Mutable T-Square Dominates September, 2019 – Opening Minds, Worldwide!

A large stellium in Virgo will form at the tail end of August. It will include the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

There is a new moon in Virgo on August 30th.  Immediately following that event, this group of planets in Virgo will become engaged with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces.  This mashup will be sustained through the first two weeks of September. This will be insanely interesting to watch because there’s something remarkable about it.

  • Mercury is in it’s home sign, Virgo
  • Jupiter is in it’s home sign, Sagittarius
  • Neptune is in it’s home sign, Pisces

This bodes well for how you might be impacted! You may also want to click and take a lot at this thing – 2019 Mutable T-square.

jupiter ballonsThe sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, Jupiter and Neptune will be bound together in the Mutable signs through September 14th.  At that time, Venus and Mercury will ingress into Libra.

This will leave the Sun and Mars in Virgo, still engaged with Jupiter and Neptune. The Mutable t-square will slowly break up over the next several days.

I expect people to be confused by this at time, but there’s also something undeniably magic about it.  The veil drops and a person’s mind is uplifted.  There’s a lot of grace and compassion with this. It’s going to be a trip.

If your birthday occurs in this time frame, the T-square will be featured in your Solar Return Chart. Consequently, it dominate your year, birthday to birthday.

I admit, it’s a lot. This will overwhelm at times, however you know what they say. Go big, or go home!

What do you expect or wish for in September, 2019?



Mutable T-Square Dominates September, 2019 – Opening Minds, Worldwide! — 6 Comments

  1. Something about T-Squares always make me feel that I’m going to feel highly stressed. That Virgo stellium will be conjunct my natal Saturn and North Node. What could that mean? Nothing too bad I hope.

  2. This will set off my natal Mutable T-Square: Venus 16* Virgo, IC 17* Virgo, Jupiter and Chiron 11* Pisces, MC 17* Pisces, and Mars 12* Gemini, Moon 15* Gemini. Makes for a Mutal Grand Cross for me, with Jupoter in Sag. Oh, boy!

  3. T-squares make me nervous lol! I have a lot of mutable energy: sun, moon mars and my four angles are all in the mutable signs. I suppose I’ll be impacted, but my birthday is August 26th and the Virgo stellium is still early in the making then, with mercury still in Leo (exactly conjunct my natal one too) and the moon sextiling the sun from cancer. So hopefully it won’t be so bad? 🙂

  4. I have Saturn at 7 Virgo so the new moon stellium will be hitting that, and then the next new moon is on my birthday exactly conjunct my Libra sun. I think this is going to be my time, if I keep the faith and put in hard work and positivity.

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