Millennials are Radicalizing – Uranus Opposite Pluto

radicalAs Uranus, moves through Taurus, the entire Millennial generation will be experiencing Uranus opposing their natal Pluto in Scorpio. This is occurring just as Millennials begin to assume social and political power, and it will undoubtedly prove incredibly consequential for society as a whole.  As I looked around the internet, however, most of the information about this transit was generic at best. Since I am an older Millennial, I am experiencing the transit now and thought that I ought to track it so that I can serve as a canary in the coal mine.

One of the strongest effects I’ve noticed so far, in myself and others in my cohort, is an increased tendency toward political radicalization. This is true, by the way, for those on both sides of the aisle. There is far less willingness or incentive to understand or tolerate opposing viewpoints, and there is a strong tendency to dismiss or even dehumanize political opponents.

None of us are spared from this phenomenon, including me. Just the other day I was talking to my partner (a Gen Xer, well past his Uranus/Pluto opposition), and he remarked some of society’s political obsession has made it harder for him to enjoy some of his favorite media, and that he wishes sometimes that he could just go back to enjoying art without thinking about its broader social context. Normally, being a consensus-building type, I would have validated his feelings and sought to understand more of what he meant. But this time I found myself looking at him blankly before saying, “I do not care about that. If the worst thing that comes from people being more aware of the world around them is that you are less able to mindlessly enjoy TV, that seems like an incredibly low cost. So, you know, tough shit.” Of course, we talked it through and were able to find plenty of common ground. But I was shocked at my knee-jerk vitriol.

And this is a growing trend. Among my left-leaning friends, I have seen their rhetoric shift from “Nobody should die because they can’t afford to see a doctor,” to “You know what? Eat the rich.” And I have seen my right-leaning friends move from being concerned about taxation and gun rights to arming themselves to defend against a refugee invasion.

Make no mistake: this stuff is dark. It is chilling. Because Millennials are no longer the angry teenagers on society’s lawn. They are now simply adults under 40. They can’t be easily dismissed. And since Uranus is just starting its trek through Taurus, this is a trend that’s likely to intensify. If you’re concerned about this (as I am), I’m sorry to say, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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Millennials are Radicalizing – Uranus Opposite Pluto — 30 Comments

  1. Yes, I see those becoming fundamental about their ideals, blindly doubling-down on cultural, societal, religious ideas without having in real forethought or wisdom regarding decisions.
    I too am an early millenial: 1984.

    Since going back to college, and having younger family, those who are “woke” or are cognitively dissonant are coming out like mad. There’s a victimization culture that is attempting to take the lead on social rights matters and it’s hard to watch.

    People are over-identifying with labels, with acts or passions. I see it everywhere. My older brother and others over-identify with being GANGSTA. They wake up, making cereal like a thug, go poop like a thug. The same for gays or lesbians and what have you. Sex is an adjective, verb, but to take that act and make it your entire identity is a bad idea. However, culture and societies have also contributed to this, for business thrives off you identifying with something. Now history shows that those who are thugs or gay have been marginalized, but that doesn’t mean one should confine pronoun usage, foregoing freedom of speech, in order to be respected.

    The worse part is that kids in college or elsewhere don’t want to hear such counter-arguments. Again, cognitive dissonance.

    “A fool who persists in their folly will become wise” said Blake. I’ll wait for others to wise up, but I’m not going to stand aside and watch the degradation of others. There’s a larger, more long-term picture being ignored for immediate pleasures and “security”.

  2. Midara, I’m excited about it. I think we’ve been too dulled by our inaction.

    I am having this transit but I’m still sitting on my ass.. what a waste

  3. I was born in 1989. I definitely have some radical tendencies. But political paradigms are too limiting. I refuse to sign on to a borg mentality, or be closed to other points of view. I believe not being able to have a respectful discussion with someone about politics is a character flaw. No, not everyone with conservative viewpoints is a LITERAL NAZI. Jesus Christ. On the other hand, getting up in arms about not being able to verbally attack groups of people doesn’t speak well for one’s character either. I don’t believe in censorship, but there are more severe problems in this world.

    I’m probably not in lock-step with my generation because of these viewpoints, and the fact that I’ve never been involved in a protest. I honestly don’t believe it makes much of a difference. I vote in every election, even minor ones, and I try to treat others fairly. That’s good enough for me. I’m still quite a ways off from my Uranus-Pluto opposition though.

