Men’s Fashion: Pisces

The Pisces man or man who dresses for Pisces is usually well turned out when he is going to work or heading out to a social function. The Pisces man dresses for effect because he wants to make a good impression and often wants to blend into a group of people. Hiding in public is what a Pisces man does often enough so he will dress to be a part of it all or if he decides he wants to make an impact he will change it up and dress in a completely different way.

The classic Pisces-type dressing for a man is to wear pastel shirts that button and a classic pant that is not too over the top in its style. The Pisces man does not want to offend so he plays it safe in pastels and shirts that are quality or at least middle of the road in price point. His pants are usually khaki, brown, black or blue and if he does not have to wear a pant for work he will wear jeans that have a classic type cut and not too skinny or too wide a leg.

If he has to wear a tie he also goes with the tried and true most of the time but all Pisces have a trick up their sleeves when it comes to clothes when they want to change it up and show a different side of themselves. A Pisces will dress differently if he is going out to a club than he does at work and at home he will have yet another style that is different from his work attire.

The man who dresses for Pisces looks best in pastel colored cotton shirts that breath and should not buy shirts that come in a bag and are sized by the neck. A Pisces man should think about comfort and usually does. Leaving his shirt out is a classic Pisces move if he can get away with it because he likes to be comfortable but if he has a career that requires him to dress and to wear things like belts and suits he will shine there as well and dress perfectly for his occupation. Loving to leave some mystery in his image, a Pisces man dresses to blend in so he is not seen to be any sort of way by his co-workers and clients. A Pisces man wants his wardrobe to work and look nice but does not want it to make him look like any certain “type.”

The Pisces has a liking for black because it keeps their energy for themselves and they often need rest from giving away energy and letting their emotions go left and right all day. Pastels soothe and black saves energy so both appeal to the Pisces man. The man who dresses for Pisces is a changeling in fashion and loves to be able to dress to please his audience. He may dress in one way to please one partner and another to please another partner that comes along in his life. The Pisces man likes to dress for the job as well and put forth an image that says what he does when he works. Pisces men like to be seen as efficient and capable while not seeming to be a peacock. This need to be accepted often causes Pisces men to dress in a way that has been projected onto him. It is a good idea for Pisces men to come up with their own style that is not a reflection of another person or a certain career! The Pisces that wants to build his own wardrobe should look at some considerations he should make before going out to shop and the Pisces dresser needs his own “look” to be really comfortable in his clothing!

Pastel colors are soothing to the Pisces male so he should wear striped and solid shirts that are cut to the body but not too tightly in colors like sea green, blues and beige. Any ocean color looks nice on Pisces men, for example, coral. The shirt should fit well and have a shape but Pisces men should and often do stay away from too tight fitting clothing unless they are dressing, again, for someone else. Cotton and cotton silk blends are nice for Pisces or a cotton/poly blend that launders well when it comes to his shirts. He can mix T.’s that are high quality and colored under his shirts that button and leave the shirt open if he is on his off hours but he should wear a shirt that buttons for work and when he goes out. A collar that is comfortable is best without too tight of a fit on the neck.

The Pisces man wants to look as he should in his mind for his work so he will often find a look that he thinks works on him and stay with it until he is employed elsewhere or he changes relationships.

Pants for the Pisces man should be fluid on the leg so choosing a pant that is made of soft cotton is a great idea or a jean that fits his body but does not pull on the thighs and is not too skinny at the ankle. A Pisces loves to feel his clothing moving on his body and with his body so some crisp fabrics can make him feel stuck and he should avoid this sort of crisp fabric when buying clothing. Fluid legs on pants that have shape is the way to go and all the way to a boot cut will be fine if the pant is flat in front and fitted in the leg and butt. These days men’s clothing is cut to fit their body much more than it was a few years ago and Pisces will enjoy these new shapes because they do move with the body instead of bunching up on it.

