Mercury in Aries vs Mercury in Libra With Mars Involved: Talking About Shrapnel In Hands

shrapnel-full-sm.JPGMercury rules the hands among other things, and Mars rules metal, sharp objects, burns etc. Anyone who has Mercury in aspect to Mars is most likely going to have stuff going on with their hands. For example my hand was so badly burned one time, there was a threat of amputation.

The soldier has shrapnel in his hands and the other day I turned his hand over and saw a prominent black line, like a large dark splinter across the surface of his palm. “What is that? Did you get some sort of splinter?”

“No, that’s shrapnel. It moves around.”

“Jeez,” I said, peering at it closely as it was pushing up against the skin. If definitely looked as if you could take a needle and pick up out like a splinter. “Let’s get it out,” I said. (I have a freedom loving Mars mercury in the 9th)

“Let’s leave it in,” he said (He has Saturn in aspect to his Mars Mercury).

“But it wants out,” I said. The thing was straining up from under his skin. “Let me out of here,” it cries.

“It’s not getting out,” he said.

“Well it’s your body.”

Later he explained he has tried digging the pieces out when they get real close to the skin like this with poor results. Apparently what looks like a clean edge is actually attacked to a large jagged piece and what do you get? Bloody hand (also Mars Mercury). In whatever case, I just think it’s interesting how the astrology is always there…

Any other Mars Mercury folk have hand stories?

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Mercury in Aries vs Mercury in Libra With Mars Involved: Talking About Shrapnel In Hands — 25 Comments

  1. Huh, that’s strange. I didn’t look really closely at the picture – I thought it was art or jewelery or something, but I guess it’s shrapnel. What is the significance of the one that is circled, Elsa?

  2. Oh that worries me a little, maybe worth googling if that stuff can go toxic or infective. It might need surgery, but certainly not of the home made variety. I know there’s lots involved like money and loss of time and anesthesia, and yes it is his body, and Elsa, I admire your ability to just let it go. I’m afraid that I might be the type to harp.

  3. Im a clarinetist (I guess you could say instrumentalist because I play more than one) my hands are uber small & always wrecked. Banged, bumped, calloused, I ran a serrated knife into the fatty part near the wrist (on the pinkie side) once. I have Mercury square Mars in the 6th/Scorpio (as well as opposition Saturn, conjunct my sun, Opp. AC, – my Mars is even more heavily aspected)Mercury is pretty close to the 7th so places like astro give me Mercury in the 7th too.

  4. Mars in Virgo in the tenth squaring Mercury in Gemini in the 7th. Saturn completes the t-square in Pisces in the 4th. I have HUGE issues with my hands and arms. Chronic tendonitis, weird nerve pain issues due to neck injuries from car accidents, scars from being bitten by dogs and chewed cuticles because I like my nails but tend to be a bit fidgety. I’m a dog groomer and my hands have to work really hard.

    No shrapnel though. 🙂

  5. I know someone with Mars in the 12th sextile Mercury in the 2nd and he’s a piano player. Trines his MC and Uranus.

  6. my hands routinely look as though they’ve been put in a meat grinder…I pick at them incessantly when I am stressed (and sometimes a little even when I’m not stressed)…just yesterday I ripped off the free edges of three fingernails down into the nail bed *sigh* god help me when I use my cuticle nippers instead – talk about blood!! and never mind how many times I’ve burned, cut, or sliced open my hands/fingers in the kitchen…Mars in Gemini/Mercury in Aries here 😛

  7. Lots of scars on my hands (probably more than 5), and excema at least twice a year – but – my Mercury is not in aspect to my Mars.

  8. most of my scars are on my knuckles. i’ve got uranus and saturn in contact with my mercury.
    i almost sliced off the tip of my finger once, too.

  9. Dan – Good question – I’ll ask (when he wakes up). I do know he’s had surgery, they’ve taken out quite a bit but can’t do anything about what’s left. He’s got it all over his body – legs, back, arms, hand.

