Mercury Retrograde: March 22, 2018 – FRUSTRATING

Mercury will turn retrograde on March 22, 2018.  If you’re in the United States getting ready to file your taxes, check these dates for filing your tax return.

Outside of that, I expect this to be a particularly frustrating time.  This is because Mercury retrograde in Aries will be squaring Mars and Saturn throughout the entire retrograde period.  Your best bet is to adjust your expectations!

Mercury-ruled Gemini and Virgo will be particularly impacted.  People with planets in the Cardinal signs around 10 degrees with also feel the strain.

Mars in combination with Saturn can be quite cruel. Mash it with Mercury and you’ve got mental torment.

“Rejection” will also be part of this equation. If you do cut someone off, make sure you consider the consequence and keep in mind, what goes around, comes around.

As for your expectations, it doesn’t matter if you should be able to resolve something with one phone call. It may take five calls at this time and if this happens to you, you can be glad it didn’t take ten or twelve calls.

Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but it also may NOT be an exaggeration. Point is, you’re highly likely to experience delays during this period, especially in traffic and with computers and communications. So if you do get something resolved quickly, this will be your pure dumb luck!

I don’t swear on the blog so much these days but I really suggest you try not to lose your shit.  The best way to do this is control yourself.

I feel sorry for Cancer in all this as well.  Get your shell ready!
I also feel sorry for those who will be banging on Cancer’s shell, expecting this to bring them out. Yeah, right!

You get the idea. FRUSTRATION. And don’t expect things to even out quickly once the planet turns direct.  This more a case where it took awhile to make the mess; it will take awhile to resolve it.

Personally, I plan to keep my head down and use my Libra a lot.

Phrase for the next month: “No, thank you.”  Live to fight another day!

Got plans yourself?



Mercury Retrograde: March 22, 2018 – FRUSTRATING — 19 Comments

  1. Well, I cut someone off, a girl who has absolutely refused to reject me in person and when I say ‘is this appropriate’ with a work colleague (I have emails to this effect) she says everything is fine then turned round and made a complaint against me when I gave her a valentines card and flowers. Another girl made a complaint against me as well over something said on facebook.

    I assumed girls club together and deleted and blocked the clique from my facebook. This based on other small things that incline me to think that. So will I get karma for this? It seems to me a logical thing to do.

    Looking for another job clearly.

    The last mercury retrograde in December (that Jupiter is now reflecting, shadow zone on December 12th) I made all sorts of discoveries about these work colleagues. This stuff is all happening as the Sun is going over my very large 12th house (intercepted Pisces, Placidus). Mercury will go one degree over my ascendant and retrograde. Mars soon to enter tenth house and Mars has been hugely accurate in showing certain peoples behaviours.

  2. Elsa, I took your previous warning to heart. I posted my IRS paperwork several weeks ago rather than wait. I had a dream early last Sat. morning that the Return had a typo. Just for fun! I checked the paperwork? I had a typo in my SS#!!! I mailed the correction paperwork right away. You were in my thoughts.

    Cancer Native. Going into shell as suggested. Early. 😉

    • I’m going to shell, myself, lol. And I have no cancer in my chart whatsoever!!

      Right now, I am trying to figure out how to do this since I’m new at it.

      “Oops! Saw my shadow, goodbye for six weeks!”

      LOL. How does one get away with this?

  3. Yeah feels gnarly already
    Management,liars who still sign paycheck
    Million dollar question?
    What’s my next source of income?
    My corner, still has huge male ego,
    Manipulators Looking to further my education or dissolve in new book
    With the skinny; not enough money not enough food, I always save it for the boy,skinny is in right? Better than argumentative and frustrated
    I intend to vote for every woman on next vote, at this point, I think women understand “fair is fair”
    Differently than male bosses

  4. Nervous about this. Aries hubby Going in for a lung biopsy on the 23rd.His asc is in Capricorn 12th house. So many things could go wrong. Maybe it will get pushed back another month..would not be a bad thing.

  5. Well, I’m meant to be signing a yearly lease for an over priced, very small one bedroom apartment on the 26th. I’ve been staying in a ghetto motel for nearly six months, and I really need to get out of here, in order to preserve my mental and physical well-being. Suppose I will need to prepare to deal with the fallout.

  6. Oy. 22 March does not sound like fun.
    I have North Node con Vertex at 8-9 Cancer.
    I also have Pallas con Melpomene at 9 Libra (Melpomene=”Grief, loss, mourning.”)
    On that day, trSaturn is at 9 Capricorn.
    On 5 and 26 April, trMercury will zap 9 Aries. On BOTH of these dates, trSaturn will STILL be at 9 Cap.
    Okayyy… Now, where can I hide…

  7. Don´t bang on my shell!Luckily my cancersun is 25´and I have progressed Mars in Cancer around 12´so I have my protectors ready

  8. Hey gang and Elsa, I used to come on here alot circa 2010 to 2015, and whatever happened around then (I’m a Taurus Sun/Mercury with Pisces Ascendant/Mars/Moon) and I just came back on here today after a stint from 2016 to literally yesterday (it’s Friday now) at the time of mercury Rx, where I was at university and they literally excluded me study yesterday for 1 year for failing. Not the end of the world but it’s pushed back my 2010s plans into the 2020s now, who knows what thats gonna be like and I kinda wanted to be done with university by 30. But alas, those phone calls. Elsa right on the money, I was cited a handbook rule about comminication and phone calls, and apparently is the major issue at hand. What COULD have taken one phone call and meeting, is now taking 10 calls and multiple meetings, with a final caveat thrown in the meantime. The process isn’t finished, but finalities have been put in place and now it’s a process of going over the last few months, and it will probably take just as long to fix.

    I made a complete life turnaround attached to the Uranus in Aries effect from 2011, it finally came to fruition and I spent the last two years progressing. Saturn in Cap had a major hit and a load of delays and fails and setbacks built up, along with all of this other exciting stuff that kept momentum moving forward.

    Mercury Rx just put a halt on things (for 12 months exactly), and now it’s a huge backpedal to review the last 3 months and decide what happens between now and June (that ingress into Taurus eh?)

    I’m an Aries cusp, so all of that energy is building up and casting a shadow over all the BTS stuff. That’s my sprinter energy. However I’m definitely working with my 10th/11th house Cap energy because my 1st Saturn Rx is coming up soon. I’m definitely viewing 2020 as the next major hurdle, so my view is to work towards that.

    I have a few options for 2018, all of them good. However a major reversal of the big plan for 2018-2020. Not what my Taurus vibes enjoy, I was after stability for 15 years and I just got it somewhat, and now it’s being pulled back out from under.

    My keywords for 2018 were accountability and responsibility, however they aren’t effective apparently because I’ve been moving a bit fast or too slow, and missed some important issues I’m now going back to address retroactively.

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