The Astrological Moon: Tracking Lunar Returns

I began tracking my lunar returns twenty years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child. I wanted to know when my baby was coming!

I flipped through the months, looking at the charts. When I landed on one with a grand cross in it, the chart was just total chaos. I was pretty sure this was when she’d be born, though it was a month before my due date. That’s exactly what happened. I have tracked my lunar returns ever since.

These charts tell my month-long mood or emotional state. I look at them to see what I’ll be dealing with, month to month.  I pay particular attention to them when I’m in a difficult period or under any kind of stress. It helps to break up time into thirty-day chunks.

I may feel repulsive with Pluto in the 4th house of my lunar return. But the following month, I’ll see Jupiter there and I’ll know my feelings will change. There are times when this knowledge is priceless. Life-changing. For some, it may even be life-saving.

I’m not being dramatic. Knowing things will be shifting ahead gives me courage, fortitude, perspective. This knowledge enables me to do things, or to better endure things that challenge me. It’s just undeniable.

If you want to get into this and see for yourself, I strongly encourage you to check out your Lunar Return Report. I would invest in the whole year if this is affordable for you. I say that because the cost is graduated. If you buy the year, I makes it a baker’s dozen (13 months). It gets the cost down to less than $4 a month.

Now think about it. If the report saves you just one hour of angst each month, you’ve made a great investment. But even more important, over the course of the year, you can’t help but be expanded by minding your feelings – the Moon in your chart.

Check them out now – Lunar Return Reports



The Astrological Moon: Tracking Lunar Returns — 4 Comments

  1. I also love tracking Lunar Returns! ? My Moon is in Leo in the 1st house and every month when the transiting Moon is in Leo I feel so energetic, lively, and happy. It’s hard to explain but I always feel it. ?

  2. Thank you, Elsa! Considering Progressions of the Moon, your article just made me realize that the woman who just broke up with me was finishing her 2nd Progressed Moon, and just beginning her 3rd! This explains so much. Thanks again.

  3. Aside from looking at the lunar return chart as a whole, are you also looking at the day to day transits throughout the month in relation to the lunar chart? Much like you’d do with the natal? Or would that be unnecessary?

    • I don’t consider transits to lunar return charts. I’m looking for the general mood and things that stand out. Planets on angles, or powerful aspects.

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