    • I also feel like a lot of people, in their efforts to be woke and socially just, end up excluding people, missing big things, or firing back in a way that harms other marginalized people. So that kinda turns the whole thing into a joke, when that happens, and it’s not something I want to participate in.

  4. I’m noticing that the Baby Boomers are becoming more vocal, too. They are not holding back anymore!! The Pluto in Leo generation is getting the Uranus square to Pluto. And guess who they’re hitting with both barrels??


    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar vs. Donald Trump is a prime example.

    Yep, this is going to be something to watch.

    • That is a really astute observation! With Uranus activating the square, we’re seeing the innate tension between those generations really reach a boiling point. It will be very interesting to see how the chips ultimately fall.

      • Whoa ! Boomers are Trumpers ? Way to generalized ! Not all boomers were hippies and I know Millennials who are conservatives. The potency of the Uranus transit of Taurus as it angles Pluto in natal charts will be stressful, radical, and daunting ! However, I don’t anticipate generational conflict as much as an ideological conflict. As a former Political Science major, I see an opposition of perspectives not unlike that found in the Civil War and the counter cultural revolution of the 60’s. Note that Uranus entered Taurus for good in 1936
        and coincided with the rise of demagogues who rallied the disaffected with hatred and extreme nationalism: Hitler and Mussolini. Trump and Boris Johnson gives a voice to those who feel powerless, voiceless, and disgruntled with changes they
        can’t or won’t try to understand. They react to a promise of the “good old days” for a sense of stability and simplicity. However, the only constant in change. Bob Dylan sung to my
        “Come senators, congressmen
        Please heed the call
        Don’t stand in the doorway
        Don’t block up the hall
        For he that gets hurt
        Will be he who has stalled
        There’s a battle outside
        And it is ragin’.
        It’ll soon shake your windows
        And rattle your walls
        For the times they are a-changin’.”

        Closing thought: Sanders and Warren are Boomers ! I’m 68.

        • “Whoa ! Boomers are Trumpers ? Way to generalized !”

          I don’t see where this statement was made in in NotMyCircus’ post. I saw that she was using political examples for generational differences.


          I’m Pluto in Virgo generation… let’s clean this shitshow up already. I am all for voicing opinions and change for the better, but actions speak louder than words. Enough of the posturing and pushing – just effing do something already!! Won’t be long and the earth is just going to take over and ALL of us will be screwed.

        • Mike, you misunderstood me.

          “Boomers are Trumpers”? Nowhere in my post did I say that. Please do not put words in my mouth. What I meant is that Millenials aren’t the only ones radicalizing at this time. So are many of the Boomers. How many times do I see rants against Millenials from Boomers? Often. It’s not always political, either. Basically the two groups, as far as I can tell, are furious with each other for the direction we’re going in, as a society. And each group has had it up to here with the other one. They’re quickly approaching “put up or shut up” time. They’re done being nice.

          The AOC/Trump flame war is just a very visible example of this Boomer/Millenial clash.

          By the way, I am well aware that not every Boomer is a fan of Trump. My landlord calls his rallies “hate rallies” and another Boomer I know has become very outspoken against him and the Republicans lately. I also know Millenials who are strongly conservative and voted for Trump. What I see in both groups is that they’re speaking up and standing up. No more playing nice and caring about others’ precious feelings. They’re DONE with that.

          • NMC

            Sorry if I jumped to conclusions. I guess you hit a hot button that elicited a desire to toss in my perspective. BTW, kudos on an excellent observation of the Uranus transit square to the generational PLuto in Leo placement. Mike

    • I have to add my observations here too.

      My Mom is getting the Pluto square from Uranus – she has asked me not to call anymore, due to her Pluto-in-Leo tendencies. I have gone across her during the whole time my Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Libra was hit by Uranus the past 2-3 years.

      Now – she is rebelling towards me, but I hadn’t thought to bring in astrology about that. But now I can see, that this i a personal thing (Leo) vs. society as a whole (Aquarius), and I recognize it in my own life as well: Outside my house, 2 years ago, when Uranus was almost exact opposite these two natal planets in my 8th, there was a gang shooting which traumatized me. The unfair, unwilling and casual victim of this radicalization in the different currents for gangs and violent groups in society. I lived in it every day for 2,5 years.

