Mutability: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

Mad RiverThe mutable quality is last of the three. Cardinal intiates, fixed keeps it going and mutability fills in the gaps. The mutable quality accommodates, mediates; it adapts. The four mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Mutable houses are the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th. Mutables find a way around obstacles and fill in the spaces.

Gemini is the air element mutable, Virgo the earth, Sadge the fire and Pisces the water. To use water as an example, think of a huge boulder in the river bed. A boat might have trouble getting around it but not the water. The water flows, over, around. Mutables have less trouble changing course than do other qualities. They flow: air, earth, fire, water, in mutable they find a way around, naturally.

Cardinal and fixed modalities have their own ways of addressing obstacles, this is different. Cardinals initiate a new course of action. Fixies hammer at it. Mutables just go around. Changing course is expected because change is expected. Accommodation is accepted.

The mutable houses show the areas of life and function where we fill in the spaces left behind by the initiators and the workers before we move on to the next phase of construction. Gemini is there with its canned air, Virgo with its fill dirt (or duct tape), Sadge with its blow torch and Pisces with its garden hose (or fifth of tequila).

Do you have planets or placements in mutable signs or houses? Do you go with the flow, let things go, in these areas?


Mutability: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” — 19 Comments

  1. Im used to go with the flow… even tho i like to go backwards now and them, with my aqua moon.

    Ive got…
    planets & asteroids on Virgo (rising, Pallas, Psych); Gemini (MC,Lilith, JUPITER);Sagy (Neptune,Eros);
    Planets on 6th (Moon);
    Planets & Asteroids on 9th (Mars, Venus, Lilith);
    Planets & Asteroids on 12 (Saturn,Vesta).

  2. 5 planets mutable, one cardinal, 3 fixed. I think change is inevitable, feel bad for people who are fixed, life just seems so hard for them. Like change is devistating or something. I roll with it. What can ya do??? That’s life!!!

  3. I have 5 sag planets in my 6th house (ruled by mutable virgo) and my mc is pisces so I’m the “etheric” one out of my friends. Just flows in and out of peoples lives, but always at the right time. Flowing is a great way to live.

  4. @Morgan. “I feel bad for people who are fixed, life just seems so hard for them.” LOL.
    I’m all fixed. I hate change! It’s so hard!
    One of my best friends is mostly mutable. (We’re extremely compatible). But she just doesn’t get how i can’t “go with the flow.” Heh.

  5. my personal planets are in the mutables. Always trying to “go with (not against) the flow (Life’s course). I understand what you mean when you say this about the mutable quality.

    “Cardinals initiate a new course of action. Fixies hammer at it. Mutables just go around.”

  6. Although I’m an Aquarius Sun, I have tons of Neptune-Jupiter, Pisces-Sadge, 6th-9th influences. I definitely stick to my point of view but I adapt myself to everything happening and if I can be proven wrong I can also decide to change.

  7. I have a lot of fixed signs but my Virgo sun and strong Sadge/9th house help me stay on my toes.

    The other day I had a mini-epiphany about my Virgo sun, because it is hard for me to embrace my inner Virgo. The thought was, “The *most* that I can do is to collaborate with my fate.” As in, my Leo wants to design my life from scratch, but my Virgo is teaching me that I can supercede all of my expectations by capitalizing on what’s thrown at me.

    It’s tricky. My Leo is so stubborn!

  8. Lots of mutable planets, moon, neptune, pluto, asc, it goes on except for mars and saturn (ROFL) and my poor fixed Taurus sun in the 12th which pushes? it to be mutable?

    I remember being accused by a Scorpio and Leo no less of not being able to “go with the flow”. It was a painful and funny moment because to me they didn’t see what was happening and I flowed around them.

    What is funnier is when my sun tries to be stubborn, it comes out “odd” 😀

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