    His son has it in his ass… sets of metal detectors in the airport.:(

  10. Wow! We owe a debt of thanks to those who have literally used their bodies to defend us! Thank you to the Soldier for what you did and the sacrifices you made to do it.

    I have Mars in 11th house, Mercury in 10th. I don’t know what that means particularly, but my hands carry scars from childhood on, one faded one on a knuckle I cut popping a big farm boy in the mouth who was being racist.

    Also, my people have a saying that when you cut the palm of your hand you will take a trip, and it’s always come true for me, even when it’s just a paper cut on a fingertip. If it’s on the palm, I start packing a bag.

  11. My SO has Mars/Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius (6th House). He once worked as a roofer and had hot tar poured directly down into his gloves in error…OUCH! His hands recovered quite well, though, they are evenly scarred and so they are smooth and paler tan his arms.
    He’s also a Gemini ASC and so needs those hands to ‘talk.’

  12. Oh & I cut my finger (on a large metal knife) last night getting the kids a slice of icecream (birthday) cake. Didnt even realize I had cut it until later that evening when I saw it. First thing I thought was “Mars” rofl!

  13. I don’t have a Mars Merc link, but I have burned the back of my hand on a grill, 2nd degree inches from each other but 36 years apart. I could barely see the scar from the burn when I was a kid, when I did it again. Both times trying to save something, 1st time a child’s leg, second time my house. I guess I’m good until I’m 81.

  14. Reading this makes my knees go wobbly. Yeah, I don’t think I could bear to see that wedged in there… the urge to dig it out of my man would probably keep me awake at night.

  15. Third house 28 degrees Virgo Mars trine six house Cap Merc. Have had some trauma to hands as a child and chronic eczema as a young adult treated with diprolene(strong steroid) ointment. Discovered that using high quality hair conditioner with stearalkonium chloride(ie: Nexxus)prevents that entirely. Recently, I have been getting carpal tunnel syndrome whenever I mow the lawn that lasts about ten days. However, nothing ever anywhere near schratnel…

  16. One time years ago at work I was itching at a small crescent moon shaped scar on my thumb and a very small piece of glass came out – that had been in there for 12 years! Is 12 years a Jupiter cycle? I have Merc/Sag.

    (Mars in 12 sextile Merc on the MC)

  17. I’ve got Mercury conjunct Mars in Pisces. I too burned both my hands severely when I was a teen. I also can’t seem to cook a meal without burning myself, even though I try to be cautious. I’ve bit my nails all my life and broken my wrist and a finger. Just lately I’ve been noticing symptoms that I believe is carpal tunnel in my left wrist, so have been trying to adjust my typing position to avoid it getting serious. One other thing is that my hands are very sensitive- especially when I touch antiques or very old pictures, they seem to ‘feel’ the energy from the past.

  18. I’ve got Merc conj. Mars in Pisces. I like to give back rubs, massages, or just touch people. That’s where I get most of my “intuitive” information about what’s going on inside of someone.

    OMG!!!! I never realized that was why I wanted to touch people..Thanks Elsa! *wide-eyed revelation*

  19. Mercury in Scorpio, Mars in the third house: my hands are all banged up from having my fingers broken. I too, had shrapnel in my hand from a misfiring gun when I was a kid but that was lead and it all dissolved over time.

    Most of the damage has been done a long time ago, and these days I don’t get so many scars.

    [‘And my hands still work.’]

  20. I am super lucky. Mars is sextile Mercury, and I have these long, nimble fingers that have served me so well in music. I can play Chopin and Gershwin tunes on piano without reaching, 10ths and 11ths, sometimes 12ths, that most females can’t. My short-lived clarinet stint was similarly blessed.

    When I’ve been injured, which is too many times to count, my hands have always been spared. I thank God for that, because I really do live life through my hands, in whatever capacity, and like perfect eyesight, I really feel that the capacity for the ability to use the hands unencumbered by pain is a basic human right. If someone doesn’t see well or have full use of their hands, I feel it as a tragic deprivation and feel unfairly favored.

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