Moral Alignment, Consciousness And The Sun

“To protect the sheep you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf.”
–Alonzo Harris, “Training Day”

Moral values are represented most simply in the natal chart by the 2nd house. The 2nd house is also possessions, what you own and have worked for personally. This covers both the tangible, things, and the intangible, what is important to you. My second house cusp is in Virgo and I find myself always on the lookout to further define morality, to organize it. I’m often thinking of ways to define and categorize people into sets. “There are two types of people…” is a frequent intro in my self-talk thinking. Clearly there are more than two types of people, but this is how I break things down, sets and subsets.

I really like the Dungeons and Dragons rubric for moral and ethical alignment. It has nine designations with combinations of good, evil, neutral, lawful and chaotic. I watched a movie this weekend where a lawful good character and a morally ambiguous character (indeterminate to the audience) competed. I decided once again that I could boil this down to two categories: those who are conscious of their moral/ethical stance and those who were not conscious or who are mistaken in their self-assessment.

If you don’t know the rules of the game you’re playing you’re going to have a distinct disadvantage in competition with one who does. You have to know your role and understand your possible moves. Where is this in astrology? Well, we can examine values and morality, which is helpful, but consciousness of self is primarily represented by the Sun, its position and aspects. Who you are is one thing; how much you know about it is another.

For instance, I have a fairly well-aspected Sun but Neptune is involved. I could be confused, can become confused. I had better be mindful of this possibility. My Sun sextiles my Moon in Capricorn. One way I address confusion is that when something feels off (Moon), I consult a Saturn figure.

By examining your Sun you can figure out how to best “know yourself,” or as Jung said, “To make the unconscious conscious.”

Are you conscious of your own moral/ethical alignment? Are you certain? What’s the condition of your Sun?


Moral Alignment, Consciousness And The Sun — 20 Comments

  1. Hi Satori,
    This is a great post! Thank you! Do you by any chance have north node in Virgo as well? I have had a lot of trouble with this very thing. But, I do have Pluto conjunct north node at 3 degrees Virgo in the second house. I also have Fortuna and Path of Fortune over there as well conjunct it. (I am going to get this lesson this time!). I have Chiron in Pisces conjunct the south node in the 8th house, and there has been some wounding here.

    My Sun is in Taurus at 24 degrees Taurus in the 10th house. Back to values and getting grounded again. I have Saturn at 29 Capricorn but reversed. I also have Uranus Square Sun – Uranus in Leo in the first house square the Sun. Pluto is in a wide square to the sun. Saturn in the 6th house is in an easy trine to the Sun.

    I have been thinking about this all morning. Wounding in intimacy by people (men) I have trusted, but the necessity of learning good judgement (Virgo) and the need to learn how to make it on my own (North node Second house, Saturn in the 6th house) – but allowed to have friends (Moon and Mercury in Gemini in the 11th house – well aspected).

    It is back to the break up.

    I have an occulted Sun. Not exactly sure what role I am here to play – but need to get with it and hip on that. Looking at my life – knowing I need to finally grow up.

    Great and timely post – thank you….

    The moral piece – open and trusting when young. Suspicious of motive and person now till I get to know them (Pluto) but still occasionally blindsided. I made that ex date me six months before i really let him in but….Uranus his his sun at 1.55 Aries….KaBlam – big bad breakup. (his doing).

    I go outside into the City (DC) and I tell everyone I put my “Boston” on. I lived in Boston for seven years. I am not a woman to walk down the street smiling at everyone…learned that the hard way.

    I try to always be on the up and up when I can. It is the right thing to do.

  2. Yes I have to be mindful of it too. My sun squares my pisces asc, so I have a tendency to be confused until the fog burns off. My second house is ruled by Taurus and my venus is in cappy, so once the fog is gone I can be pretty firm in my values, but that morning fog sometimes can be so thick I have to turn the lights off just to see. The brighter the light the less I see, so if you see me stumbling around in the dark, it’s ok, I hear boat propellers.

  3. Wow, I just watched Training Day again on NYE and I love Dungeons and Dragons. I have Sun square Mars and Sun square Jupiter. I like to think I am chaotic good, for the most part.

  4. I believe that I’m conscious of my moral alignment, but I can’t swear on it. Aquarius on the cusp of the 2nd house. What I value seems to be different than what others typically value, i.e. unique and Uranian values.

    I have Sun/Pluto conjunct in Virgo in the 9th, which I would consider a strong sun. But it’s square Mars and sextile Neptune.

    PS Thanks for the pic of Ethan Hawke!

