Mercury Retrograde: September 26, 2021 – Possibly Ugly

Mercury niceMercury will turn retrograde in Libra near midnight on September 26th or in the very early morning of the 27th depending on your time zone. Just figure you’ll go to sleep with Mercury direct and wake up backwards!

There are a couple things that stand out about this period. First, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all already retrograde. When Mercury turns, all planets excluding Venus and Mars will be reversed. You can expect delays and read about this here: 2021 Retrogrades.

Next, Mercury will turn retrograde at 25 Libra. Pluto is at 24 Capricorn, fixing to turn direct. This means both planets will station or be slowed down and concentrated, as they square off.

The exact aspects will take place on September 22nd and again on October 1st. Now check the exact degree and minutes:

September 22: 24 degrees 22 minutes
October 1st: 24 degrees 19 minutes

We’re talking about ten days of the two planets being tightly squared. If you planets near 24 Cardinal, I would be highly alert during this period. Expect extremes!

Post this period, Mercury will retrograde back to ten degrees Libra, turning direct on October 18th. Pluto will have already turned direct on October 6th. Will the planets square off again? Of course!

The third exact square will take place on November 2nd at 24 degrees 29 minutes.

I guess you get the picture here.  Painful news.

Check the houses in your chart where these planets will land for further insight.  Outside of putting people with planets in late degrees of Cardinal signs on notice – special heads up to Mercury-ruled Gemini and Virgo.  You’re going to be involved in this, pulled in on a tractor beam.  It’s not too soon to mentally prepare.

What do you make this situation? How do you think it will impact you?



Mercury Retrograde: September 26, 2021 – Possibly Ugly — 93 Comments

    • There are endless possibilities but the first thing that comes to mind is you’ll encounter this in you dreams.

      Could be fear dream but also potent dreams that give you creative (Sun) ideas (Mercury). You may also be obsessed with someone – they invade your dreams or you are up thinking about them.

  1. Omg. You are spot on with whats been happening lately. I have a neighbor who has been getting on my nerves the past year and I have had dreams about her! Lol.
    Thank you for the insights 🙂

  2. T square with Venus in the 8th. Open leg in the 5th. Natal Ceres at 20 degrees Aries in the 5th. Does that count? Can I hideout in nature? Can Aries fly solo through the storm while the outer forces work through their collective stuff?

    Need to do some more reading about 5th house matters.

    • First thing when I googled the 5th was ‘this is the house where you burst onto the scene’. I don’t think so. Although ‘bursting’ is word that kind of concerns me.🙃. There is an element of risk mentioned. No ladders I think. Keep myself at ground level. And once the scene is clear and I feel safe I do want to get ‘out there’ again. I don’t foresee that anytime soon though.

      • I’ve given a lot of thought to the 5th House because that is where my North Node is.
        I agree: no bursting. The writer probably got that idea from the fact that LEO is the 5th zodiac sign.
        The 5th House is about FUN! Creativity, PLAY, children and childlike activities, sports and games, etc.
        No reason you couldn’t be creative and gift yourself the Self-Care of solitary creativity. Get in the Zone! Commune with your higher power to bring something NEW into the world.

  3. Hi,
    My Venus sit at 24 degree Capricorn, 4th house. I have already Transit Pluto sitting there since …too long. And now, Mercury…

    What a mess!

  4. Oh My God!
    I don’t want to know.
    This sounds scary already.
    Will just have to sit quietly and hibernate.
    Until it blows over.
    If not I’ll just pick up the cudgels and do the best I can to defend myself.

        • …zen…

          Sun Tzu says that if battle is known, don’t attack until the advantage is yours.

          Be aware. Keep your powder dry. Look for advantage (of any magnitude or kind)

          There is a .jpg that applies here but the tech doesn’t allow an upload as far as I can tell.

    • Hold on tight, Jenny! I’d gladly swap with you. I think the Mercury-Pluto conjunction promises intellectual intensification, devoted research, huge results, etc.