Shirts and pants with a touch of silk can be great for having movement. Too bold of a color will wear the Pisces male instead of him wearing the color so he should avoid all super bright colors except black which he wears very well because of his mystery. Often the Pisces man or man who dresses for Pisces will love black because his energy is not often his own. Because the Pisces man wants to be seen as a helpful person and a caring person he should stay with the pastel colors that invite people in and that comfort the wearer as well as the person looking at the clothing. Subtle stripes are fine for oxford shirts which the Pisces man looks great in and he has a “little boy” element about him that comes out when he wears button down shirts in pastel colored stripes. Preppy is a style that the Pisces man can wear well because it is tried and true and does not say too much about the wearer. If a Pisces man is committed to a belief system or institution he will dress to show that and often has T.’s that say something about his belief system or institution in the way of quotes, hang outs and teams.

What the Pisces dresser has to remember is to dress for himself and be careful about what affects him because what affects him influences his his way of dressing in a big way! Dressing for himself includes buying clothing that is quality in colors that benefit him and help him feel calm. The Pisces man can be one to hold onto clothing that has meaning for him long after it’s out of style or in shreds so he needs to clean out his wardrobe as well as update it on a regular basis to stay current, in style and be dressed correctly. If your Pisces man is your partner and you notice him dressing for his emotions it will help to tell him that it is better to dress for how he wishes he felt rather than his emotion at the time. If he dresses for how he feels each day it can make him uncomfortable because his moods change often and the red shirt he wore because he felt so powerful could make him feel like a deer in the head lights later on in the day! Certainly, the Pisces dressing man will try to dress for how he is feeling but the trick is to control the feelings and keep them calm by dressing for how he wants to feel. There are some Pisces men who dress very, very casual because they are out of sorts or confused and this starts to show in how they dress. Those Pisces-dressing men who don’t like their work or don’t believe in what they are doing will start to show it in their style right away! One can tell how a Pisces dressing man feels by how he presents in his clothing each day and by the year as well!

For man who dresses for Pisces the feet have to be light so they can move in a dance-type way where they are and don’t feel held down too strongly. The soles of their shoes should be light and bend if possible to help them glide around as they love to do. The Pisces is light on his feet when he is doing well and does not like to clomp wherever he goes! Buying classic shoes is best for Pisces and avoiding boots that are too heavy or intense-looking is a rule they should live by. Classic boat shoes that slip on or a great pair of leather shoes made of softer leather that moves makes the sensitive feet of the Pisces man feel good! Buying shoes in brown and black are a must and he can pull of navy and some earthy green in his shoes if they are two-toned as long as the colors are subtle. Pisces-type men may dress in heavier shoes if they are dressing for someone else but if left to how they feel they enjoy the floating action of a well made light shoe. Investing in the shoes is important for Pisces men because Pisces rules the feet and the Pisces man who finds shoe that feels just right may decide to wear them long after they are worn out! He should have his shoes gone over by a cobbler if he loves them and protect the leather and if he is looking for the right shoe he should consider an investment shoe because his feet are so important to him. A Pisces man with uncomfortable feet is one unhappy man so making it about the shoes is fine for a Pisces male. If he must wear an oxford type shoe he should buy one out of soft leather with a very good cut and style. If there is a perfect pair of shoes he has discovered he should consider buying them in more than one color to give him the perfect shoe for each day! If he is involved in sports or a group that dresses in a certain way that requires him to wear hiking boots or boots of any sort he should still look for light soles and light weight so he is not weighted down.

The Pisces man can walk through a room undetected or make himself show up to everyone and it’s all about the way they move so he should have a shoe that works for him. Since he feels better in pastels he would look great in a slip on shoe that is casual enough to be comfortable but dressy enough to wear to his work and that comes in two tones with one color accenting the base color of brown, for example. Espadrilles are great for the light-footed Pisces in the summer but again, beware the shoe attachment that can befall a Pisces man and remember to repair your shoes before they are hopeless! Last, the shoe makes the man and that means that taking care of his beloved shoes is important as it can be so get to know your cobbler or learn how to use a leather protector and a leather cleaner to keep up your shoes if you are a Pisces-dressing man! A Pisces man can also have his shoes resoled if they are too heavy or if they are worn out if he acts before the shoe is too wrecked so getting those soles repaired in time is of great importance!

