Men’s Fashion: Libra

Libra men are, for the most part, well turned out most of the time. A man who dresses for Libra usually has had some influence in his life from a woman or man who could dress and has learned the basics of matching and dressing for occasions as well as they mind their manners.

A Libra man is no stranger to the button down shirt and how to fit his neckline. He is probably one who has shirts that button as well as polos for his off time and knows what to wear with what. What a Libra man adores is presenting well dressed while not appearing overdressed.

Vests are a way that the Libra man can reach out to wear other things and add to his wardrobe. A knit vest is a must-have for a Libra man to wear over his shirts while he usually can skip a tie. A Libra man knows how to wear a tie and having a wardrobe of ties is important for him to feel prepared. Loving pastel shirts and not being afraid to wear color if he has darker skin, the Libra man should collect different color shirts that button to complete his wardrobe. Venturing out into different color patterns can be fun for the Libra man because pants of different colors are becoming so popular, at least in the major cities.

A wardrobe for his off time should include clothing for his chosen sport whether it is golf, biking or some other activity that he enjoys. Collecting two wardrobes is best for Libra men, one for work and one for play. For his sporting or off time he should dress the part, meaning he should dress for his sport or if he is a computer lover or gamer he can have his jeans and polos for that activity while dressing in shirts that button when he is at work if it calls for those clothes. A Libra man loves to look nice so shirts are important but often he plays it very safe when it comes to color.

A Libra man knows how he wants to look and changing can be like pulling teeth unless he is shown how he can wear other colors he has not tried. Usually locked into a look by the time he is of a certain age, it will do a Libra man well to try new colors like burnt orange, pinks, lavender and other colors he can wear well and that look nice on his skin. Not one to stand out he always wants to look appropriate but that does not mean he can’t be a bit ambitious when it comes to style and color.

The new thinner pants are great for Libra to try because if they have the body for them they are quite sleek and as long as they are not overly thin cut they look very new and fit in nicely with his wardrobe of shirts. Leaving the shirt out when wearing the new thinner, skinnier pant is the way it’s done most of the time so if he is one that is used to tucking his shirt in he will have to train himself to let things go a bit to look stylish.

Some Libra men like to tuck their shirts in and wear a belt and will stay in shape to do so or even do so if they carry a bit of weight. Loosening up a bit is fashionable and something they should try to let their hair down! If the Libra dresser is one to wear a tie each day he can try new style of ties that are wider or thinner than he is used to wearing to change up his look. If he is wearing a belt with all his shirts he can change his belt to one that is thinner to look nicer and be more trendy. A thin belt looks great with the new slimmer pant and fitted shirts.

Speaking of fitted shirts, there are many that are on the market now that the Libra man might enjoy wearing as they are more body conscious and look a bit sleeker when one is leaving a shirt out or tucking it in. Many Libra men are addicted to pastel colors for his shirts and subtle pinstripes. It would be exciting to try some bolder colors for his shirts like mustard, some red for energy days and crayon blues. He can make his skin pop with these jewel tone shirts and they should be made of fabric that washes and dries well. Not a stranger to an iron, a Libra man will iron his shirts if they need it but he should be introduced to some wider cut shirts that are made of comfortable, high quality cotton and that wash well and wear even better. These higher quality cotton shirts are available from Ralph Lauren or other designers and look fantastic when left out of the pants or tucked in. Made of high quality cotton and jewel tones, these shirts look fantastic against the skin and make the look rich while keeping it up to date and tasteful. It’s nice to have a man who dresses around so why not try some colors that give them something to talk about? If you know a Libra dresser who is stuck on pastels try giving him a shirt that is a solid crayon color that will work with his wardrobe so he has something new to try and he will probably thank you!