  5. I also have a Virgo 2nd house, with Saturn and NN inside, both oppose my Sun in Pisces. Besides being a fan of Dungeons & Dragons as a child, I also tend to categorise people into groups. I need to create some kind of system otherwise the chaos would overwhelm me……

  6. Brilliant. 2nd house is the point of two of my tsquares. Explains why my husband and I are together and such an nice bit for some analysis and digging.

    Many thanks for opening that door!

  7. Like Josephine, I have Aqua second House & what she has said is true of me too. The rest of the House is empty… apart from a little Asteroid who goes by the name of Lillith =)
    I’m not sure how to “apply” her in view of your post @Satori.

  8. Very much so I think. I have 2nd house Sag with my mars in there. I read once that 2nd house Sag is considered with the ethical treatment of animals which I was surprise that this would fall under the 2nd house. I have been a veggie for 21 years!

  9. I never knew that your 2nd house ruled moral values. Thanks for this little bit of info! I have a 2nd house Libra and it makes sense. I have a Virgo Sun conjunct Pluto. I find it very difficult to make decisions, and if someone is going to be hurt by a decision, I just plain won’t make it which I guess in a way is making a decision. No one gets hurt then, except maybe me.

  10. Good post again :).

    I have a fairly strongly and well aspected sun. AND I have 2nd house activity. I overheard adults saying that I was a very good person when I was little… and I have always been very ‘square’ when it comes to these things growing up. 🙂

    Unlike you however, I have a sun square moon. So, perhaps in this case, when I am uncertain about what to do or not to do, then my sense of morality weakens? What do you think?

  11. I have Libra on the cusp and my Jupiter /Juno exact with Chiron also conjunct. I’m very moral about personal relationships – but not all in a conventional sense. I believe marriage is or should be for life but I also believe in a lot of latitude, tolerance and forgiveness within a marriage. I don’t believe in ‘owning’ other people, not in any sense: I think it’s a moral duty as well as an act of love to give others their freedom.

    With a Libra Neptune in H1 I may be deluded about a lot of things; and I’m aware this may include my moral values. My morals (like those of most of us I suspect) are probably somewhat self-serving, and I’m also aware they’ve partly developed as a result of dealing with a handicap which might skew my way of looking at things. With both Neptune and Chiron in the mix, who knows?

    But so far as my moral sense is developed, I do my best to stick to my code.

  12. Added to that, having mostly Libra in H2 no doubt enables me to see both sides of a question including some moral questions. I can usually see both sides of any relationship dilemma, and this also affects my moral code in that regard. I’m not often a ‘black and white’ person

  13. I had a similar experience to your son. My first Saturn square involved a parent (my father) becoming chronically ill. Since I had a younger needier sibling, guess who was on their own! I was too young to really help out so I became fiercely independent instead. I’m an aries with a 10th house stellium so it felt right to become more independent. Unfortunately my father’s alternating absence and volatile moods brought on depressive tendencies that I still struggle with although I associate them more with Saturn cycles now. Ugh.

  14. I have Taurus/2nd House and Scorpio/8th House. My Sun trines my Moon Pluto conjunction and opposes Neptune in my 8th. In romantic relationships I’ve always ended up feeling misled. I’m trying to work on this so it doesn’t happen again.

  15. Satori
    Can’t tell you what this quote means to me, huge synchronicity of an event last year, thanks for the excellent advice and reports recently.

  16. Chaotic neutral. *grin*

    I’d like to say chaotic good (and in an ideal world, maybe I could be that) but I’ve got too much self-interest to say that. Fortunately, the chaotic means I can surprise people by acting for the good sometimes.

    Sun/Saturn/Ascendant all snuggled up together in Gemini, with Mercury (chart ruler!)in the 12th adding introspection to it.

  17. interesting!!! mmmm my second cusp i have gemini in there, with part of fortune not sure what’s important for me ? communication, money ???? writing maybe?
    and yess! i have sun conjunct neptune in Capricorn -.-!!
    i do have confusion usually in LOVE ! and then, my saturn comes out and add more seriousness and my scorpio venus adds more of a complexity! how lucky i am -___-

  18. Yes. Sun conj jup in virgo. And now that you mention it, sag second house cusp. I could become a zealot if I’m not careful. In the past, I could get very disappoinated and depressed by the heinous. Didn’t do any good. So I gave it up.

  19. Ah, nice. You remind me that there are some laws that I need to abide by or else. You have helped me get in touch with my inner dullness. For some reason, the thought of being dull made me laugh hysterically. I like it and accept it. It really removes the pressure to perform. I need to change my screen name to dolt. : )

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