      From my Capricorn 7th house (the open-enemies house, inter alia) Pluto is now exactly quincunx my Mars in Gemini, which is 3 degrees short of my ASC, which is square my Sun. I feel cornered, even skewered. That thieving brigand next door whom I caught stealing water from the hot and cold pipes in my attic hates me for exposing him. Doing that, I exposed my power (Mars) to the Pluto power he can now own in my seventh house.

  5. Hi Elsa,

    With my moon 26 degrees in cardinal Aries in the 8th house, what should I prepare for? Also, being as you mentioned, Gemini (sun) and Virgo (ascendant and Mars conjunct- and, Saturn) I am wondering what to expect. Any guidance?

  6. Pluto has been crossing on my descendent/north node since January 2020. Mercury hit IC (the day before I filed for divorce) and Uranus 4th house in Libra one time already and I’m expecting erratic behavior from my children’s father. He found out about it today.

  7. It’s not so much that I’m a gemini sun, nor that my cardinals are 6 degrees away from the 24th degree. For me it’s the fact that 1st october means that transit uranus is going to square saturn- my chart ruler. I try not to be afraid. Task failed successfully.

  8. Me , always on alert ,have once again given up coffee, gives me anxiety and puts speed on what I do.
    So I am going to buy the chamomile
    Tea and once again try reading “La Rose”instead of tv or phone, need to find out more of this story started months ago, so good, summer so busy
    It buzzed by Yeah, happy dance
    Slow sounds good, want to push my living space around so I can do some yoga stretches, quiet my mind and soul.Of course still praying to land a fish.

    • Is it Louise Erdrich’s Larose you’re chewing on? I’d say that’s a prime option to tv or the phone. I remember reading it when she first published. I love her writing … some hard stuff, but necessary like kinda landing a fish.

  9. Remember Saturn is strong in Aquarius, and in friendly position (trine) to whatever is going on in Libra from the 27th Sept on (mars/sun and mercury rx) and also to gemini. Don’t worry beyond necessary. Uranus is going to bring something up but if saturn rules your chart, you’re likely protected or it will be something to your advantage later on?

  10. Thank you, Fumiga! It’s just that many things have happened and some events make me worried. My natal saturn is in aquarius so this is also my saturn return but my natal aspects are not that friendly, not a single easy saturn aspect in my natal chart, just squares. Even vertex or karma asteroid are opposite saturn. So it’s a bit hard not to worry. I just feel like everything is gonna colapse over my head with saturn return. I barely got out of transit pluto conjunct my ascendant. But I’ll keep in mind what you wrote, it brought me a bit of comfort. A different view is always welcomed. I like yours more. 🙂

  11. I’ll be dealing with this aspect/s for the coming year in my solar return. Merc going Rx on 25 degree natal Venus, so not just Pluto squaring that but Eris is also transiting opposite around 25 Aries. My Asc 21 Capricorn, planets and M.C sit at 0 to 25 Libra Sun and Merc both 0 LIbra in 9th, M.C 5 degrees so natally already have Saturn, Neptune and Venus square Asc and Dsc as well as square Uranus in 6th house. Can this be any worse than 15 years of Pluto through the 12th? Planets supposedly phone home as they transit. My natal Pluto is in Leo 8th house conjunct south node, black moon lilith square 25 degree Scorpio Moon in 11th and square Rx Jupiter end of 4th. If North node counts for anything they form a celtic cross in my chart. I should have been named Phoenix. Hoping for the best (Sag Mars) but not expecting any help from transit Jupiter in my 2nd which is sitting opposite natal Pluto. I must have been drunk on spiritual nectar when I planned out this incarnation, there must be more to life than continually existing to survive.

  12. This might not end well. Libra is on the cusp of my 8th house. Libra’s ruler, Venus, is 21 Aries in the 2nd house. Pluto is transiting my 12th house and my natal Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn at 25 degrees. Square extraordinaire.

  13. Pluto is conjuncting my natal Saturn at 23 Cap, and getting close to my 27 Jupiter, all in my 5th house. I had planned on traveling back to help my daughter move next week, but Chile is not letting their permanent residents leave the country now without, lets say, supplemental medical treatments. I tried asking for the extraordinary medial waiver, but I don’t have an answer after 2 weeks now.