      • Oh, I almost forgot.
        She has the Sun and Moon in Taurus, the Moon exactly conjunct the fixed star Algol.
        It’s personal for her. The first sign is stubborn and the next is ego-based. I think she wants and feel pressure to liberate herself. She can only do that by removing the ones who is a threat to one’s ego. Aaand, as we all know, Pluto is great at playing your worst fears out in the real world, when you can’t see your own emotional wounds and bagage in yourself – yet. So yeah, def. fits the bill of cutting me out of her life.

  5. Born in Dec 1983. Here. I agree with this, and I’m unapologetically radical right now. But, consider this; it was at one time radical for a woman to have a career. It was radical to be female and wear pants. Honestly, when I watch shows from the past that show women in the 60-80s being a progressive woman, it’s almost cringeworthy. For example, the show Who’s the Boss from the 1980s. The mom in the show is sexiest and degrading to Tony. That’s how I see it now, but then she was being a liberal and independent woman and Tony being the “house man” was flipping roles on their head. I see it and think, “yeah, that’s still degrading only the other way,” but I’m looking at it way after the paradigm shift has occurred and I wasn’t part of the world they lived in that proceeded that.

    So, what I’m trying to say is, I’m not threatened by radical if in the end it results in pushing us forward in a society that is more equitable and here’s a radical idea, more kind.

    What I am against is radical violence. We need to change hearts and minds. You “win” by force, you just have a bunch of people forced into compliance. I’m always in a “defense” stance when it come to violence because then you don’t have to question your integrity and motives.

  6. As an early Gen-X-er I’m relieved by the recent loss of complacency within both the boomer and millennial generations. Bring on the radical healing and reconstruction! It’s long overdue. But yes I pray for non-violent transformation.

  7. I am not entirely convinced the Millenial radicalization is any different from the activism by the Baby Boomers during the 60s and 70s. All that I see is that the causes have changed, from anti-war and pro-feminism movements to anti-government, establishments, big businesses and pro-gender equality.

    At the root of it all the fight is the same, it’s about social justice.

    So in fact, the Millennials and the Boomers have a lot in common.

    When these two generations realize that collaboration instead of opposition and fighting each other is the key to moving forward, the results of their combined efforts will be monumentally positive for all life on earth.

  8. It’s new for me to think of radicalism in a negative light. We’ve always pictured the moderate conservatism of even Obama and Cameron as playing to capitalist interests and not forging a lot of change.. a bit hypocritical. Even Blair started a lot of wars. This has been the main complaint of the lack of progress in the country. I don’t think the radical left blames and doesn’t want to understand the middle or is intolerant.. why does radicalism equate with intolerance? It just wants to create more change. Throughout our recent history, as George Carlin predicted, our educational system continued to suck and didn’t really improve, a lot of internal reforms remained promised and undone by moderates. Late millennials mostly concentrated on being hipsters and didn’t have much opposition to the Iraq war cause it was far away, and we sort of let a lot be done to us. We were supposed to be a lot more politically engaged than we were according to trend pieces. So far I find whatever radicalism that is going on to be really refreshing. This is Pluto in Capricorn ffs. The dark underbelly needs an overhaul.. the place is a plutocracy and a democracy in name alone, no one has taken any action really. All this revolution we were told would happen hasn’t happened. I just don’t see millennial radicalism as a problem. What is wrong with being woke and understanding the underpinnings and injustices and hypocrises that buttress current democracy? I think moderate individuals have demonized their opponents just as much or differences between parties would be accurately more difficult to distinguish. I think there’s a bit of a blamin these kids energy by condemning their desire for change and their birds eye view of this system. I dont think they’re really wrong. We’ve reaped the fruits of centrism for a while and certainly financial interests have a strong hold on politics and the country continues to play diplomacy by starting foreign wars and arming various dictators as they confuse and distract their own people. The youth say eat the rich but I think it comes from frustration at existing power structures. My generation napped through the Iraq war. None of the people really mobilized as trend pieces predicted. And neither did I. We just stayed in our comfort zones.
    This generation is also more feminist and tolerant of various gender identities.. the people have not always been so accepting..

