Mercury Direct: December 23, 2017 – God Writes Straight With Crooked Lines

Mercury will turn direct in Sagittarius very early in the morning on December 23rd.  This will be a relief for Gemini and Virgo. 

Sagittarius should benefit as well as the sign favors straight up communication. However, the Spanish proverb, “God writes straight with crooked lines”, comes to mind.  If you’ve had a hard time with this retrograde period, this perspective may help.

However it plays I don’t expect a lot of complaints with this.  Mercury in Sagittarius may be loud and even overbearing but it’s generally upbeat and honest. I see this as a relief and respite from our world today where “shadow banning” is a thing.

It’s worth noting, Mercury is square Neptune in Pisces. As the planet pulls away; chances are, “the truth will out”.  This doesn’t mean a person will believe it! But someone out there is going to be telling the truth.

Not that it can’t go too far! See, Truth Telling Sagittarius – God Help Us! (Funny, but has swearing)

Are you looking forward to Mercury’s direct motion?


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Mercury Direct: December 23, 2017 – God Writes Straight With Crooked Lines — 3 Comments

  1. Yes! I know I am!

    It affects my third, fourth and fifth house as well, as it’s opposite Gemini. Don’t tell me that energy can’t be felt at some level. 😉

    Also, I’ve really learned how to be patient with Merc rx. I was going to buy a watch in December but decided against it – the thing would probably experience fallouts or not ptoper building quality. Also, as I am in no hurry, I have better be waiting to the January sales to shop for a new watch anyway. 😉

    Other people are experiencing a lot of trouble and I am SO tempted to tell them why but I smile to myself and am grateful I know asteology.

  2. Lol – Appreciated! 🙂

    I’m kinda counting on some deep truth and Honest by Friday or the weekend I can tell ya! I prefer the truth no matter how bad it might be! Being one shrewd physic Gemini – I kinda know what it is already… but it would still be nice to hear it! 😉

    Cheers – Shane

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