  14. I usually have a positive experience with Mercury retrograde. My natal Sun and Mercury are in Gemini in conjunction with Saturn and all trine Uranus on Asc. I had the best holiday abroad when it was in my 9th, lost weight when it was in my 6th etc.
    This will be in my first house going back to 12th at some point. I am not feeling well lately (can’t sleep or relax) so maybe this helps. My IC is 22 of capricorn so I hope this 24 degrees are to far. But, let’s see.

  15. Oh, my go…..ness.. I have transit pluto squaring of on my Natal Moon which is 24:31 det. Moon is in Libera and i believe it is my 10 hours. WHile Pluto is transiting Capricorn although it is my 1st house at 24 degree. Now I have a mother who is age 98 On September 28th this year (2021) Mum is not well just gone into a nursing home as a trial run. Both my sister and I are not sure if is good. Although mum does need that addition extra nursing care 24 hours. Now back me. I am in Australia, i am a teacher (10 house) Issue with Australia with no Jab, No pay). Now for me i have medical condition which i am applying for exemption. (not sure if my Teaching job will allow that). 1st house health. well my stress level and anxiety are so super high i covered in rash and well super tied. I been feeling this push pull tension between Uranus and Pluto for some time. I had had Saturn and pluto conjunction over the past 4 years. Pluto is about transformation and re birth or death and rebirth. (( Mum may pass or i may be sacked in my job or some how my job may be re shaped as a teacher) i not sure… all i can say i am over the stress of Australian politician.

      • what do you think with transit pluto in 1st Capricorn, squaring off with natal moon in 10 house at24;31. i feel it is all to do with employment. and some how to do with Australian political issues of power over the people. i am caught in this mess 10 is career. well i have been a teacher for 30 years. moon is family or parents. yep see that also.. mum is old, my family all worried for their employments.. but will this be just focused on just me? Elsa, can you share your opinion please.

  16. Oooohhhh Lord Hammercy!! I’ve got Mercury/Pluto/Saturn 18/26/27 Libra in the 4th, descendant 29 Capricorn. My ex has Mercury/Venus 21/27 Cancer T-Squared by Uranus 18 Libra opposite Chiron 22 Aries. This his when our divorce is going to get hammered out. All that cardinal mess during the summer of 2020, I caught him cheating, being a low vibe Leo rising Narcissist he had to do it in the most ostentatious way. I better buckle my seatbelt then eh?! Gulp.

    • My Venus is in the 8th so my mates have tended to have secret trysts. They seem to go for those who are like I was when we first met. All my transformative stuff, I’ve yet to meet the man who can deal with that. I guess not everyone can deal with the depths.

  17. Any help?
    I am taking this to mean that my chart ruler going into retrograde AND square Pluto three times means that all of these warnings mean impact by news as opposed to direct physical or emotional damage. That seems intuitively solid, but is it a part of what you meant?

    If so, does my Scorpio Mars negate this to some extent?

  18. Oh crap. Sorry for the negativity. I’m just so exhausted from 20+ years of trials.

    Everything about these configurations hits my chart. Have already gone through losing everything, being homeless for 7 months during the pandemic, now living in northern Alabama far from my native area (west coast), the horrible weather here (it hasn’t stopped raining all year long), the myriad evil bugs, terrifying tornados (I live very close to where a whole family died), bubba racism and the undereducated (I’m rural). Can’t garden due to all the insect bites (nothing works), I’m just done. On top of all that: health issues, recent orthopedic surgery, recuperation, etc. All I’m doing is breathing in and out at this point and hanging on because I’m past being able to work a menial job and get the hell back to the horribly expensive west coast. I’m at the point of extreme resignation.

    There’s nothing to do but just hold on, like we’ve all been doing. I don’t lay it on people because they have their own stuff to deal with. Privately though, I’m not a happy camper. Writing all that somehow makes me feel better. Almost my entire life has been abuse, hardship and learning patience. I know this too shall pass.

