Mercury for Dream Transformation

dragonfly barbed wireEarly Monday morning I had a dream.  I had a hedger in my hands and I was going around to all the neighborhood lots and asking the owners if I could trim their xylosma plants.  I went from this to buttoning up my long-sleeve green shirt.  As I was walking, I noticed a black and red dragonfly off in the distance sitting on a sandy barren side of a road. It was motionless and beautiful.  Vibrant.

As I awoke, I went over the dream in my head.   Bushes un-trimmed are a sign of secrecy.  Trimming them is the acceptance of restrictions.  Buttoning my shirt is, essentially, closing myself off.  The red and black dragonfly is a symbol for transformation.

Saturn conjuncted my Sun about a month ago and in a few weeks it will conjunct my Asc.  Transiting Mercury went into Scorpio on Monday morning.  Scorpio is my 12th house cusp.  So, you can see how this dream ties into the astrological events.  Saturn in Sagittarius for the acceptance.  Mercury in Scorpio for the secrecy and closing myself off.  And, the subsequent transformation for the readiness of Saturn going into my 1st house as communicated by Mercury in natural Neptune abode.

My question to you is, have you ever had dreams that you could affix astrological explanation?  What were they and was the outcome favorable or did it cause some adjustment?  Pain?



Mercury for Dream Transformation — 8 Comments

  1. I love that dream: feeling the need to be useful by trimming down the excess. Finding beauty in simplicity, strength of solitude, and peace and power through a sense of vulnerability.

    Last night I dreamt that I went on a trip in an RV that I owned with a strange guy I’ve never met. I transferred his turquoise hair dye into my own hair. I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but I worked with it. Then we were going to go to some sort of amusement park. Lol *shrugs*

  2. Elsa, I wouldn’t call it a dream associated with astrology, exactly. But when the moon transits my Neptune in Scorpio, I have ‘otherworld’ visitors – and they are not the helpful type, if you know what I mean. Now I pay attention to when the moon is going to transit my Neptune, and I prepare/protect in advance. Thank god for astrology! Understanding my natal chart and the transits has helped me tremendously in practical and metaphysical ways. Thanks for your awesome work.

  3. This is my favorite type of communion with my higher self through my dreams understanding clearly things that get muttled in my conscious awake mind. I have never actually tracked this type of messsge dream with astrological aspects as it for me is all part of an intergrated whole. However it is an interesting concept I think I will explore as understanding the parts gives greater understanding of the whole. Cool concept Chad. I also really like the picture of the dragonfly balanced on the barb of the barbbed wire.

  4. I was going to post this in the forum and then I saw your post here, Chad, about dreams. I’m not sure what, if any, astrological association this has but an element of my dream last night has me confounded– there were two big “trucks” going by me down an unplowed snowy road. I was on a wooded hillside. The road had probably 6 feet of snow. The trucks did not have wheels but mechanical legs. The second vehicle got stuck. They were very large, like construction dump truck size. One of them had a trailer with what I assume were skis as it dragged behind the vehicle without legs or wheels. Any idea how I would even begin to interpret that? Then I can try to apply astrology and see what my subconscious is trying to tell me. Thanks 🙂

  5. Chad, loved your dream (and foto of dragonfly on barbwire with mystical background..from whence it came..where it will go..). I feel the dreamer is the best one to interpret their own dreams, but admit I did “borrow” your dream for a moment though, pretending that I dreamed it: the neighborhood as the astrological wheel, the lots (houses) were astrological houses. I wondered if there was interaction (aspects?) w/the people who lived there, what “costume” were they wearing, and so felt an astrological association, and even neighborhood association thing! -it’s a good neighbor who goes out to make an effort for the collective good- (works both ways, as in ‘One for all, and All for one’!) A dream I had years ago: I was in a museum that felt like a cathedral, there were 12 older, wiser men in robes leaving a long table where they had just sat in quiet conference. They gathered around a fireplace with bas-relief sculptures that slowly rotated. I was in awe, and said to them, “Oh, I wish I had something like this!” They said to me, “You do,and you have this at home.” I said yes, I had a fireplace but not with all the artifacts. Again, they said,”Yes you do. You need to look, go home and look.” Few days later I told an astrologer friend about the dream, she pointed out a symbol in it. That was the piece I needed: it deepened the meaning, taking it to the heights. I will never forget that dream, it’s with me everyday, and enhanced my Spiritual connection.

  6. I have never thought about the current astrology when it comes to my dreams. I will try to notice going forward. I usually just try to figure out what problem I was trying to solve with the story in the dream.

  7. Ahh, yes! I also have an early Sag rising. This past week, I had a pretty scary dream. I haven’t been able to decipher it exactly, but it was very 12th house Scorpion-like. It wasn’t poetic like yours, haha.

    It started off that I was in a “club” with my friend, though it didn’t resemble a club. I noticed I was in a onesie pajama outfit. Embarrassed, I also realized I’d drove my car into the club. I went to go move it and to get a new change of clothing, only to find the other outfit was also a onesie pajama outfit and I’d left my car somewhere inappropriate again. The whole time, I felt drunk and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t in control of my body…almost like I knew I was sleeping. The dream shifted to me being in bed with my boyfriend. He was spooning me tightly and I realized he was having a wet dream. I wasn’t happy about this, and woke him up in the dream. Not to be graphic, but his semen was all over my hand. I was hurt that he’d dream about another woman sexually. We get into the bathroom and he tells me he has an assignment for me and asks if I’ve ever used a knife or blade before. I say “no.” His voice alters and he goes, “Well, that is your assignment.” The medicine cabinet mirror shuts and his head is deformed and full of purple/black bruises, all while he’s smiling in a psychopathic way. I walk back into the bedroom and he’s already lying down. I sit on the bed, feeling terribly wrong. I look over and just before I could open my mouth, he loudly snaps at me in a dark/demonic voice, saying, “GO THE FUCK HOME!”

    Needless to say, I woke up with my heart racing. It was a nightmare. I almost woke up my boyfriend, who in real life was lying beside me, but I didn’t, lol.

  8. I guess I should add, I do have Venus/Pluto in Scorpio (12th.) It was a pretty raw and scary version I did not like.

    I know they say cars in dreams tend to represent your direction in life since they get you literally from point A to B. The car is obviously pretty Mercurial. The fact both the car’s location and clothing switch didn’t really change, you’d think the dream was telling me I’ve been in the same situation before…like the illusion of change.

    As for the scary and raw part of the dream, I have no clue.

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