The Pisces man has a touch of the innocent about him so he looks good in “artsy” hair cuts that are well styled and if he has enough hair, wearing it a bit long can look great on him! Having a bit of hair to hide behind is great for a Pisces man so the length I’ll call the “Johnny Depp length” is great for him if he can pull if off with his hair and at work. The ponytail looks too casual on the easygoing Pisces and can date him so I recommend a new style that is long if he is leaning toward a longer look! A European look is great for the Pisces man for he can change himself to be of the right attitude to wear just about any hairstyle! Hairstyles are all about attitude and if you have the right one to carry off a style and the Pisces man makes his own reality so can wear his hair mostly how he likes for he will “become” the hair cut that he wears.

The eyes have it for Pisces men so their eyes should either be accented in his cut or his hair should be off the face to allow his eyes to be seen. He can pull off a look that falls into the eyes because it lends his beloved mystery to his look. Having the front or top of hair cut to hang down a bit is a good style for Pisces men because it allows the feature to be the eyes when it comes to the face. Romance plays a big part in the life of a Pisces man so head scarves could be worn by them with great success if his job allows. If he he must dress for work he could sport a head scarf on his off time which he loves to enjoy! A balding head requires a shave most often for a Pisces man but he must keep it short if he is balding no matter what to avoid looking funky and unprofessional not to mention a bit silly!

Guide your Pisces partner toward a hair style that has some romance and you can’t go wrong! Hair tinting is not off the table for a Pisces man especially if he is dressing for a partner or a career that values young people but he should have his hair tinted by a pro and remember that professionals can help us choose a style that fits out face and our occupation! The Pisces man does very well getting advice from a hairdresser and should consider a visit if he has not already done so!

In the area of manicures, the Pisces man looks great with buffed out nails and should consider having this done every two weeks or so. The idea is to take good care of hair and nails because this can make a great impression and the Pisces male is all about how he presents and affects others!

Other ideas for Pisces men include unstructured jackets and blazers because they have a more romantic look and are very easygoing. The unstructured blazer with draped shoulders can move very well and in doing so it suits the Pisces man. Not going for too loud a blazer or jacket is important because the Pisces man has to be careful not to let his clothing overpower him! Yes, he will costume if he is being affected by a partner or a ambition but he should never give away too much of his own style for an outside influence! Staying in oneself is very important for the Pisces dresser and often they have to change their whole wardrobe to have it function if they have a relationship change, for example. Often you will see a Pisces “morph” into a new style and this is your clue that there is a change in his life. The way a Pisces dresses tells us a lot about their lives because they become the style of their clothing. Being that Pisces is always being careful about how they affect people they will often find themselves having to change up their look when their lives take a major twist!

Smooth skin with very small pores and no acne is important for a Pisces-dressing male because it helps bring the focus to their very deep eyes. Having a skin care regimen in place is important for good skin and playing up those deep eyes are one of the secrets to a well-dressed Pisces man. Choosing shirt and jacket colors that work with his eyes can be stunning on the Pisces man so keep this in mind when shopping or going shopping with your Pisces partner. A Pisces is also a great shopping helper when it comes to their partner because they have such a great artistic eye so bring him along if you go shopping and see if he can be of help to you when you choose your wardrobe! He will most be concerned that you feel good in your clothing and that is a great help! The Pisces dressing man cannot be put in a box because they are so changeable but this is part of their charm!


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  1. So interesting! My dad who was a Pisces, dressed just like this! Light colored shirts or solids in dark blue and with buttons and unbuttoned at the neck, unless meeting with a client. He’d then wear a nice dark grey or black suit with comfortable dress shoes. On weekends it was khakis and loose fitting jeans with sport shirts and white slip on tennis shoes (with Velcro…lol).

    The other Pisces I worked with at a law firm, wore a black camel hair suit jacket with black pants everyday along with different colored shirts, sometimes an electric violet but also in blues and pastels. He shaved his head meticulously. I never ever saw him in casual wear like a T-shirt and jeans EVER, even on Casual Fridays! He definitely dressed to impress.

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