New Moon in Cancer 2021- Complex Drama

cancer crab needlepointThe new moon in Cancer takes place in the evening on July 9th at 18 degrees. I expect some drama out of this, one way or the other.  It’s not necessarily bad. It’s more like a movie with a good plot.

First, the sun and moon will oppose Pluto in Capricorn. You might think of emotional (moon, Cancer) upheaval (Pluto) but Neptune in Pisces supports all three bodies. There will be some nuance with this or some kind of smoothing over.

That would be enough to observe right there. But we’ve also got Venus conjunct Mars in Leo.  This pair is opposing Saturn and squaring Uranus in Taurus.  People and things are going to snap.

This energy can be dangerous. Mars Uranus is known to trigger accidents and Mars Saturn is not a trifling thing. You can reduce your risk by exercising caution (Saturn) around unstable (Uranus) people and things.  Pay particular mind to Mars-type stuff. Sharp metal or anyone in a rage.

I know I’m not making this sound good but I’ve got to spell this out so you can see the potency and power you’ll be working with.  This way you can channel it in a productive way.

new moon in cancerThe Pluto-flavored new moon can signify deep healing in your family. Or how about loyalty?

If something is going to snap due to the Fixed T-square, why not exercise your free will (Aquarius) make a pointed (Mars) choice to break off something that is harmful to you? A bad habit, maybe?  Get yourself free!

Where does the new moon fall in your chart?  How will you channel this energy?

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New Moon in Cancer 2021- Complex Drama — 26 Comments

  1. This New Moon will be just in the beginning of my 8th House. I don’t have any planets near by except at the end-29 degrees sits Ceres. I will be away from home in another’s recently inherited home far away trying to figure out “do I belong here? And if so how is it all going to work out?” I guess this will be the beginning of trying to find out. Their Mars (with NN (Leo) is in Cancer in the 8th House and the also are struggling with this.

  2. 8th. Not doin a job this summer so I am reworking all my plant beds. Body is finally work hardened so I can still walk at days end. The older I get the longer it takes. Will be expending my energy in yarden. Am tackling wood lot and floodplain spaces slaying invasive species at present. It probably sounds boring but that stuff is me passion. The seasons take me where I need to go. Nature is just so. So all encompassing for me.

  3. Oh, and loyalty can suck. It’s why people are manipulated into believing or doing things that are not a reflection of who they really are. I guess to some knowing thyself is not a priority. Values (Taurus) squares group think (aquarius). Needs checking in with heart (Leo). Home (cancer) is where the heart is? From the peanut gallery.

  4. My 12th house will be called into action as this moon conjuncts my N Node. It remains unclear what may occur. Perhaps some caretaking duties as Saturn is there too?

  5. “People and things are going to snap”? They’re already snapping over here. My housemate snapped some bones, and I’m watching people snap because the stress in their lives is getting to be too much. I’ve started snapping too!

  6. My Aquarian Son snapped at me big time last Sunday, he can be irritable but its so unlike him to be so aggressive. I think he is being undervalued at work and it is getting to him. Easy to snap at me than his bosses I guess.

  7. My Cancer moon is in the 7th house, so the new moon will be there as well. What does this mean? I’m feeling a bit stressed and worn down at the moment.

  8. This new moon is in my 7th house but still only 4 degrees away from the 6th. I do need new partnerships/teams to work with…so am looking forward to a fresh start in this area of my chart.

  9. Oh boy. My descendant is 18 degrees Cancer. Sun and Moon 8 and 6 degrees Aquarius respectively. It’s been a bumpy few years that I thought was beginning to level off. It had in a way, but this feels like continuing the reinvention stuff but on different levels.

  10. The new moon is in my 4th house, Venus/Mars my 5th
    Uranus my 1st
    Saturn 11th

    I feel my relationship is under stress at the moment and something may be let go

  11. Yep, I feel this alright. All this fixed energy slams into my Sun and Mars in Leo. The New Moon is on my IC, squaring my Moon. Whether this means I’ll be changing jobs again remains to be seen.

    A year ago, I was stewing from lack of work. Now I’m burning out because I switch jobs so often (Uranus – transiting my 1st, natal in 6th, rules the 11th).

    I also just found out that our house lease is up in the fall of 2022, so I’ll be out of NJ sooner than I expected.

    This roller coaster ain’t braking anytime soon.

    • LisLioness the new moon is also hitting my IC exact! And Im also a 1H Taurus, with sun /NN /mars also Taurus (sun exactly opp pluto, mars opp saturn by 1degree). IC is sextile NN exact! I have been looking for a home, constantly, and never seem to be able to find it/settle (moon conj chiron 2H…). The 2019/2020 capricorn transits certainly put me in a more stable position in terms of finances, but not enough for me to own or rent my own space, and took a hard toll on my health (my skin looks horrible, ive had dandruff crises, etc etc) because of all the stress and responsibilities, all the while getting little respect or outward disrespect from superiors… In ways, its the opposite to your recent past situation it seems. Where do you have saturn and moon natally? Uranus i have in sag 8H, so it’s definitely asking me to avoid anc break away from shared finances and pluto characters in intimacy, as I always get taken advantage of for ignoring intuition (my shadow 7H is scorpio after all…) … Perhaps uranus is disrupting your health because of excessive service to others? hope you find a way… hope i find it too… ???

  12. My new moon in Cancer. Moon in Cancer is my natal gave me a new kitchen remodel ! To make the vent, some of my wall got cut out and metal vents were trimmed, and my wiring was redone but overal Im so happy, The finishing touch after a new oven, new fridge and new kitchen island

  13. I gather someone’s gonna snap at me. It falls in my 7th. Can I snap back? It’s right on my clusterCap, my poor moon on the exact degree. Could get bad…it squares my mars too. You know I would snap back. But what’s the cost, I need to think efficiently. I mean, I have a few things transiting in my 7th at the moment and feel more in a mood to meet others halfway. I’d still consider to bring a broomstick just in case.

  14. My son & DIL are traveling this weekend to attend a wedding. Uranus will oppose to the degree her 8th H Pluto in Scorpio. Offering to keep the baby and prayers.

  15. Oh yeah stopping my ice cream eating, working in ice cream shop
    Been 10-10 day 14, no more
    Samples, I go year’s somehow missing ice cream, man did I make up for lost time, thanks God for new moon

  16. Interesting today is new moon day and is also is ‘Cyber Polygon’ day.

    Today on this new moon day a simulation exercise of a global ‘cyber pandemic’ will be taking place- how comforting. They chose to do this way back on this exact day July 9th. A little drama for the mama’s 😉 from now and for the next 12-18 months till well to be determined. No time time hide in our shell!!!

  17. *Sigh* I was my mom’s live in caregiver and she died from COPD in late May. Im having to move in with my long term manfriend as I have no resources. Besides dealing with stupid grief, I am fighting off allergies and an ear infection. My Leo SUN/MARS @ 15-18 guy is becoming impatient. Uranus sits on my Mars/Mercury opposition, I’m sure we are going to have some harsh dialog which I’m too flipping raw to cope with. Wish me good luck. LOL

  18. I have this in the 10 house opposing my natal Saturn in the 4th house (might be conjunct natal Uranus/IC at 25 degrees) HUGE costs for a house repair. The fee was a lot of money and it’s been causing so much stress

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