Neptune Direct In Pisces: November 22, 2017 – Universal Situation Improving

Neptune will turn direct at 11 degrees Pisces on November 22nd.  Chances are, you forgot all about it.

Saturn in Sagittarius has squared Neptune for many months. During this period, Saturn has grounded Neptune and allowed it to be defined.

We know we’re confused.
We know we’re being misled (Neptune), say by the press or by what is being published (Sagittarius).
We know that many movies and such (Neptune) are preachy and designed to control a person’s beliefs (Saturn in Sagittarius) aka propaganda.

But this situation has ended. It’s over, whether an individual realizes it or not.  Saturn is now transiting the late of degrees of Sagittarius. Soon it will enter Capricorn and it will wind up supporting Neptune. This will be great!

Neptune will also enjoy support from Pluto in Capricorn.  Eventually, Uranus in Taurus will also support the planet. I realize this is some years away but I mention for this reason…

The outer planets, specifically, Uranus and Pluto have been clashing for years.  The result has been devastating, around the world. If you’re not aware of this, check the tag – Uranus square Pluto.

To have that be over is no small thing!  To have the outer planets in harmonious alignment is also no small thing.

Think about it. Think about an orchestra playing out of tune, completely off key; blaring, jarring, loud, killing ears around the world for years.

And then what happens? That same orchestra begins to pull together. They learn to play together beautifully.  It changes everything.

Neptune’s direct motion towards the end of the month marks the turning point.  Things are going to come together now. These are forces that are beyond human control.

Saturn is still going to meet up with Pluto in 2020.  But this beyond that, in the biggest picture, we have all made it through a crisis of a generation whether we realize it or not.

Now that’s the universal, ethereal picture.

Individuals with planets in the Mutable signs other than Pisces (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) are still going to struggle the Neptune fog in its pure form.  But it’s not going to be complicated.  And you can take comfort knowing that things are coming together now, on a grand scale, rather than coming apart.

How do you feel about Neptune turning direct?



Neptune Direct In Pisces: November 22, 2017 – Universal Situation Improving — 46 Comments

  1. Well, I’m happy it’s going to stop conjuncting my 8th house South Node (financial skeletons much? 🤦🏻‍♀️) BUT it’s forced me to own up to crap lying under there (transiting Neptune opposite natal Saturn) and deal with it properly. But I’m not looking forward to it squaring my Venus in Gemini again. My relationship has been in crisis mode for awhile now… I have been squeezed like a bug by all these transits to the cardinal and mutable aspects of my chart.

  2. Neptune has been sitting on my moon 11 degrees forever, going back and forth and really grinding it down. I want to move on.we keep getting gas leaks in our vehicles,water problems in the bathrooms,it has been husband says I have been crying in my sleep. I wake up thinking of my mom and sister who have passed.

  3. I am looking vorward to it. BUT it will opposite my progressive Sun,
    Mercury and Saturn and long time after that my Moon wil opposite Neptune. But it is also trine my Sun and Mercury in Virgo in house 12 and sextile planets, my natal Moon forinstance in house 11. I wrote about this before. I realy don’t know what to expect from this: it is a little bit confusion for me.
    Leaving this crisis for years sounds like golden for me, it was really horrible at some points. The most worse I ever went thru in my life! I let it wholeheartedley behind me, I can tell you that!! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for highlighting this. This is huge and quite a relief!

    I am going to go find my Richard Tarnas book Cosmos and Psyche – there is a good section on the Pluto Uranus squares through history. I guess it’d also be a good idea to revisit the section on Pluto/Saturn through history, too though I’m not so eager for that just yet. Let’s just enjoy having lived through this Pluto/Uranus first!!

  5. If neptune turning direct kickstzrts the orchestra into playing in-tune it will be tremendous !!! Personally this is perfect timing, as the Uranus-Pluto square fades away and the outer planets start to cooperate so does Darth Vadar Pluto leave my eighth house for my ninth. This transit has been scary, real twilight zone / living purgatory / hell house. Will be glad for some time to make sense of it all, I really can’t believe I’m still here and with mind, heart and soul relatively intact.

  6. This is good news! Knowing all this will help restore hope for the future, for me, both on a personal level and in terms of the world I have to live in, for better or for worse.

  7. Neptune has been tangling my 2nd House up and I would love to see my values realigned with who I am, now. My birthday is just before Neptune goes direct and my husband and I have just begun a new chapter in our lives: a new version of being at home. I’m looking forward to the clarity and not expecting it to be a repeat of old history.

