny!!

    10th house. I think I’ll do it to the flojos that I work with.

    They’ll buy me lunch. But, I’ll never get it because, yeah, they’re lazy…

  2. Oh no! It’s my first flea market of the season and I’ve been working hard to get everything all ready and working on ways to display everything so pretty!! I was hoping to do very well at this sale, now I’m worried. I will be smiling all day and saying nice things, but it’s a fun social event too.

  3. This is the first in a series of 8 new and full moons over the next 12 months that will be blowing up my natal Mars-Pluto aspect within 0-1 degree.

    Sex better solve everything! I can’t wait …

  4. That’s my husbands birthday. We are divorcing. On that day is a community-wide garage sale and we intend to work together to eliminate as much of our “collected” goods as possible. I have a lst house natal mars at 6 degrees of Libra, he has 5th house moon conjunct mercury at 1 degree, along side saturn at 6 degrees of Libra.

    Yeah, not a day I’m looking forward to. The only thing I can imagine authentic about us that day will be the smiles plastered on our faces as we unload our stuff on our neighbors and drive-by strangers.

    • If he’s got Sun conjunct Saturn then you mistook him for a Libra when he’s more the negation-destroyer of Libra-relationships and actually more of a Capricorn than a Libra. You mistook him for the one cos in a woman’s chart her man is Sun and Mars so your Mars falling upon his Sun did it, made you identify with him. But 👹$aturn there must have killed the sex entirely and it surely made you feel incarcerated/trapped, maybe in a golden cage… But he was pretty and manly in a conventional way was he? Saturn is the ruler of time and it only shows its ugly face in time, it’s all about appearances and putting out a nice crowd pleasing facade but as you get to know him in time…
      Please look to the stars next time… Elsa surely will help you next time you’re about to make such an important decision.

      • There was also this thing of you having Mars, albeit in Libra (the pretty pleaser), in the 1st, works like Aries Ascendant and Aries seek Libras and viceversa. Another identification/commonality was your Libra Ascendant with his Sun.

        But for you to attract such a Saturnian, besides the obvious karmic aspect to it – you were probably married or mother-son/father-daughter in Past Lives – what is your Saturn doing in your chart? Is your Venus in Capricorn or aspecting Saturn? That would do it. Seek within to learn and not repeat…

  5. Holy cow, how accurate! On that weekend, my son and his wife have been strong-armed and guilted into seeing a relative they really don’t have any interest in seeing. They pre-decided that their conversations will be strictly superficial and light.

  6. On my natal moon, within 2 minutes of exact. I have mars at 3 degrees aries and venus at 7 degrees aries and my husbands mars is 6 degrees aries. Our composite and progressed composite emphasizes the axis heavily. We are trying for another baby. If this is month we conceive the baby will be due right around the solar eclipse in June 2020 which is on my natal north node. We also have a lot going on with our business, expanding and organizing.

  7. This is the very end of my 1H. I know it’s going to be a very busy weekend, lots of errands as well as meeting up with another couple. Really, just expecting the day and weekend to be exciting and pleasant but just in case it gets a little stressful, this is good info.

  8. The new moon is conjunct my natal Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Libra (9th house by Placidius – 10th house by Equal).

    All of this will square my 7° Capricorn AC (and Cancer DC).

    My Mars is also involved at 16° Cancer in the 7th house.

    And finally it will Trine my natal Moon in Aqua at 11-12° in my 1st house by Placidius / 2nd house by equal.

    Any ideas what this might manifest as for me? I can’t figure it out.

  9. Moon will either be in my 9th or 10th house ( I m awfully confused about my exact time of birth, +-1 hour the house changes) HOWEVER it is sextile/trine to my natal Sun and Saturn (I have opposite in my natal). I m kind of looking forward to movement in my immigration process *fingers crossed*

  10. This Libra New Moon takes place in my 11th “hugs. Love you!”. It will exactly Square my 1st House Mercury in Sag. “Hi! I’m Elsa! I’m nice and I love you!”. I may find it too fake to say it back! I have a friend at work who has a Libra Moon and everyone does love her! So I will see if she or I run into any fake “We love you’s“ at work (a Law Firm- Libra/ Sag professions). May be some one New is starting but no set plans for me.