    • DAMN!
      You’re singing my life story.
      My last major cycle began in mid-Virgo 2012 but my first major started when they used the forceps to pull me out. I have a scar through my right eyebrow and no real motor control of that area.
      Not trying to one-up, more like commiserate.
      I may not be a happy camper but I have been able to refurbish my car and to pay for several thousand dollars of dental surgery. Might I suggest trying this perspective?
      1. It’s all just an an adventure
      2. I have my empire to maintain, you have yours
      3. Fuck ’em ALL. I’m right here, right now. Come and try it. What are they going to do? Kill me? Well, no one here gets out alive…

    • I would offer a bit of unasked for advice: keep writing about your situation, get it out of your head and on to paper.

      Keep writing.

      This saved my life, once.

      • Yes, journaling and blogging definitely helps. I started a narcissism blog several years ago, I don’t keep it up anymore but some of the articles get hits that help people. I also journaled for a couple years a couple decades ago to help get out of a toxic affair.

    • West coast to rural is a tough one. Hang in there. No tornadoes here yet this year but I hear you on the musky toes. I never in a million years thought a plague would set in. You are due for a break.❤️

  19. Want to add, my housemate who owns this house grew up in the area. He’s a great person. Has experienced 5 deaths recently. His father, 2 close childhood friends, and the son and wife of another close friend. He started getting really nervous and lost 45 pounds, works out every day and cleaned up his diet. I think I will finally now check his chart (never worked it up) since I’ve lived here successfully for almost a year. But death comes in 3’s as Elsa reminded us, so now I’m nervous. My father is 99-1/2 and is hoping to make it to 100. Knowing him he will, but one never knows.

    • Finally calculated my housemate’s chart. He has No 24 degrees of anything. Likely will continue to be my rock and compassionate friend, like he has been for the past year. I am not surprised our charts don’t have any major conflicts. Still glad I waited to calculate, though.

  20. This sounds like a challenge for me. Natal Saturn 24 Libra, Neptune 23 Libra on 27 Asc, squaring Venus 28 Cap in 3rd. As if I haven’t already been in some challenging energy. With Mars/NN at 13/14 Aquarius in 4th and Jupiter at 13 Taurus in 7th, the unexpected from Uranus and Saturn making their transits to those have definitely brought the unexpected in my relationship. My husband suffered a prolonged grand mal seizure in July and has lost his ability to focus or have any short term memory past 5 minutes. His MRI has shown an illuminated spot on his left temporal lobe. This has been quite challenging to say the least, especially with the repeated asking of the same question over and over. I’m doing my best and at times I just feel lost in addition to the frustration. Also to mention that Neptune is opposing my Moon. Like I need that confusion. These transits have been going on for a bit and it looks like I will be with them for a while longer. Not sure what to make of this for my future, so far my meditations are helping me but I’m a bit worried about the future and reading this did give me a big ‘gulp’ of concern with a lump in my throat. Thank you for the warning. Wish me luck!

  21. Hi Elsa,
    Pluto is turning direct but doesn’t quite retrograde back to my 24. 14 asc in cap. I will be on guard to see what comes up! After what I went thru the first time it hit my asc, I will be happy to see it pull away and trines my Jupiter !

  22. Plutonian transformations often feel like ‘death’ to those given the opportunity to transform their lives (self included!). In the throes of the pain-filled necessity of letting go of what does not work, we can remind ourselves that what meaning we give our experience is what we will experience – fear and judgements will impede gaining the opportunity to be found in the transformation. Just keep reminding yourself that letting go of what does not work is freeing – if there is not open space, there is no room for anything new to be created/receive, even if we feel that it is an emptiness invoking the primal pain of isolation and rejection. We can soften the hard lessons by reminding ourselves that we have asked to be guided to grow and connect.

  23. Pluto and Mars 24 degrees Libra, Ascendant 21 degree Libra, Saturn 16,30 Libra.

    Squaring natal Sun, Mercury and MC in Leo.

    What to expect?!?

  24. Death does come in threes. There have been a LOT of deaths of several members in families. Brothers and sisters dying in days of each other. Sons and mothers dying. T seems death is now happening in sixes and nines as well.

