Moody And Unpredictable

cancer-charm-discBetween the New Moon and the stellium in Cancer, and this: Uranus in Aries Trine Venus In Leo, expect people to be moody and unpredictable today.

Mars in Gemini fights with words. Watch yours today, as people are sensitive.

Don’t be surprised if people retreat into their shell today.  Few are in the mood to be stabbed or jabbed!

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Moody And Unpredictable — 10 Comments

  1. Yeah Im seeing this happening. I didn’t think anyone could get more moody & sensitive than me, but seems i am wrong. Friends of mine are rather absent lately..

    Tis the season to be crabby!

  2. Interesting. I’ve been absent lately, too. Absent is just my anatomically challenged face. Sensitivity doesn’t have to mean hurt or moody or crabby, it can be positive.

    And being slow on the take is working well. I mean I tried the letting the anger out thing method last week and all it did was feel crummy so now I need to apologize to someone. So that doesn’t really work for me. Just had to re-visit it once.

    Basically, I have been avoiding confrontation, like letting it drop. But the one who likes to fight is compensating by striking low, so low I don’t get it till much later. It’s a good thing because I don’t want to fight just to fight. So sorry I missed my scheduled response. 😀

  3. I’m a Scorpio with Aquarius Moon, and Virgo rising, but I’ve been EXTREMELY emotional the last three days, unstoppable, long bouts of crying. 🙁 Talked to a friend and feel better now, but I can’t help but think perhaps the stars contributed.

  4. Mom and I are clashing today. Nothing serious, just snap-n-snarl. I asked her, “Are you being super Gemini today or am I just extra-cranky?” 😉

    Me: Cancer rising, stellium in 4th, Aqua moon
    Mom: Double Gemini with 4-planet Cancer stellium


  5. I came home from running errands on Saturday to find both my kids and my husband in tears; they had just finished watching A Dog in Flanders. I pulled my husband aside and told him, “No movies where the dog dies for a couple of weeks, ok?”

  6. Something along those lines happened to me today. I was the “cancer” person (venus is there, anyways) and the person was the mars in gemini person (which that person has natally). Person said something that kind of upset me so I pulled a cancer move and retreated. I left, stayed alone in a park and then went home to shell up even more. Not answering the person right now.

  7. I confess… to being totally right there with everyone, all of it. Just spent about a half-hour crying. In my case I’m also just starting my period, so – there’s that too. I feel stuck, deep, profound……. like everything’s come to a head, full circle, an impasse of sorts… & it’s okay – but deep. Was having baby memories of me in the crib (!), thoughts of family, & meaning, & the global forces on the march & how it’s all so epic, this life.

    Who knows how this story will unfold.

    Tomorrow will be another day, I suspect…

    In any case, I intend love – deepest love – touching source, love – love before I was ever hurt love.

    *Namaste all*

  8. Cancer retreat. I so get that. Thanks.

    Had to re-think my conversation with the fighter yesterday. Overall, she always has everything under control. And I think at this time she feels out of control with what is going on in her life. Hard to see that sometimes when she is coming at me.

    I was reminded of a man I worked with years ago, big project, different departments, but I would cross paths with him. The cowboy drafter had acreage some states away and would take long weekends to go there and hunt. He told one day that he was going back to his land to hunt. And then said very grimly, “I need to kill something.”

    I just never know how far people like ‘the fighter’ will go anymore. She’s family and I’m stuck with her.

  9. Oh, thank the gods for this. I thought I was losing my ever-lovin’ mind. I am in such a horrid, sensitive space right now, and all I seem to be able to manage is hurt feelings and anger. Lots of anger. Now if only people would leave me alone. 🙁

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