Mercury Conjunct Uranus – Your Brilliant Idea

In spite of Mercury being retrograde, I really like this situation with Mercury in Aries conjunct Uranus, trining Saturn. I wrote about the odds of your having a great idea (Mercury Direct). I’m wondering it this has happened.

I’m pretty sure I got my great idea this morning. I think this because it came in a flash as I was doing something else.  That’s Uranus for you. The idea (Mercury) was unexpected (Uranus).

I was also immediately aware, if I did not act on it right away; jot the idea down or something, it would leave me. I react like this because I’m a seasoned astrologer. I know that Uranian things come and go as fast as you can turn a light switch on and off.

I’m writing this so you know, first, you really are likely to have a brilliant idea at some point in the next two weeks. But secondly, you should do something to mark it because these things come in flashes; like lightning strikes. You’ve got to nail down your idea like snapping a picture of something that exists in the moment.

Have you had your mental flash, yet? What was it?

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Mercury Conjunct Uranus – Your Brilliant Idea — 19 Comments

  1. I had a few good ideas lately, I’m working on one right now. But what I really noticed in last couple of days is materializing thoughts, synchronicities. I think about something, (just flashes through my mind) and it appears. it happened to me before,but not this often.

  2. I certainly had a flash, a few flashes, insights and acted on them.. . . only to make a stupid mistake and now the brillant flashes are being used to get me out of a painful, untruth! The pain of my mistake is raw and I’m on edge, beating myself up. But there’s a way out, I think the brilliant insight has made me chronically aware I have been living an untruth for too long. I guess learning about your own stupidity (blindness)in a painful way is also brilliant! Thanks Uranus for the shocking truth, the unmistakeable revelation – now there’s only one way to go. I’m grateful for knowing that, at the core. (Pluto also happens to be almost conjunct my natal mercury!)

  3. Yes, in the last week, I’ve had some really great ideas. I was surprised because I didn’t think I had any great or original ideas, but turns out I do! I wrote all of them down. How active my mind has been on coming up with ideas is in direct contrast to being afraid a few years ago that I’ll run out of them, although I had at least a year’s worth. I have so many ideas I want to write about them instead of writing about things that don’t interest me. I’ll be different! Hurray for liberating one’s mind!

  4. When the Aries Moon transited the Mercury Rx/Uranus conjunction in my 2H on Wednesday, within hours I quickly resolved a frustrating home redecorating issue that had been dogging me for weeks.

  5. Yasssss! I had lightning surge of creativity yesterday and discovered a hidden talent! Uranus was exact conjunct Mercury–both 2 degrees off my MC in the 9th. I’m excited to explore this further. Never in a million years saw myself doing it. That’s the power of Uranus. ?

  6. This is something we have an opportunity to do every year and I’ve never known about it and missed it. This year if I study, prepare and pass my 2nd exam I’ll know if this is the idea that had come.

  7. Being organizing where I live with something called the Konmari process, making you tune into what makes you happy (so I’m a “sheep”, but I was curious about its results). A lot of things I held onto because of guilt, and pressure from other people. A major flash has been how I have the love instead for developing a children’s story, (and teach children, toddlers for a few years, as long as I can, while I write) because the moment I recently held a stack of children’s picture books, I smiled.

    I have been living in a personal hell for several months. Homework and work to CYA to prove and prove and prove myself, for acceptance by an authority figure, does not make me happy. Stories do. It was a breath of fresh air to read them. It may fail, but I have that desire within to make it happen. I miss making things, and I don’t want to feel guilty anymore. I will be responsible for whatever I take on yes, but I will also be responsible to myself so I don’t die here, regretting not creating something for the joy of it.

  8. Mercury conjunct Uranus can also be erratic (Uranus) driving (Mercury). I like the positive vibe of this writing more though, LOL.

  9. No brilliant idea yet. Usually I have a lot of ideas, but not during the last time (months). Rather difficulties to grasp previous insights. But if I have still two weeks, then I still have hope. I hope that it will have something to do with Uranus trine my MC.

      • Oops, I can’t even count under Mercury conjunct Uranus. Counted ten degrees to few. Additionally to being pointless. It’s very unlikely that Mercury conjunct Uranus will give me any brilliant idea or insight.

  10. I did have my flash! I was vacuuming (!!) and than suddenly a flow going (my Sun and Asc.
    are Virgo and Aquarius is on house 6). I saw the patterns of relationships in my life in a new light. It feels as a deeper knowing. I have always paper and pen ready (for years!)
    I think that this Mercury in Arius conjunction Uranus makes my birht-pattern extra-strong! 🙂 I am grateful because I can use this “new light” very much!

  11. I have this natally, but today; I realised that a few things I want for me, in my 4th house!

    My big ideas! I will write, jot or race it down

  12. Another flash: was cleaning for a whole day, following a plumbing problem. Then, was cleaning again, avoiding work and watched a YouTube video about being productive. She said, sometimes you don’t have to clean, you can leave it. Your goal isn’t to clean for you whole life. Then, I remembered I’m put on this earth to do something with my life. I might be happy at home, but I also might be happy making something happen for other people. It’s okay if I fail. I just need to stand up, and let the right things occupy my time….

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