Midara’s September 2021 Horoscopes for All Signs

drudgerySeptember is here, and with it comes a return to normal life. The freewheeling days of summer are behind us, and it’s back to the joys and drudgery of everyday life. And this is the perfect month for it. There are no dramatic surprises. No major outer planet aspects, no dramatic eclipses, no wild retrogrades. Just life moving on as normal, albeit a bit grudgingly.

Venus moves from a place of strength in Libra to her detriment in Scorpio on the 10th, ripping off the veneer to expose something much darker and more sultry beneath the surface. Then, on the 14th, Mars moves from strategizing in Virgo to playing nice and politicking in Libra, gritting his teeth the whole time. And the Sun moves into Libra, the sign of its fall, on the 20th. Even Mercury is a little beleaguered, having separated from Mars only to slow down and prepare to retrograde at the end of the month.

And yet, frustrating as it is, this happens all the time. Every planet has to enter a place it doesn’t like every now and then. And yet we survive. It might not be comfortable, but it is thoroughly doable. And in fact, it’s months like this when the best ideas are born. When the “proper” way of expressing a planet isn’t available, we have to innovate. We have to find the lessons and transcend the rest.

And that brings me to the Moon. On the 6th, we have a gorgeous New Moon in Virgo that catches tons of support. This is where we let go of our old ideas about how to operate and find something more efficient. And by the time we get to the Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th, we’ll be ready to release and transcend it all, capping off the month with a breath of fresh air.

So how can you thrive in a month where everything is both ordinary and upside down? What is your personal cheat code? Check out the horoscope page to find out!



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Midara has been a consulting astrologer for over a decade. Whether you’re struggling with relationships, personal growth, tough transits, or whatever else, she’s here to help.


Midara’s September 2021 Horoscopes for All Signs — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks Midara , I think dealing with the”new Normal” has given all of us a very different perspective, of how we can get things done.
    Or not.
    And learning to take it in stride.
    Throw Uranus in the mix.
    I ve been catching all the curve balls.
    And learning to go with the flow.
    There are alot of left wing surprise’s,and I don’t get surprised so much, though I do grit my teeth sometimes.
    My cheat code,is think outside the box.
    Innovate ,create and bumble on.
    Sometimes I m surprised at reaching some place better than I expected.

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