Often a Libra dressing man is stuck in a time warp when it comes to shirts and he buys them in packages that have been around forever. It is fun to try shirts that are hung separately in boutiques and department stores that have some prints on them or again, solid and bright colors. Pants with cuffs look great on Libra men with a shirt and a vest. Pants with flat fronts look clean and press well if he dresses for work so re-think the wearing of pants with darts if you are one to wear that style. A straighter cut is what looks “now” for pants and they are cut to look straight up and down with less of a boot cut and more of peg leg. The new pant shape that is thin is very flattering and if the Libra man will consent to change he might like the look on himself. Cuffs, pegged pants and pants that are made of cotton and fabrics that look good when worn a bit are things for Libra to try. Taking a page from distressed looks it is fun to buy khakis that have fabric that has been broken down a bit so that they are softer and have a draped look on the leg. The finer fabrics drape the leg a bit to show its shape and look fantastic on men who are not shy about their legs.

Some Libra men use the dry cleaners to press their shirts and if you are one to do so remember to not apply starch to shirts these days and take it easy on pressing pants into creases. Today’s looks are more comfortable and relaxed but color makes them rich looking and cut helps as well in the area of adding class. Modernizing the look is where it is for men who dress for Libra so think of new shapes, colors and cuts that will update your look but keep you looking fashionable and pulled together. The older look of shirts in packages and sized necklines with pants that have classic cuts that are boot wide have gone away and the above colors and cuts have taken their place when it comes to being well dressed. If you are active in a sport use that area to apply color as well and be aware that the new sporting clothes are colorful and a bit more daring in color blocking.

Jeans should be well cut and fitted to the body while leaving room to move without looking baggy. Acid-washed jeans are over and dark wash jeans are more pulled together with regard to color. Dark pants are slimming and light pants add weight so you can judge what colors you’d like to wear based on those guidelines. Again, belts are thinner, ties are a bit thinner and colors look new! Buy the Libra dresser a colorful tie to brighten up his wardrobe and introduce him to patterned shirts that work as well as the classics when it comes to dressing nicely. Venturing into patterned shirts is something I recommend to the Libra-dressing man because it looks richer and newer and is not likely to go out of style any time soon!

Some Libra men are still caught up in the old side part men’s cut. Their hair should be as fashionable as their attire so maybe a new short cut is in order. The new shorter cuts are very flattering if not a bit shorter that the old “boy” hair style that hung on for so long. Because men’s cuts don’t change that often we can expect these new shorter cuts with the front having a bit of “up” going on to stick around for some time. I recommend a shorter cut for most Libra men because it looks neat and they like to look pulled together and long hair is hard to have look neat. The top and front are a bit longer on these cuts and often require product to make them look right so Libra dressers should acquaint themselves with wax and products
like wax. Having your hair stay all day without the use of a comb is common now days but you may have to sweep it up or around depending on what cut you choose. There is the “Beiber” cut that still remains popular but looks quite young so should come with a warning for men of a certain age!

If your hair is leaving you should should condition your scalp to make it look as good as the skin on your face and also have a short cut while not trying to cover bald spots by growing hair on other places on your head! Men that have balding can be quite sexy if they take care to have their haircut or shave their head entirely to be ready for the future! Again, conditioning of the scalp is very important for every man and Libra men are up for using a few men’s cosmetic products! Don’t be shy about balding and you will be one of those men who can pull it off with great style and look awesome! Many women are attracted to bare heads and I’m sure there are some on this site that will attest to that! If you have a full head of hair I recommend you use a shine product very carefully to add shine to your hair and make it look healthy while keeping it healthy! Get used to a dab that is very small of shine product to coat your hair each day and avoid a shine but go for a sheen on your hair. Wax can be drying for hair so it makes sense to apply a shine or softening product on hair before using wax to make sure you have a barrier against the drying ingredients of wax and gel.

Using facial products is a great idea if you are Libra and there are some great products from companies for men like Kiehls and Clinique that work wonders for men’s skin. Using a better quality shaving crème is certainly a Libra dresser’s dream, a skin product that takes care of whatever skin problems you have is almost a must and applying lotion and maybe cologne to the body after showering is just smart.