  11. New moon falls in my 6th house. Squares my 8th 0cap moon and my 3rd 11Cancer sun (not sure how wide an orb to use?). I’ve had some problems with my back. Big legal inheritance issues with family after my brother died (sigh). Lawyers are pushing things….will have to “make nice” and keep my Cancer reactivity with family “in balance.” Can’t wait for it all to be resolved.K

  12. When you say “where the new moon falls on your natal chart” do you mean the progressed chart or the birth chart? Thanks for the clarification!

  13. My entire birth chart is on the left. Would you mind telling me what you see. 🤔 Just looking for confirmation as to how special I am.

    Sex M
    Pomona, CA, United States 11/11/1979 03:31 – Julian day 2444188.98
    8.00w ST 7.00 Lat 34.03n Long 117.45w

  14. This will be in my 8th house and I am so glad I won’t be at work that day. I can’t be nice but seething inwardly with clients and the public – or my coworkers. People pick up on that stuff. Plus, I can also see this turning passive aggressive. Yuck! I’m gonna stay home that day if I can and just keep my trap shut.

  15. Oh my Elsa, it’s my birthday and my Ascendant is 1°30 Lib. Goodness Gracious me! 🙀🤭😳

    I gotta go do my Solar Return 😖

    But it’s kinda good news that my Sun and Ascendant ruler is in its domain Libra…

    • I meant that Venus, the ruler of both my Sun and Ascendant, is in Libra but I see now it is tightly squaring, albeit separating (not applying, Elsa), Saturn.

        • That was a really good wish from your part, with the square of Saturn and Pluto to Venus in the Solar Return.

          So far that square is manifesting, besides an intense feeling of isolation and almost depression, that the youngsters in the family are not showing up, only grown ups. The youngest couple in the family most probably won’t turn up complaining of shortage of 💰💵Money in their pockets. So few and old(er) will attend.

          Let’s see how else this square will manifest. Great fun observing things unfold 😹🤗😺

        • I now know my brother can’t make it and a brother-in-law who is struggling with the 🦀C💀 won’t probably make it either. Gosh, it’s becoming quite the intimate venue! 😳🤭🙀😹🤣😂

  16. My Libra starts in the 1st house and ends in the second. My Libra Mercury is nestled in the 1st house. Ill have to be mindful how I express the love and affection I want to express is not just to make someone feel better. Intention is foremost.I wont be inauthentic with myself or someone else.

  17. I have Libra sun in my third squaring my natal Saturn in sixth. I’ve been see-sawing between seething anger and resigned passivity at work for the past two years but things have come to a head this week. I need to move constructively on this and let the CEO know what’s been happening since HR is digging in their heels. There are things the CEO is not aware of. Any help is appreciated!

  18. This conjuncts my Libra ascendant exactly. Yippee. I find myself constantly trying to put an optimistic spin on the hardness that is dealing with my partner’s cancer diagnosis (Saturn and Pluto in my 4th) and increasing dementia, so it could very well be my public mask right now. “What, me worry? No, I’m fine, really! We’re hanging in there.”

  19. ‘If you want to do well under this new moon, let your, Libra “niceness” mash with Capricorn “doing the right thing”.’

    This made me laugh. Earlier today I went for a long bike ride. At the end of the ride I went through the downtown area. An older gentleman in a wheelchair was crossing the street as I was going through the intersection. He was having obvious difficulty, as the road had lots of small potholes.

    As I rode past, he seemed to have it, but he was really pretty stuck on one hole, so I figured, ah, I better just check and see. I stopped and asked, “Sir, are you doing alright?”

    “Man, fuck you!”

    …oy…haha… I thought that might be the case. Didn’t mean any offense, just figured I’d make sure! Ah well, no skin off my back…

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