Neptune Retrograde 2022 – Mutable T-Squares Incoming

Neptune roman godNeptune will turn retrograde at 25 degrees Pisces on June 28th. The planet will turn direct on December 3rd at 22 degrees.

Neptune’s movements tend to escape people but not this time! Mars is heading into Gemini where it will whip things up for seven months. Gemini squares Pisces.

July may slip by if you don’t have planets in your chart aspected by Neptune at these degrees. But when August rolls around, we’ll be in Virgo season which sets up an opposition to Neptune. They’ll be an impact.

Specifically, Mercury, the sun and Venus will oppose the Neptune at various times in August and September. But towards the end of September, Mars in Gemini will come within orb of Neptune (and the sun and Venus in Virgo) giving a fairly long-lasting Mutable T-square.

Mutable signs express in different ways at different times. There will probably be verbal attack and bickering but the idea of the blind leading the blind comes to mind as well. Mars is a leader! And Neptune can trick a person like nothing else I can think of. That’s another manifestation right there. Your mind leaves you.

We’ll see some brilliant expressions of the energy as well. Alan Turing comes to mind. The veil lifts and the code is cracked.

This stress will peak the second half of September.
October we’ll be dealing with the Mars Neptune clash alone but then what happens in November?

The sun, Venus and Mercury will transit Sagittarius in November, setting up another Mutable T-square that will be sustained into December.

When the Mercury-ruled signs clash with Neptune, anxiety is a common result. Mars will hot this up. Virgo’s involvement can potentially help (with discernment), but I wouldn’t bet on it.  Think now about how you’re going to transcend this.

When planets in Sagittarius create the T-square, the energy will shift.  It’s possible a person have inspired high-flying ideas but I wouldn’t bet on this either.  I’m thinking, worry about the future and perhaps fight over beliefs and facts that have been obscured or distorted by various media types… try all media types. Widespread confusion expected!

Mars will retrograde out of orb of Neptune, the second half of December but the planets will clash again. the end of February, 2023, throughout most of March.  The sun and Mercury will conjunct Neptune in Pisces, mid-March. Arrrgh!

If your birthday falls in one these peak periods, you might want to get your Solar Return Report to get some idea what areas of your life will be affected by this.  Definition helps when it comes to Neptune.

For reference:

Mars In Gemini For 7 Months 2022-23: Dates & Effects By House

If you’re looking for Neptune in Pisces Rx dates and degrees – here’s a list through 2026.

Do you have planets in Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) between 15-29 degrees?  If so, are you ready to engage?


Neptune Retrograde 2022 – Mutable T-Squares Incoming — 5 Comments

  1. It’s going to get crazy. Sun is 28*,Pluto is 27* Virgo. Moon is 23* Gemini, too. Neptune has been doing a number on my Moon (emotions) and putting Mars in Gemini it will run over my Mercury at 13*,and Mars 11* in Virgo in a square. My Pisces North 2* Node will get it first, tho.
    This looks like a crazy pretzel tangling up in an emotional mess. Oh my poor Virgo planets. I am having a double 12th house transit with Neptune’s transit and Pluto’s transit thru my 12th. I think I’m going to lose my mind.

  2. Mars in Gemini…. My husband is a double Gemini. His left knee is bone on bone and he’s considering a total knee replacement. Since Mars rules surgery, is this the optimal time to do this?

    • I don’t know about “optimum”. I would look at saturn (knees) for clarity.

      I think Mars in Gemini, you’re going to want to get around. I would be inclined to do it now and be good to go, with Mars in Gemini.

  3. Great have Mars in Gemini 12th house conjunct ascendant and midheaven 23 of Pisces so transiting Neptune has been playing with me , my job of 20 years ends this week so a bit confused on what the next step for me is. Thank Elsa love reading all your great insights

  4. i’m currently going through two neptune transits, along with this retrograde. neptune is squaring my venus (in gemini/12h), and sextiling my moon (in capricorn/8h – cancer rising).

    the only thing that is notable in my life right now, is my job. should i stay or should i go? scenario. a lot of skeletons were uncovered this week in relation to our boss and making empty promises to staff, and playing favorites. sad thing is, this isn’t the first time this has happened. its one of many, many times. i feel really foolish for giving this job a second chance by returning in october 2021. i don’t know what to do. i’m emotionally attached to this job, but craving change. i just have no idea what that change is.

    another thing that has been on my mind is my future regarding having children, family, etc. i’ve pretty much abstained from sex my entire life. by choice due to the (toxic) relationship experiences i’ve seen throughout my life.

    as of right now the urge to have a family/kids is strong. but there is nothing my life at the moment that would support it. especially since my dating life is nonexistent.

    i feel like i’m always in a state of flux with life at all times. i just want some stability for once.

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