Mercury Direct: May 14, 2023 – Finance, Timing, Shocks

mercury_hermesMercury will turn direct at five degrees Taurus, in the evening on Sunday, May 14th. This may be more notable that usual due to the square aspect from Pluto, stationing retrograde at 0 degrees.

It makes me think we’ll see affects on Monday morning, when the days news hits.

Note that Mercury is also conjunct Jupiter at 29 Aries. If nothing else, I see this as the start of the countdown to the Jupiter Pluto square, three days later.

Many expect that square to be particularly impactful, in part because it aspects the Pluto in the chart of the United States.

Jupiter Square Pluto: May 17, 2023 – Worldwide Upheaval

may 2023 stellium in TaurusOnce direct, Mercury will head towards Uranus in the Taurus. The conjunction won’t take place until the first week of June, but this is probably worth paying attention to, as far as timing (Mercury) financial (Taurus) shocks (Uranus).

The picture shows the sky on May 17th, when Jupiter and Pluto square off. There is a new moon in Taurus the next day.

It would be quite a surprise if we woke up to digital currency. Hey! It’s possible.

Note the large stellium in Taurus. I think it’s extra emphasized, just because there have been no large stelliums for months which is also unusual.

That’s all I’ve got. How do you like this merry, merry, month of May?


Mercury Direct: May 14, 2023 – Finance, Timing, Shocks — 9 Comments

  1. My relative is enlisting into the Armed Forces, he signed a three year contract. I told him honestly, if he likes it, he should stay, I dont know if theres anything to come back to “civilian life” Our state has just raised property taxes by 40 percent . So many elderly on fixed incomes are going to lose their home. Car thefts are thru the roof cause its only now a misdemeanor. Shoplifting is rarely punished as well so thieves are moving onto shopping cart fulls of loot and rolling out with it. Small businesses are shutting down left and right. Everyone I know are barely making it financially. Its been horrible past few years and getting worse.

      • It does sound like it but this is going on in many large cities across the nation.

        In California there is Prop. 13 which limits property tax rates to 1% of a property’s assessed value and restricts annual increases in assessed value to a maximum of 2%, unless the property is sold or undergoes significant improvements. This year show no changes other than adding a tax to fund public schools.

        At any rate we are showing signs of the breakdown of civilization. Whether it happens fast or slow, the signs are there:

  2. One thing I keep thinking about is that the 4/20 eclipse (during which time, no giant global, nor national drama happened–surprise!) will be triggered by Jupiter that week. Maybe things will really shake awake! Hope it’s not too intense.

    The 5/5 eclipse will be triggered in September, as Jupiter stations right on that point.

    Thoughts? I”d be interested, Elsa, to hear your take, as well as others;

    • I don’t think that nothing happened. Pluto is involved here; the machinations are taking place, beneath the surface, in the dark.

  3. Taurus is the 3rd house in my chart, so I guess it will hit some Mercury-stuff.

    Either way, it will transform something for me in my life, related to values, possessions or Mercury -stuff. My thinking perhaps, my style of communication, my thought patterns, and perhaps my sister.
    She and I both deal with mental and emotional challenges, so it would probably affect both of us.

    Also, could be something related to the neighborhood or other.

    My bf and I are starting couples therapy Monday, so I am actually pretty excited about the timing of these coming aspects. My Bf has Taurus in his 4th and 5th house, so it will definitely hit his emotions and perhaps our sexy-time LOL 😛

    He and I both have our moons in Libra, so Taurus (Venus), all those relationship-matters will quite sure be up in conversation for better or worse. With Pluto in the mix though, it won’t be pretty in the beginning, while the dead mucus will be revealed!

    I couldn’t imagine a better time to start our therapy sessions actually. It seems the timing will definitely have a “May The Force Be With You” vibe 😉

    • Oh, and both of our Chironss are in Taurus as well. Of course. Challenges in conversations and huge potential for healing through communication with the 5 senses and words for sure (if Jupiter-Pluto don’t blows things up before we get to it, that is….

      Good thing our Chirons are at 15/25 degrees and not at the beginning of Taurus…)

  4. Many expect that square to be particularly impactful, in part because it aspects the Pluto in the chart of the United States…

    – while USA Pluto return unfurls, complete next Nov 9, ’24

  5. whoa. that night i’m going to see for the first time a band -the music that kept me alive through my twenties and thirties- that i have wanted to see for ~25 years. they haven’t played anywhere near me for 15 years.

    i had stuff happen on 4/20.

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