Mercury Retrograde In Pisces: February 16, 2020: Special To Gemini & Virgo

Mercury coin niceMercury will turn retrograde tonight, at 12 degrees Pisces.  This may be a relief to some. Particularly, Mercury-ruled Gemini and Virgo.

I state this because Mercury is currently conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This messes with Gemini and Virgo, endlessly. All of the sudden, Virgo, which knows, does not know. Gemini loses direction and mental acuity.

Generally, these signs suffer with their ruler retrograde. But in this case, it may allow them to backpedal, and gain some clarity as Mercury revisits, Aquarius, briefly. This might better equip them so when their ruler turns direct and go to and through the intense fog, they’ll be able to keep their wits about them.

For everyone else, there’s an interesting discussion about this in the forum. The thread was started in January – Mercury Retrograde in Pisces February 2020. I think you’ll like it!

Normal precautions apply.  Avoid signing things if possible.  Expect delays in communication. Try to give people the benefit of the doubt and don’t believe everything you hear!

It’s not that people will mean to deceive. It’s just really easy to get it wrong at this time.  “Wait and see” and forgiveness will be the strong play over the next few weeks. Tread water, mentally!

How do you feel about Mercury retrograde in Pisces? Can you benefit from it?




Mercury Retrograde In Pisces: February 16, 2020: Special To Gemini & Virgo — 12 Comments

  1. (Gemini with Virgo in 1st here) Well, last year it was hell, especially the Mercury rx in Scorpio. I have learned to observe the rhythm of the resonances with previous years, that is good. I have Mercury in 12Gem, so going back may feel like a peculiar jolt. I’ve been having unpleasant dreams and a lot of stress.

    • Mercury 12Gem here, yes, Mercury rx in scorpio was hell. My man decided to go with other woman on a trip, they are a happy couple now. For me was a nightmare. Now Im working in forget and forgive. Im extremely depressed and without work.

  2. Having Neptune travel through your first house is no picnic either! This once quick witted Gemini is really feeling the mental and physical slowdown. I have to prune task lists and go for what is most important or productive. I used to get so much more done! I strangely have run ins with addicts, kooks and out of touch eccentrics. They slow me down too.

  3. My natal Mercury is retro and I find that retrograde feels familiar to me. I like it. I don’t seem to have the commication problems. I’m a Pisces sun too, so this is all just groovy to me?

  4. Gemini Sun in 10th, Virgo Rising, Gemini Mercury too. I feel like all I ever do lately is rethink, review, revise and question what to do next. I’m dreading an intensifying of my natural tendencies with Mercury Rx!

  5. Super mercury person as I am this mercury retrograde Pisces is a relief. Planets in fall, depending on point of view can be liberating

  6. Elsa, what if Mercury, for example is your 7th house ruler and it turns retrograde. Is this sort of like Venus retrograde transit or not? I mean should the person expect the usual retro Mercury issues PLUS relationship issues..?

  7. Normally, I am okay with the merc rx. I use it to do what I have been putting off, like car checkups, dental cleanings, haircuts, repair jobs, etc. It has been working well for me.

    I have two recalls on my vehicle that I have been putting off, putting off. This merc rx rolls in and I go to get it done. Should be perfect, re-call and all. After sitting there 3 hours this morning, the guy tells me he broke something else while fixing the thing and he can’t get the part till Monday. So I am in a rental car. I was fuming after sitting there all that time. Especially since Monday evening, his proposed pickup time, another storm is predicted. And of course, I work 30 miles from the recall place in the Pisces town. Was that it, the town is a Pisces. Then it just hit me the Merc RX is not some bad juju energy thing, I just can’t expect anybody to deliver. Peeps is off kilter. Let em rest.

    There is funk in the workplace too. One thing comes together, another falls apart.

    So what is up. Mercury rx is inching to yod with my natal mercury * Uranus. At that same point, merc rx *transiting Uranus will be yodding natal mercury. I think I am in for it.

    Uranus does have a fun side, if I can see the upside of what it annihilates. There is a lot of info filtering in, much mystery being solved. The releasing or okay, abrupt cut offs, have me visualizing the future, because obviously it ain’t gonna be the same again. Jupiter is co ruler of Pisces so I do spend some time dreaming up the future.

    Merc RX is transitting my 4th. My mother was a talker and a great story teller, but when she shows up in my dreams she does not talk. But there is always someone(s) with her. In the recent dream, it was Aunt Ev. What the eff! Why Aunt Ev. So my interaction in the dream was with Ev and it was dream whack, like it really didn’t make sense. Until a few days later, it wasn’t about Ev, it was one of the stories she told about Ev. Exact match to a bad situation I was recently released from. Entertaining. Affirming. But beneficial? I realized that the thing I was dealing with for too long is generational. I felt at that moment, that is was part of my journey to release that, stop it, do my part to cleanse the universe of that kind of behavior by no longer supporting it.

    There is ever so much more. Blah blah blah

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