Merry Christmas, Satori!

Each year I host a gift exchange in the forum. I post a link to satori’s Amazon wish list, along with my own. I invite other people to link their  wish lists and off we go!

People don’t participate in this the way they used to so I’m skipping this in 2018. But I know there are people out there who really love, Satori, and her work. I love, Satori, and her work!

I wanted to give these people the opportunity to gift her this year.  Her wish list is linked above but you can also donate to her directly, via the tip jar – Click here.

Please note the field, “Add special instructions to the seller.”  To direct your donation to her, just make a note. I will transfer 100% of your gift to her, less the paypal fees. I will also let her know who is gifting her, unless you also mention that you want your gift to be anonymous.

Thanks all and thanks, Satori, for your exceptional work over the last decade!


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