    I know someone who has planets at 24* of Cancer that is getting hit.

    Having five planets plus SN and Lilith ruled by Mercury. This is gonna be even more tough to handle. People and pets have been dropping like flies and I expect a lot more.

    A man we know lost his 35 year old daughter and within weeks both of his parents died. This is the kind of deaths we have started seeing.

    • I found out that the son of the lady caught in the crosshairs with 24* planets has even more planets around the 24-26* mark.

      I guess we will find out how this goes.

  25. 1982 baby here, with that lovely Pluto-Saturn-Mars stellium in Libra/VIII (+ Jupiter in Scorpio/VIII). Mercury lands in the middle of the stellium, and Pluto in Cap/XII, conjunct natal Venus. Any idea what that might look like?

  26. This Mercury Rx will conjunct my 9th house Neptune at 24 Libra, opposing my 3rd house Sun at 23 Aries, square 1st house Chiron at 28 Cap, trine my 5th house Jupiter at 22 Gemini, and textile my 7th house Pluto and Vertex at 22 Leo. Time to hide under the bed?

    • Its contacting LoTS of people’s Neptunes and Chirons as those are Both VERY slow moving planets. So don’t take it personally.

      One empowering way to look at Merc/Pluto contacts is the advice to “mind your thoughts and words.” We can’t control the news coming in, but there is more power than we realize in controlling our own mouths.

  27. I think maybe Pluto should not have been demoted and Eris should not have been promoted to planet status. She is a trouble maker. The two have been squaring off since January 2020. Figures.🤑

  28. Am I missing something? is a conjunction and square the same thing?
    Your newsletter today says 3 squares Merc/Pluto.
    one in Sept, 2nd in Oct, third Nov.
    But above you say “the third exact conjunction”.
    Is a conjunction scarier than a square?
    Thank you

    • No; I was talking about cycles (in general) and, as you point out I later was talking about squares (3 of them). These two areas are related as the basket (general cycle) is to the fruit (squares).
      My point is that a difficult cycle began in the past and the three upcoming squares seem like they are a part of that cycle.

    • A conjunction is formed when two or more planets line up exactly. When they line up, their vibrations blend and work together. Squares suggest conflict and tension are present between two planets that are in the same mode (cardinal, fixed, or mutable), and at 90 degrees from each other. Hope this helps

  29. Well I had a reading Elsa, with You Early September 2nd.
    12th House 24 degree Cap rising and 23 degree Cap Sun

    THAT evening, I Totaled my home health patient’s car.
    Got ticketed, my fault. I have PTSD now from the accident. Stressful to drive and wincing at intersections. Taking it real slow and easy. Home health client got a new car and we drive much. So I’m stressed out from regular driving and Driving so carefully…..because of the fright. Saturday I was hit in a parking lot by a teen backing out too fast. Did not damage my car. Damaged my energy field. Going to court over the accident.

    Today I got a jury summons in the mail, and a letter my dentist is firing me, but cancelled my $1500.00 bill. AND Somehow my roomates tiny dog slipped away, when I was watching out for him. He has been lost all morning. I am beside myself. And the square has not even started. Poor baby 3# poodle terrier mix.

    Geez. Do I dare leave the house? Out of town trip this coming weekend away with daughter. I have already asked her to drive.

    This morning I was speaking with Mother. She states “I need to know where you want buried, since you won’t get the gene therapy. ” She Believes I’m gonna die without it. And she warns me “Don’t forget things happen in 3’s.” About my …..2 accidents

    Well another accident or deaths? I work hospice. Last time Pluto was 24 degrees Cap in my 12th house, (January) and I wondered if I was going to die; my hospice patient died instead.

    Through pluto transiting my Capricorn 12th house, My kids, my ex and employer fired me now my dentist ? Waiting to hear if I lose my job on October 18 as I work in health care and still affected from 2019 VIRUS we shall not name. Im sure I will find out soon enough.

  30. I’m looking at these dates in my wonderful forecast that I bought from you and there are no flashing neon signs, so I’m guessing I’m not going to be pounded into the ground.

