Mercury, Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune Retrograde Today – All Planets Direct February 2013

Mercury, Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are all retrograde at the moment. This is slowing things, ya think?

  • Neptune will turn direct tonight, November 10th.
  • Chiron will turn direct on November 14th.
  • Mercury goes direct on November 26th.
  • Uranus turns direct on December 13th
  • Jupiter turns direct on January 30th

Once Jupiter turns direct on January 30th, all the planets will be direct until February 18, 2013, when Saturn turns retrograde.

I think it will be interesting to watch this wave. It’s like we’re in the land of the inevitable, but not yet!

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Mercury, Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune Retrograde Today – All Planets Direct February 2013 — 15 Comments

  1. There are so many things in my Alice that feel this way that I can’t tell which thing will win out the inevibility….but yes things do feel that way.

  2. a ha ha ha @Dawn… gotta love Merc Rx 😉 I was really curious to know what an Alice was!

    @Elsa… YES! I was saying only yesterday that it’s like we’re all in suspended animation or something. WTF!

  3. This will be very interesting I have to agree. In 1955 when I was born the only retrogrades in my chart are the stars Chiron I believe is Retrograde in my natal chart and I think there are several other stars that are retrograde but other than that all my planets are direct. I just watched a video on that was posted to the news feed on my Facebook. It is rather interesting it is about the polar shift that is supposed to happen. Someone had a lot of time on their hands very well done video it is long so if you Que it up be aware it is long but a beautiful watching experience. I thought it was fitting to this subject because it talks about the alinement of the planets. Here is the link

  4. I don’t know what but I’ve been sleeping like it’s an Olympic sport…9/10 hours and naps. Maybe I’m subconciously getting ready for whatever is on its way.

  5. @Elizabethe Me too….I’m a Cancer and the last 2 years have been exhausting!! I feel the change coming and apparently so does my body…I am sleeping 8 hours like it’s a catnap! I cannot wait for this grand energy shift!

  6. That huge wave may have been prophetic…3rd time I’ve seen pix of humongous waves, just lately. The 100-ft monster, the surfer just broke his own 78′ record, doing…and the big “Sneaker Waves” like undertow on steroids, jumping out and snatching people from their walks along the beach, on the West Coast, whole family…another, a guy’s girlfriend and their dog, just here, then gone, in an instant..An EQ of the Oregon Coast, near 5pts Tues; but that wasn’t noticed, until one abt the same size, rattled Vancouver WA, yesterday. I can “feel” those things..and I’m feeling all jazzed up, like there’s an electical short, running thru my body, which..if I had some dull headache, would really trouble me..but so far, so good, on that score. I have noticed, re:the pole shift post..that with the extremely noticeable lack of ice/snow on the Northern pole, the weather anchors don’t show pictures of it…looks like a big jet stream of some sort, that draws the warm So. Pacific air, up thru the Arctic and then dives back down thru the Central U.S. So, they’ve gone from white-out conditions last week to near 70 this week, in WI/, another nosedive is expected. We’ve had similar extremes here in Central Oregon and Portland’s weather folks, have run the gamut thru their prediction models…all of them, seem to be playing games…or saying, maybe, that the only thing predictable abt it, is that it isn’t. One thing bad abt that, is that it hasn’t stayed cold enought to kill off bacteria and parasites…or bugs of any sort; which may cause all sorts of problems, besides the obvious ones. Re: Running into fog banks..I hope people are alert to that possibility, for sure. Thx!

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