Mercury Direct: December 6, 2018 – Unnerving

Scorpio mercuryMercury will turn direct in Scorpio on December 6th. This will be a giant relief, especially for anyone with planets in Gemini or Virgo.

Don’t be surprised if you have deep insights with Mercury stationing in Scorpio. You may get disturbing news as well.  There’s nothing than can be done about this.  Sometimes things trickle up or trickle in. They’re unnerving. You may feel you need a shower, or a good long cry!

There is an upside here, though.  Mercury will will ingress into Sagittarius pretty quickly. On December 12th, to be specific. Further, it will be applying to conjunct Jupiter in the sign. Whatever comes to you around the 6th; by mid-month, you’ll most likely have a way of viewing it that expands you.

I don’t think this is the greatest thing to deal with, heading into Christmas.  However, this Mercury retrograde period has been rough (already). The idea of moving on does have appeal!

How do you feel about Mercury turning direct?

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Mercury Direct: December 6, 2018 – Unnerving — 24 Comments

  1. Already feeling it. miscommunications causing some real problems with my husbands care which also impacts our finances big time. All I wanted to do is cry yesterday but couldn’t. So difficult trying to manage something I really have no control over. Argh….!!!

  2. Rx Mercury will be exactly stationed on my Scorpio-ruled MC when it turns direct on December 7th. My boyfriend and I had some difficult discussions, the weekend of October 29 – 30, when Tr Mercury crossed my MC. In the end it was helpful because we aired (MC – “made public”) a lot of painful (Scorpio – hidden) issues we had never discussed (Mercury) before.

  3. I am struggling endlessly with my exams, in subjects I love and feel I have good grasp of. I am not a drinker , but I’ve actctually needed a beer to concentrate, the wires in my brain are too tense. By the 6th however all my exams are over 😑

  4. It sounds wonderful! Moon and Mars in Gemini. Also the feel of mercury in Scorpio sits well with me at the moment. I’ve been feeling unnerved for quite a while now. Example: one of my students died. Suddenly. She was 43 and a colleage bluntly mentioned it to me. I teach people from all over the globe as an second language teacher. The course she followed had just finished and the government will not give out any information, just a date of the day she died.

  5. I have been crying over mid communication for two weeks now. Not sure it will ever resolve itself and moving on looks the only option at this time. Maybe will feel differently when Merc goes direct. My merc IS in Sag sonit’s A possibility, though I also have Saturn in Sag so more lessons could be ahead.

  6. Yesterday I was too depressed even to cry, though it would have helped if I could’ve.
    Maybe because that lovely trio of planets in Sag square my Mercury (and sextile my Neptune).
    Or more likely because tr Saturn is opposing my Node and Vertex in 8 and it seems he’s been doing that for ages and I wish it would END already!
    And tr Pluto has been opposing my Saturn in 8 and that’s been going on for ever and will be happening for another “ever”.

  7. Perhaps crying a natural progression, as the seasons change, our thoughts and growth progress,change as we review,just as the leaves fall and strip trees bare,left to be viewed against a serious sky of rolling powerful clouds ,so do we feel naked ,vulnerable ,stripped and surrounded by seriou grey thoughts ,prepare yourself
    You are unique, strong and are here ready for the physical challenge of winter,it is when she weeds us out,
    Show her your strong side and find that scarf

  8. Lovely words, Raerae. They made me think…
    I live in the south of the world. It’s summer here. It’s HOT.
    But there’s a feeling of the dying of the year so your words fit.
    And in one month the New Year will be born… everywhere and for everyone.

  9. Interesting unfolding of events, as I knew there’d be hiccups during our move with mercury retrograde. Unnerving is right, with movers trading off our precious belongings until a truck to our area becomes available. I DID think of waiting it out until the direct motion, but we couldn’t have coordinated with new landlords because of holidays…, at least KNOWING to expect the unexpected can bolster ones nerves to brace for the impact. Or surrender…that’s better. Along with a few saltwater baths to clear the dross–works wonders! Highly recommended to release tension. Tip from this double water sign (Scorpio/Cancer): stay in the tub as water drains, along with all the “stuff” you’ve accumulated. Magical process.

    • So, following up: what could be truer to this Mercurial phenomena? The floodgates that held back all that was overdue broke and energy just poured yesterday, as Mercury stationed direct. Normally that direct stationing is a yawn, a sleepy wake-up which takes a few days to kick in, yet this one was hyper-caffeinated! Our worldly belongings were finally delivered (a week late) AND we got the call that the 3rd offer on our dream house, in the works since August, was accepted! I think the aspects of moving to Italy– smack onto my Mars line which is semi-sextile my Mercury exactly today, plus progressed Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn in my 4th house trining Mars….voilà. Couldn’t be more succinctly exemplary! Lovely Venus transiting my 2nd house doesn’t hurt, either, as my decorating purchases and nesting instincts are aroused.

  10. My counterpart at work was fired today (12/6). I went to lunch, came back, and he was gone. Worked with the guy two and a half years. I’m shocked but I suppose I can see how his firing could “expand” me. I’m not happy about it but I can’t deny that it presents an opportunity of sorts. It just feels kind of cruel and exploitative to see his misfortune as expansive for myself. I’m a Virgo. I guess with Mercury going direct things may clear up a bit? Sigh.

  11. Today ST’s dad put up a post on Facebook with ALL of his photos (baby pics, up to recent ones of us) and tagged us both. It was an emotional post. It was unnerving for me to see and read.

  12.  “You may get disturbing news as well.  There’s nothing than can be done about this.  Sometimes things trickle up or trickle in. They’re unnerving. You may feel you need a shower, or a good long cry!”

    Today I got some news that cut me deeply and I cried! How did you know this!?

    Whatever comes to you around the 6th; by mid-month, you’ll most likely have a way of viewing it that expands you.

    I hope so, I am starting to see it already

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