Everything is Falling Down – Neptune Transit to T-Square

Neptune leather cuffDear Elsa,

Lately I’ve had nothing but bad things happening to me.

I had a second chance with a man I had dated for a year… and then he publicly humiliated and dumped me. A couple of weeks later, I discovered I was pregnant by this same man. And just recently, I may have miscarried the baby… my doctors are still trying to figure it all out.

I just filed bankruptcy. My blood pressure is sky high. My complexion is that of a cheese pizza. I feel as if all the cards are stacked against me.

Is there ever going to be any relief in sight??

Sign me,
Suffering an Onslaught


Dear Suffering,

I want to be able to tell you it all wraps up and turns around, just one week from now. Then I look at your chart and think, “Oh crap, she’s just getting started!”

But don’t fret!! There is a way to cope, and ultimately thrive even with Neptune transiting the T-square in your chart. If you read your post up there, you can see you’re completely out of whack. You’re out of sync with everything, but most importantly, you’re detached from your own intuition. And this has got to change.

For example, the guy. You didn’t have any inkling? Did you see some signs and override them? And what about the pregnancy – it was a total fuckin’ surprise?

And I’m not trying to blame you for your problems. This is NOT my point. My point is you have a lot things listed up there, most of them are stress-related. And I’m suggesting that the root cause of your stress is a disconnect between you and your intuition.

And this is resolvable! In fact, I think you can become excited at the prospect of working this angle. Ask yourself, “What did I know about this guy and when did I know it?” And don’t be surprised if you’re flooded with information.

At that point, the next trick. Don’t beat yourself up. You know. How could I have been so stupid… or that kind of thing. That’s a total waste of time. Just learn from this. Get yourself aware that you have intuition that is not tangible and commit to paying attention next time. And if you do this, guess what’ll happen?

Your face will clear up and your blood pressure will go down! All because you’re happy, see. Happy knowing you can navigate anything, if you will just pay attention to the subtle things around you.

Good luck.

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