Midara’s April 2020 Horoscopes For All Signs

girl with balloonsThis month sees a seismic shift in the collective. Five planets have moved or are moving into air and fire signs, changing that atmosphere from one of fertile, expectant possibility to one of racing ideas and decisive action. The restfulness of winter has fallen away and spring rules the day.

The Sun spends most of the month in Aries, where it is joined by Mercury mid-month. The swirling confusion of Pisces is no more, and people are instead ready to move.

Venus enters Gemini in the 4th, where she will be for the next four months. Love, words, and ideas are all one this summer. Get your words of affirmation ready, because they will be all the rage. For now, love exists through a screen, with video chat dinner dates and plenty of cerebral connection. After that, expect a flurry of activity. Once the world opens back up, no one is going to want to Netflix and chill.

Finally, Mars and Saturn have made their way into Aquarius, introducing us to the next phase of this grand narrative. When the fear subsides and we’re tasked with creating a new order, where will you be? Use this period to figure it out.

Even when life is filled with confusion and fear, we all still have a role to play. To see where you fit, check out the horoscope page.



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