    I’ve said many times that Mercury retro is “normal” for me, since it is retro in my natal. Also Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter.

    Interesting that 22nd is also Autumnal Equinox…

  31. Could it be that the 10 days from September 22nd to October 1st may be the Internet black out it’s been said they’re planning, to wreak havoc on the 🌍World with people having no access to 💰💵money thus unable to buy food, no news, no voice or text communications, etc., given today everything is based on the internet? I wonder 🤔

    I’ll prepare for that, just in case, and on the other dates too, will look it up.

    Again, thanks for the heads up Elsa, much Gratitude for your vigilant work!

  32. I have Black Moon Lilith in Libra 8th house at 24/18, and Venus in Capricorn 12th house at 25/19. What kind of turmoil can I anticipate coming in with these placements? I am already getting nervous!

  33. So the death in threes…
    Happening to many!!
    Sudden unexpected death, serious out of the blue health complications, rapid onset cancers etc
    Well what do you expect when small circles start experiencing this…hey i just lost people around me and also know people around me given a death sentence and i also know other people experiencing this. Geezzz what is the common thread!?!!!

    • I think Pluto in Capricorn is one culprit. Pluto brings destruction and deep transformation in its wake. Saturn rules Capricorn and in the olden days it was looked upon as a bad planet. When the big conjunction hit last year it kicked off the real changes.

      There seems to be a huge amount of people getting cancer. My stepmother has lukemia, but it is like it is stationary right now. It is in her lymph nodes but the Drs aren’t doing anything about it. They say it is passive. I’ve never heard of that. Although I know of people who can’t get regular care due to the cv.

      Meanwhile the funeral homes are overrun with people that keep passing on.

      It is sad and scary all together. We have Pluto swinging the scythe and Saturn bringing terror.

      I see lives crumbling because people can’t cope with reality and turn to booze to escape. Neptune has a big hand in this.

      I keep hearing this is a great time to be alive and I find myself wondering why? Because we are seeing history being made? There sure seems to be a lot of misery and suffering now.

  34. My mars is at 22 degrees libra,my neptune at 28 libra. The 11th house.. I am already having so much ambivalence which I hate because I normally am a decisive person. I so hope nothing too harsh happens.

  35. For me this is in the 1st house to the end of the 4th house, someone was promoting the idea of paid degrees because of program that was going to help pay for eligible people who were in skilled labor or wanted to become educators.

    I had high hopes for the program because of what the promoter had said. But when I finally looked at the details, the information is mis-leading. They aren’t paying for degrees just certifications.

    I was a little sad and disappointed by it, but I guess onward and out to find another avenue.

  36. Arrghh,.. woke up and microsoft is telling me the computer is about to fail the hard drive and to back everything up. Backup everything I can.

  37. I have Uranus transiting exactly opposite my Moon & Jupiter conjunction (eldest just moved out to be nearer her work) and Pluto has just reversed back over my descendant to form a square with my 23° Scorpio Venus. Meanwhile my Capricorn never married beau was talking forever. He has a Gemini Moon but my Moon & Jupiter are tightly conjunct his IC. Given the astrological weather am I silly to hope for good things?

  38. And we’re having right now all Facebook, InstaGram and WhatsApp services down, it looks like it’s globally, that’s at least 1.5 billion people, with many of them depend on that to communicate!

    This happening 1 day 15 hours before the 💥explosive New🌑Moon in exact conjunction with ☄️Mars and wide/7° conjunction with Mercury, forming a Stellium, squaring Pluto in ☠️Capricorn with its ruler $ATUrn🪐 in ♒️Aquarius squaring Uranus in 🐮Taurus🐂♉️ with 💅Venus in mutual reception with ☄️Mars.

    Curious to see how it unfolds.

    And time to explore alternatives to Facebook as this has happened before quite a few times and it’s really bad handing over so much power to one provider only!

  39. I’ve had enough of this Mercury retrograde. Of all the things that are going on, now my car broke down. I’m so tired, I hardly have the energy and time to type.

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