Micro-Managing Your Lover

I have a client working hard to relax. He’s got a restless mind and a tendency to over-analyze information.  Every text message his girlfriend sends, goes through the mill.  You can imagine the inner disturbance this causes.

We all have quirks. It’s fine until one of your quirks takes over and causes you to you suffer. It’s the difference between having a drink and needing to have a drink.

If you fall in the second category, you’ve got to do something about your quirk or become a slave to it. People hate hearing that. Habits are hard to break.

Is there a quirk or a cowlick in your psychological make-up, that you just know you have to deal with if you want to be free? What is it?


Micro-Managing Your Lover — 13 Comments

  1. Whats the astrology behind that?

    Scorpio house says who tries to make us miserable by controlling us? I think it makes sense.But. does it runs both ways, as we control other as well?

    • Paul, sorry, I just found your comment in the spam filter. I think there are a number of things in a chart that could give someone this tendency. And they are not necessarily what you’d think.

      For example, in this case, his competitiveness has something to do with this. He wants to get the girl and if there is no text from her, he thinks he might be falling back.

  2. Yes–insecurity. I have Chiron conjunct IC trine my Moon. I am a very strong person emotionally, but with Uranus in the mix I can become de-stabilized suddenly, and rapidly. It can be quite scary. I’ve worked really hard at learning how to talk myself off ledges.

  3. I overthink everything.. especially relationships. Merc in scorp with pluto amungst my stellium in the 12th. A libra friend of mine is similar with saturn in gemini. And may be worse. He reads into every text when dating. We are ok with each other because we’ve established our relationship over 10 years but new people.. watch out.

    I’ve taken up meditation, pull angel cards, and follow a more straightforward literalness to life. It helps.

    Drives me nuts though when people start dropping new things to “worry about” in response to my interpretation of events. It’s like giving a drink to someone on the wagon.

    Like I had that “sign from god” about Quirky Sag.. and the lady I meditate with said maybe it was just showing me the options. *rolleyes* I finely find something I can follow and others still throw something in just for fun.

    But that’s just right now with saturn on my mercury and jupiter in gemini on my moon. 😉 At least it’s fun!

  4. rushing to judgement, and over-reacting… definitely over analyzing… the thing im most working on is keeping my cool. i always was over emotional and dramatic, my parents called me the hormone queen… but men don’t like it. at all.

  5. I tend to overthink and overworry about my public image…Saturn in the 10th house in Sagittarius indicates this. And then, with Sun square Saturn, I tend to overthink about the slightest mistake I make, I need to learn to think about my achievements too, because there are many.

  6. I am obsessed with getting things right. Perfectionism is killing me. I’m OCD about everything. I even organize my food on the grocery checkout by food group (dairy/fruit and veg/meat and fish/grains and processed food) and get angry if the clerk bags it differently than the way I’ve lined it up. I think I do everything better than everyone else. I have few friends (you can imagine!) as a result. When the chips are down there are very few people I can call because I have become everyone’s competent “fill-in-the-blank” (employee/parent/child). My family relies heavily on me but the don’t return the favour – probably because they are afraid of getting it wrong. People say they find me intimidating. I wish I was more capaable of being human. I make mistake just like anyone but I can’t seem to own and share this part of me.

  7. virgovixen, I’m sorry you have to go through that. you are perfectly human, we all have these weirdnesses, some are just more visible than others. yours seem like a response to stress.
    being forgiving with yourself is an important step.

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