  8. I’m of course aware that Uranus and Pluto were clashing because this clash tried to kill me! Now Saturn conjunct my natal midheaven is acceptable, but the first decan of cardinal will again be difficult (hard aspects to my natal square between Moon and Pluto) for me. Uranus approaching to an opposition with my natal Mars doesn’t make the situation any better. So that I really don’t want to be worried about Neptune, too. But Neptune turning direct means my chart ruler approaching the conjunction with my ASC, which wouldn’t be much less difficult if this wouldn’t also mean a square to my natal Saturn. I really can’t be as happy as y’all about the next two years. Things can become better after that, but I know bad and difficult transits for me for the following years too.

    • I think they tried to kill me, too. Square on my MC/Asc. Wasn’t great before they came either! Heavy Pluto and Saturn transits since 05!! I know about heavy Moon transits.
      Uranus opposing your Mars might give you a break.Look at your natal Mars aspects. Wish you the best!

  9. “Think about it. Think about an orchestra playing out of tune, completely off key; blaring, jarring, loud, killing ears around the world for years.”

    I hear it. Uranus has been in my 3rd squaring my 12th house planets since 2011. :p Now, it’s by my ascendant and moon. Neptune will conjunct my 2nd house Jupiter in 1-2 years.

  10. I just heard that my best friend has breastcancer, for the second time. It came back. A few months ago I’ve lost my dear cousin. I have not fully assimilated its impact.

    • As you get older, more people around you die: friends and family.
      That is how it goes. But it is also a shock. Ofcourse for those who are sick and dying. That is very bad. But also for the mourners who remain behind. This is life in all its facets.

  11. With Neptune in my very large first house I hope I need less sleep and start eating better. I feel so buzzed out and detached most of the time and just go with the flow around me. The minuses have been too much solitary time and the disappearance of many friends and routines.

    • I love this comment, Stargirl. A dear friend wrote to me this morning, sending me ballast … you know the stuff that weighs a ship down so it doesn’t tip over? She said sometimes we need symbols and she has begun making stars from matchsticks she’d been saving for some reasons. The stars are going onto her ceiling to connect with the light coming … Stargirl!

      • Thankyou Mokihana! I have had my eye on your comments for some time and thought a lot about you and your presence when I was in Vancouver a year ago. Didn’t quite make it to the Pacific ibut my Mars Sun line goes right through Hawaii hmm is that correct for your origins? Am contacting Big world ambitions but also want to to help, particularly 2 things – the oceans and animal rescue, it’s exciting, am setting out in my little imaginary boat, impatient also so getting all this coming through is way, way hugely positive. Am now sure we might meet one day. Wow.

        • How cool! We remain on Whidbey Island in the Pacific northwest, reality checked on the long voyage back to Hawaii; came with all the alightments … seems a good thing. Frees up space for that hope, Stargirl.

  12. How long has Neptune been in aspect to Saturn?

    Neptune is in my 6th house just at the door step of my 7th house! During it’s transit I found I’m sensetive to Gluten. And lately I found out that my facial acne problems is not acne, it’s FUNGUS! Malassezia furfur to be exact.

    Neptune will soon enter my DC, I guess, dunno how fast it moves, have to look it up.

    Man do I need Neptune in my 7th right now! (Answer: NO!)
    I already have a Venus-Square Neptune natally! I don’t need more delusions in relationships! On the other hand, reality sucks much more so…

    • Ok I looked it up. Neptune will Conjunct my DC last week of March! Soo exciting! (NOT!)

      But it will go retro, AGAIN during summer?! What the fudge! Just move on already! Lol

    • I have Venus square Neptune,too! I’m set myself up for disappointed and heartbreak over and over again. Now I’m to the point where if someone is interested in me, or I them, they’re likely some sort of sick psychopath and it’s best to keep on truckin. This delusional character judgement flaw in me is like a knife dangling over my heart. When someone good comes along I misjudge them, too! Best to just find something more productive to focus on.

    • In my opinion Neptune is not only delusions and mist. Neptune is on cusp house 7 in my chart and Neptune is square my Venus. Ofcourse I have learned in my life to tell the difference between reallity and “hallucinations” .
      I use this Neptune to do volunteer in a home for older people.
      And see it as a gift when I am in nature: I see and hear so much more. Find more beautiful things as leaves and feathers. (My Venus and Neptune are in Libra in Taurus’house). Taurus is on cusp house 9, I learned that Jupiter can stand for nature.

