Mercury Direct: December 6, 2018 – Unnerving

Scorpio mercuryMercury will turn direct in Scorpio on December 6th. This will be a giant relief, especially for anyone with planets in Gemini or Virgo.

Don’t be surprised if you have deep insights with Mercury stationing in Scorpio. You may get disturbing news as well.  There’s nothing than can be done about this.  Sometimes things trickle up or trickle in. They’re unnerving. You may feel you need a shower, or a good long cry!

There is an upside here, though.  Mercury will will ingress into Sagittarius pretty quickly. On December 12th, to be specific. Further, it will be applying to conjunct Jupiter in the sign. Whatever comes to you around the 6th; by mid-month, you’ll most likely have a way of viewing it that expands you.

I don’t think this is the greatest thing to deal with, heading into Christmas.  However, this Mercury retrograde period has been rough (already). The idea of moving on does have appeal!

How do you feel about Mercury turning direct?

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