Libra men need to be careful when using scent products because they often use too much or use a strong scent that can drive people away instead of draw them to you. Remember that musk scents are proven to be most attractive to women but over applying them can be a disaster! Find your scent and stick with it but avoid anything too strong and apply it while your skin is a bit damp to help it stay. Rubbing scent in causes it to fade easier because it breaks down the molecules so don’t rub your scent on yourself unless it’s after shave and meant to be rubbed on! After shave is a great way to apply scent without having it over power you so if you don’t have one, Libra man, think about buying one! If your partner is Libra or dresses for Libra you might think about buying them a scent that you like so that you are not attacked by some scent you find obnoxious. If you can both agree on a scent for him this is best because he will feel he had a say and also know it is attractive to you. Remember many people find scent irritating and it can give some a headache so over applying it is a “no no!”

Moving back to hair if you decide to go with a longer cut try to get it trimmed every six weeks to keep it looking nice and layered well. If you have curly hair you know by now that scheduled cuts are a must so you need to remember to make it to the barber or hairdresser! The key for you, again, is to update your hair because the look of the well-dressed man has changed for we are in a time of fast change in styles for men but styles that will last a long, long time! Men simply don’t put up with too many trends so when there is a strong, strong trend you can beat it’s going to stay around a bit!

The man who dresses for Libra looks great in a classic shoe style like an oxford, a top sider or a boat shoe that is updated for now. The newer styles are mostly wider cut for foot comfort and too keep your feet in shape so they are worth the investment. Remember that as a Libra man you are invested in your style a bit but older shoes are too thin and can cause your feet to become hurt and need work later on. Buy the newer looking classic shoes that are cut for comfort and that are made of quality leather that breathes or in the case of a boat shoe, go for great fabric! Because you wear classic shoes you can buy them in a couple colors so you can change them out and they will never go out of style. The trick is to buy a shoe that has room for your foot no matter how much you like the style because your feet need the care. Have your cobbler close to you for fixing your soles and sewing your shoes right when they need them so you don’t have to buy new ones and so that you never get caught in sloppy looking shoes! Heaven forbid a Libra man has shoes that look smashed so use a shoe tree or store them in some way that they don’t get stepped on and are taken care of. You’d do well to invest in some closet accessories to help you keep track of your shoes and clothes so look into them!

Having a couple colors of each shoe you like is a great way to change up your look and have style so don’t be shy when you like a shoe and think about getting two colors. A Libra man usually knows to match his socks to his pants and shoes so I guess I don’t have to point out how they should have socks of all colors to work with their pants! Cotton socks in the summer and woolen socks in the winter are the rule and Libra men are fashionable enough to have both! Buy your shoes with quality in mind and not just style. Men’s shoes are so much less expensive than women’s shoes in most cases because men just won’t spend so much on their shoes but Libra-dressing men will invest in shoes to make them look nice. Remember you are judged by your shoes and your hair so make them both work for you before you even think about your clothing! Often men size each other up by the shoes they wear and the Libra man knows this so don’t think you can fool other men in business with a super inexpensive shoe because they will
notice! Budget some money for your shoe wardrobe and consider it an investment in your future in whatever business you are involved in.

I should mention that I have met Libra men who are not so concerned with their look as I am writing here but they are usually not dressing for their Sun in Libra and are usually full of another sign in their chart! Most Libra men are well turned out and ready to meet your parents at any time! They are the rare men who like shopping a bit and love a gift of fashion if it’s in their style or something they can use on their skin! Yes, they can tell if the shampoo and conditioner is quality and they can smell a cheap scent a mile away. If they are stuck in the time warp I keep warning about they may have
a scent that is insulting but all they need is a bit of shopping to cure that!

If you are in a relationship with a Libra male it’s important to be a bit well turned out yourself as to not fade into the back ground when with him! Always prepared for the event, the Libra man will be proper and is attracted to those that are proper in how they look unless they are the Libra type that is attracted to wildness. Even if a Libra male is attracted to wild looking types it won’t be long before he is offering fashion advice and don’t be surprised if he knows his stuff about women’s clothing as well as mens!

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