  13. I will take anything that looks like a rising sun or moon
    I read a little card given five years ago when a friend died
    It said the universe owes you absolutely nothing and you must be thankful for every single moment of every single second of your life
    And my smile ,turned to tears of joy!
    Feel thankful ,cry if you must, but
    Be thankful

  14. Yes, I hope this is true… I hope I hope I hope……….

    Yes, there are more preachy versions of things now. I think it’s because everyone is really scared (and fears are usually based in something that really happened) and it’s coming out through panic or fast/quick and easy solutions, or simply anger and fingerpointing-blame, instead of true action and accountability. So, anyway, yes it is pretty bad, but… well, it’s still very human.

    Personally, I still prefer learning new things, and testing for myself to see if this resonates as true for me. I think the separation is that there are still facts in reporting, but because of impatience, it comes out with more mistakes and emotions. Facts might be mixed in there, depending on the reporting standards and fact-checking.

    Also, we are living so far away from people who think different from each other… so we have no idea what it’s like for folks who don’t agree with us, and we have no idea how to talk to folks who don’t agree, except say they are crazy, or sound crazy. Then, we end up sounding crazy ourselves back to that person! Yay. So, one person’s facts/truth are another person’s preachies haha, with no one wanting any consensus, or compromise, for fear of looking “disloyal” or something, even if it makes sense. Then, nothing gets done, which is unfortunate. Thus, the world turns.

  15. I’m first house 1st degree Pisces with a fixed cross to Pluto, square Mars in Taurus, square Scorpio Moon, conjunct north (Scorpio) and south (Taurus) nodes. I would say my options are insanity or enlightenment. It has been superbly difficult for so long… I’m not sure I remember feeling ease. Hoping this pushes my spiritual growth forward toward alignment.

  16. Neptune is just taking its time in my 5th house- it’s great for writing my book but horrible when I get started dating. It’s all wonderful and he’s the man of my dreams at 1st but then it jumps off the ledge heading for the pavement and smashes all into a bloody mess. I just broke off all men I was seeing because each had an addiction and other women. How did I not see this who knows. I’m still a hopeless romantic though. Looking for Mr. Goodbar 😉

  17. I guess Neptune square Saturn still has been in effect in a wide square?
    The Uranus Pluto square really tore through my angles bad. Before that Pluto was on a rampage w/ Saturn, MC, Moon. And, Saturn opposing Sun, then Moon (now). S*it, this has been bad.
    I’m glad there’s some good news, can’t take much more.

  18. I’m frankly terrified of Neptune. When it passed back and forth opposite my Sun a few years ago, my whole life dissolved.
    BUT I have a sneaking suspicion that all the things I lost, I should have voluntarily let go a while
    before that.
    This time around, it’ll be passing back & forth across my IC, thus opposite my MC.

  19. this makes me so happy to read! finally a break from all the hardship of the past years. l made an artwork this year named ‘Falling apart before coming together’ 🙂 as a gemeni sun virgo risign l relate to this big time especially now with the neptune opposition. lts like the feeling world is very much more tangible now, l am more in touch with feeling pain. anyhow great news!!!! 🙂 Looking forward to a change in vibe

  20. Could the neptune retrograde cause increased sensitivity where you just keep picking up everything and building boundaries during this time seems tougher than usual. I have had saturn conjunct neptune this year which is now 1 degree past. but this year has been really draining and i’m tired of feeling people’s energies been in bed most of the year. Anxiety has been unusally higher as well.
    I have neptune in sagitarrius does that mean i wont be feeling better once neptune goes direct?

  21. My descendant is 13° Pisces, so if it brings relief for work, or better partnering (not really holding my breath) then that would be great. Seems though that it wouldn’t be the biggest influence there, so who knows.

  22. Funny, I forgot all about this. So this fell in my 8th exactly on my south Node and opposite my Saturn. I had a VERY rude and shocking awakening tonight and I’ve started the process of untangling finances (8th) with the estranged adult child connected to my account. Natal Neptune falls in my 5th and Saturn is also transiting through my 5th (children). Transit Jupiter is conjunct the adult child’s moon (mother’s emotional implosion much?).

    The heartbreak I’m feeling (Chiron) is unimaginable but this is what is needed to help me have closure.

    2017 has been a shell shock of a year. Losing family members to death. Some family members losing their homes and having to move in. Sibling who went to prison. Multiple cancer scares. Surgeries. Huge home repair bills. Finding out about hidden degenerative health problems. Financial crises. Now this. Just give me a break universe!

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