Mercury Retrograde Has Been Hideous!

This Mercury retrograde period has been hell on wheels! I realize that’s an old expression but that’s how far back I have to reach to recall such a time.  No doubt, the difficulties are due to Mars and Saturn being involved.  You can’t even be pissed off!

I can’t count the things that have gone wrong but I can tell you I restarted my computer more than 100 times yesterday.  This was the only way to resolve my computer problems – try reinstalling a 2014 version of Windows 7 and messing with 179 updates!

I still don’t have cell phone service in my home, outside of wifi, which has also been troubled, recently.

This is to say nothing of the dropped calls, calls that have come in on top each other and the insane wrong conclusions and assumptions people make.

Just as as public service announcement – the odds I am doing what you think I am or feeling what you imagine I am are pretty much ZERO percent.  For Godsakes, does anyone give anyone the benefit of the doubt anymore?

But I am getting through it. And I can see people who are far, far, worse off than I am.

In some cases, this is because they lack discipline and/or the fortitude to get through something. With Mars and Saturn, these things are absolutely needed.

In other cases, a person just refuses to grow up and take responsibility for whatever their plight might be.

But in some cases it just is what it is.  For example, I was to meet a friend for lunch yesterday. She called two hours prior to let me know she was on the way to the emergency room. I know another man, just diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had two strokes; shouldn’t they have seen this thing?

And this is a weird one but you know what? I feel sorry for the growers. The people who grow the little plants that people like me buy and plunk in our gardens this time of year. Because the weather has been awful; cold and so much rain, no one can turn their garden and get anything going.  All those broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage plants, etc. left unsold.

I know this will all straighten out but jeez Louise. At this point, people who think I just lie around all day, are really getting on my nerves.

What’s up with you?


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  1. My bank account was hacked and I am still in the process of opening a new one, etc. Needless to say, my banker has been educated on Mercury Retrograde!

    • Rhonda that sucks. Hope you get through it quickly.
      My accountant filed our income taxes with an incorrect bank account number so our refund was sent back to the IRS by our bank! Mercury retro for sure.

  2. I’m still messing around. T-mobile is sending new “personal cell spot” sometime in the next few days. Windows continues to update.

    I am slogging through though. 🙂

        • Not all is lost.

          There are solutions.

          WINE is one. It stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator. Basically it allows windows programs to run natively in Linux.

          Crossover is another. This is based upon WINE, and is more user friendly.

          You can also go virtual. That is load windows into a virtual environment such as VirtualBox; more resource heavy though.

  3. I dont know why but things have been ok. Sorry its been annoying and/or difficult for people.

    Knock on wood. I even won two vip tickets to a concert the other day, although i havent picked them up yet and i know merc retro could still affect that.

  4. Glad you are physically ok Elsa, that’s important.
    Well my experience is gonna be a little skewed because it’s my Birthday Season and I am loving every minute of this Aries Sun energy?. Not too much going wrong except a lot of end of life situations (no one close to me because well almost my entire family is already gone from the Saturn in Scorpio blitz a couple of years ago). I help others though and quite naturally slide into service with these difficult situations. Aries Season rocks and I’m taking advantage of every minute! My man Mercury – well – he does have to take a back seat to Mars just for these few weeks. And in my life right now he is doing just that. Hang in there everyone just try to find the fire ? and use it.
    Aries Rising

    • Yeah, I like the Sun in Aries too. It does help a person “soldier on”. However, if you have Cardinal planets at these degrees, it really is a horror. My husband too, of course. Arrgh.

    • Double Aries here! I have to say it’s been one of the easiest Mercury retrogrades for me so far. Now I’m moving on Friday so who knows it could all hit me at once but have positive thoughts all will go well! A new beginning for me so I’m looking forward to this move. Hang in there everyone we’re almost there!

  5. My cell phone is on the fritz. I’m waiting to see if it just stops acting up after this before I take it in to get it fixed. The screen wont rotate, when I take a photo it posts it upside down and then gives me an error if I try to rotate it the right way.. I know 1st world problems.. Our Brand new 3mo old TV just blew the power board. Samsung says there is .3% chance of this happening. They ordered the new part, came to install it, and it’s the wrong part. So the repairman calls the warehouse to order the right part, the computer keeps trying to order the SAME wrong part as the default. We plugged in our OLD tv for the time being (which we replaced because the screen was all pixely with lines) and it’s working perfectly now with no screen resolution issues.. Just INSANE..

  6. Nothing major, but it’s the first time since I started school I’ve gotten a little behind. I just can’t find the right kind of motivation to get my ass in gear.