  9. Pluto in Leo have a hard time dealing with/will never get the Pluto in Scorpio gen. Vice-versa. Forget it. Uranus is currently sitting on my sun in the 1st which exactly opposes pluto. Being a Taurus, you’d expect me to be leaning towards a left view of the world. Instead, im more and more conservative (fairly moderate but tolerance is a misused word these days) as years go by. Perhaps uranus is awakening my true identity, doing away with all the conditioning and brainwash since tv became the teacher in the early 90s…
    Please be aware i have uranus natally in sagg/8th. Im far from condemning a free sexuality… but i dont understand how i can be quiet while people shove their sexuality in my face all the time… Dark Aquarian got it right. Most think they are making a statement, they are just too dumbed down to see they are being milked by the system.
    Usually I speak up when I see older people accepting their core values being stumped on… as for younger millennials… can’t put everyone in the same bag but you know… we are years away from the time when people thought no access to information dictated you being a sheep… sheep will be sheep regardless. Wake up. Its inevitable.

  10. I worry that millennials have been indoctrinated by educators to believe socialism will help them. It work. The more the government takes over, the less chance for an individual to succeed and thrive.

    Many of them have made terrible choices and now think they are entitled to a government handout. But why should I pay for their mistakes?

    The system we have was never intended to provide equal outcomes – only equal chances. So many people would prefer to play the victim card than to step up to the plate and do something constructive for their own betterment.

    As for AOC’s revolutionize – I want no part.

  11. I dunno, Uranus opposing Pluto to me is taking some of the things I have enjoyed and observed in politics and applying them to the personal area of psychological warfare against gossips. Trump is a good example of this I think. He doesn’t let the little things go! Even Robert De Niro is not low enough for him to avoid retaliation against. (This is a subtle joke btw, it highlights the stupidity of current political discourse).

    I think it’s interesting that the Pluto Gen Leo’s are kind of idolising the Gen Z’ers in a kind of ‘indigo children’ fashion, whom seem to be on the same general leftist narrative, then the millenials do not idolise the Gen Z’ers at all and kind of consider them a bit like a fox considers a hen. Even if they are the same political leaning.

    • I think you have it exactly opposite. Millennials do idolize gen z people. Check midaras post on gen z. I really like them, for instance.

      • I found this, that I heartily agree with:

        “Millennials may live with the crushing disappointment of unrealized dreams, but Gen Z never had dreams in the first place. They are, in many ways, a generation of nihilists. And that’s where they find their freedom.”

        It seems to me from experience though that there is a slight power differential as in Pluto Sag’s come up to the Pluto Scorp and sort of ask for ‘the plan’. What’s going on? How do we make things better? And Pluto Scorp is like ‘you’re sweet, maybe I won’t use you’.

      • Oh well, I had a response and the blog deleted it.

        I liked Midaras post ‘What’s so great about Gen Z’. I think the way it goes between Pluto Sag and Pluto Scorp is Pluto Sag is basically good natured and Pluto Scorp has to contend with some sort of manipulative framework that is already present.

        I will be interested to see as society moves forward how these groups continue to relate.

  12. Welp…this sure has devolved.

    When I initially read the blog (before all the comments), I took this as an invitation to look inward and evaluate our own thinking, words, and actions. Not to blame, but to reflect.

    I can go to Twitter if I want a bunch of bitching and blaming.

  13. I think gen z is radical not millennials.. and post gender. I was watching Daybreak and their perspective is sadly unprecedented to me.. in their eyes I’m a ‘ghoulie’.. they’re beyond gender and sexuality issues. I had to turn the show off. How could I not have seen the end of capitalism coming? How did they see it all? People were busy scarfing down fusion tacos and trying to manage their social media. How did they know if they were born during a blustery post 9/11 world with terrible reality TV and media? A time of othering and fear? I don’t understand how they came out this pure. And how millennials got so lost and wasted our 20s. In apathy and self protection.

    I have noticed boomers radicalizing to the alt-right and getting drunk on various right conspiracy theories and refusing to wear masks. It’s what I’ve noticed.

    I didn’t understand what midara said til recently.

    Gen z is finally starting to make fun of millennials and their criticism is valid.. how did we take so long to grow up and take charge of our lives and accept reality? But they are pompous and blustery. They may be another ‘dont trust anyone over 20’ generation if you take Daybreak into account. But really they aren’t so inclusive if you peel back the layers.. and I wonder about the longevity about their early creative successes but I really want them to last..

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