Naked Ladies and The Current Venus Saturn Conjunction In Leo Trine Pluto

Another thing I’ve been seeing with the current Venus Saturn conjunction in Leo is older (than me) women who look fantastic. Pluto is training the conjunction and they happen to be naked (in the gym).

These women look proud (Leo) and empowered (Pluto). They have stature a younger woman just can’t muster and I am very inspired by them.

It just goes to show you it is possible to age gracefully and that working (Saturn) on your beauty (Venus) pays dividends over time.

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Naked Ladies and The Current Venus Saturn Conjunction In Leo Trine Pluto — 3 Comments

  1. I love seeing those mags where they have “guess her age” I always get it wrong. These ageless beauties seem to say the same thing – happiness is key in looking as well as feeling younger.

  2. Saturn has been transiting my Leo sun in the 7th house and I’m much better for it. Got out of a big relationship that taught me a whole lot about myself and love.

    Now that it’s heading towards my 8th house in Virgo … I’ve quit smoking and I’ve been exercising every day. This began about a month and a half ago. *Looks at watch* How timely is this anyway?!

  3. well, it’s past my natal saturn/venus trine but i’ve been thinking about… well… i never was a pretty girl, but i figure if i’m a stunning elder lady i’ll be happy 😉 but it does take work. and you have to love your body… appreciate it. care for it. i think. rather than “fight” against it.

    actually, it’s hitting up my sun now. all triney- trine. (grand trine. ish. orb is running out.) maybe that’s what i’ve been feeling caught in. (there’s fires all around the landscape here, too. dry country.)

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