  7. I just looked into reading my horoscope with the whole house system and according to that my 3rd house is Aries. Oh my!
    Still, your advice for the Mars/Merc/Pluto energies have really helped me, thank you for that Elsa! I have kept a good and measured approach to a lot of stuff, even when Mercury fires up my batteries. Ok, well, there was this one time my temper bubled up, but hey… I am not a saint 😉

    But everything starts to make some serious sense now with this whole house thing. I have a strong fire/air energy in it, more than before. At the same time I have no planets in my 8th house which was filled up otherwise. It’s like seeing my ‘hidden’ side somehow… Saturn travels my 12th house in both though, so I guess he is asking me to review some stuff right now…. It’s funny since I have spent so much time getting to know the first horoscope so deep and intimately, and now I will either discard or build up something new with this recognition of difference in my placements.
    Saturn-Pluto conjunction in my new 9th house, hehe 😉

  8. By a failure I had no E-mail for four days. Assistance and survice was poor! Fortunately I have a subscription in a computershop in our village. There the aid came from, they helped me out.
    And this is only one story. There is misunderstanding. Miscommunication!Indeed, this retrograde Mercurius has been hideous!

    BUT it has also an advantage. I could “feel” the silence in nature (in my small but beautifull garden forinstance). It was so quiet. It was almost mystic. Actually it WAS mystic. And that is a gift of my natal Mercurius in house twelve.

    And also (strange enough) my cat stays so close to me. It is if she is watching. I don’t know what is in the air! 🙂

  9. Lately I don’t know if I’m coming or going. My schedule keeps changing, and I’m having trouble even remembering where I put my day planner sometimes!

  10. Health problems keep coming back. This is the 3rd time I have caught a nasty cold and this time, I have been throwing up heavily. This entire year has been difficult for me. Each month, I have been sick. And others around me keep getting sick too. Blah!

  11. I agree Elsa, it’s been the worst Mercury retrograde I can remember. Technical problems, electricity, lights, phones, car keys, things getting “tangled up” and tied in knots, lost, found, lost again -found then lost again! plus it feels more intense (yes Mars, right) and invading more space than I remember.

    Sometimes I wish everyone “knew” what Mercury retrograde is and what it can mean. Thanks for the vent here, people have become more demanding (Merc Aries). Aaaarrrrgggh!

  12. This Mercury retrograde has been irritating and frustrating, but after looking at what’s happened to others, I consider myself lucky. We got hit with such bad storms in March, I have a lot of downed trees that need to be cut up and hauled away. I’m not having any luck getting anyone to even call me back. Meantime, the yard looks like a bomb hit it. I definitely won’t be doing any garden planting for at least a couple of weeks. Its just too cold.

  13. Me and ST have been looking for a roommate. So far, no luck. The few people who were interested have either disappeared, changed their minds, or something came up.

  14. I lost my key fob on my morning walk at the beach, had to wait 2 hours for my husband to finish hitting a bucket of ball at the driving range before he saw my message. Oh well, at least I was in a pretty place.

  15. For me it started out with a really huge fight with a close relative who decided to get in touch after a long time. A lot of issues from the past were dug up.
    For some reason I’ve been having a lot of heart to heart conversations with a lot of long lost friends and relatives during the rx period. They’ve all been unusally intense but really fulfilling and happy conversations.
    My laptop’s dead with a lot of work I wasn’t allowed to keep a back up of. It’s a huge loss but for some reason I’m unusally chill and relaxed about it. As if, it doen’t really matter or it will get resolved somehow.

    It’s a surprising kind of hopeful peace I’ve got about it and other things.
    Could saturn amd mars conjunct my neptune have anything to do with it?

  16. What I noticed is that this Mercury retrograde is very organized?? LOL. Must be the Mercury Saturn, or something.

    • And it is certain people’s uber org that has been rubbing me the wrong way occasionally during this rx. Am gonna see what happens when this transit passes before I address it for it just might go away.

  17. R Merc is transiting my 6th H, and so far nothing to complain about (knock on wood).
    I’m planning to buy a computer for where I live (only have one at work), but I’m very patiently waiting until after the retro. Gotta get an internet connection too, don’t even gave TV, just a landline phone. I hate all the stuff that produces electromagnetic waves, but am surrounded by 24 appartments that are gorged with wifi (& +/- 20 connected gas meters). Getting fried by the waves, I think.
    But I assume electromagnetic is more Uranus than Mercury????
    (Thinking Jilly might know, being a CB person.)

    • Although thinking about it, the elctricity fuse box needed to be complately replaced along withthe wiring. Its been waiting to be done since January when I discovered the fuse for the shower was burning out. Didnt know at the time it was a wiring problem. The landlord had been looking for someone to come around since then, and even though it was promised that an electrician would appear, none turned up, until about three weeks ago when the landlord bumped into one, who then promptly came around and looked at the situation. This Monday he reappeared and did the job. It was very cold standing under a shower thats on half settings, that cannot heat the water up properly, in a freezing room, in the coldest winter we have had arouund here for a while.

  18. I thought this was relatively easy for me too. But. We now have rats and have to have them destroyed. It’s very distressing. All the advice is to make your garden wildlife friendly. You try your best to get the little creatures and birds through the awful wet and snow winter. Then you find that you now have to undo the pond, undo the greenery, the composter. And let the authorities put poison down. This is hateful. I feel really dreadful and sad. Just like the song by Mark Linkous ‘It’s a cruel world for little things’.

    • This is indeed very sad. It is true that rats are not good for the health, they bring about disease. This is little comfort for the situation.

  19. I really like the Martian energy because I got a kicked back mars rx in pisces. So I do like it but it is wearing me out. I cannot go fast enough to get everything done. I am non stop and I cannot stop. So yeah I like aries energy but only for so long.

  20. There is a school across the street from us. 4 times a day there are people picking up and dropping off. And, this isn’t a great neighborhood.

    I was trying to get out of my driveway to make an appointment. I TAPPED another car. NO damage …not even a tiny dot on mine and none on his either…..

    UNTIL he decided to call the police and claim PRIOR damage he had …..


    Everybody is looking for SOMETHING FOR NOTHING.

    I had to come into contact with a total scum bag 🙁 The fun never ends

    • The Adjuster will see it is old damage. It wont go far. Just make sure you tell your company its old damage so they are aware and will put an experienced Adjuster on it.
      LOL people are SO funny! Like…the adjuster looking at about a 5 cars a day wont be able to figure THAT out.

  21. The apartment reminded everyone of the renters’ insurance policy (all tenants are required to have it per the lease agreement). I’m actually thankful for the reminder, cause I remembered, whoops! I changed insurance companies this year. So now I have to show them my new policy and see if it needs any tweaks.
    I also got a notice from one of my employers that they need my CNA certification. A few months I sent it to them and they lost it. Either that or I got the card and never faxed them a copy. Either way, another thing I have to fix. Yay!
    Seems like I’m having to revisit a lot of stuff, including my day planner–cause my brain feels like cotton right about now.

  22. Saturn is on my Mercury and Venus. Focusing, meditation, and feeling like ? now (not a bad thing).

    That’s today, anyway…

  23. My laptop is sick. Just got back from my tech guy and he mentioned rashes of windows based computers being affected lately…mostly during windows updates. I was watching an online video, and bamm *recovery blue screen.* He told me crazy stories of encryption issues and in order to decrypt, costing one guy 12 grand. He said mostly from Russia and China. Hmm, maybe MacBook pro is in order. ?? Good luck everyone!

  24. I did not got affected that much by this retro grade. And I did travel for a weeks holiday to Turkey when the retro begun. No delays with flights tickets or during my stay there with trans and busses etc. Mercury was going through my 8th house over my venus-jupiter-n.node.

    It was only when I was in Sweden and last week, constantly delayed trains with ”signal issues”.

    But overall it has been a very painless period for me. Thank God!

    It can be because I’m virgo asc! I have noticed I get affected both by external things and with brain fog, when the retro is in mutual signs and in virgo.

    In fixed signs, not much.

  25. Yup. Virgo here suffering. Mostly misunderstandings. Its SO absurd what goes on in a Mercury retrograde with us Virgos, I end up shaking my head and laughing about it. Nothing else you CAN do.

  26. Almost got evicted, thankfully the apartment manager understands my plight. My ex still hasn’t paid the child support for April & is currently blaming ME for him having to worker “harder” in order to come up with the funds. *sigh* The desire to smack my head against a wall is overwhelming at this point.

  27. Yes Retro Mercury backtracked from 4th house to 3rd so miscommunication was rampant for a few days. Mercury rules my 6th & 9th house…keeping fingers crossed to get clearer sense of direction after mercury stations direct. Also New moon in Aries is going to affect decision-making

  28. Agree with Saturn on my birth and having Mercury & Menus in Aries also so 1st house mostly this time and some 2nd.
    At lease today last full day tho; Ending tomorrow 9:21 am ut so 4:21 am EST glad it’s happening before new moon not after hopefully that makes some positive difference

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