Meditative, Thorough, Kind, Insightful & Nonjudgmental

zodiac black and whiteRitika writes:

I’ve had two Relationship Reviews with Midara with pro-rated followup questions. She is PHENOMENAL. I had already studied the natal, synastry and composite charts of these relationships on my own and with reports but she blew me away. I felt like I got a secret code to the relationship with actionable advice that was genius. I’m used to people spouting generic advice or tips but Midara is the REAL deal. She is meditative, thorough, kind, uncanny in her insights, and nonjudgmental. A beautiful writer. Through her guidance, I was able to heal from a breakup and be in the right mind space to attract the amazing man I have in my life right now. I am a trained psychiatrist as well and I can tell generic therapists/healers from those who have true talent. I feel like I got a roadmap to this relationship and myself. She makes every use of your time and dollar. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to her if you’ve been on the fence; my life is changed for the better.


Thanks, Ritika!



Meditative, Thorough, Kind, Insightful & Nonjudgmental — 2 Comments

  1. I read most everything that you write Midara. Your BML series is particularly helpful to me as it falls in my 6th house and my would-be girlfriend’s 7th. If Elsa ever retires, I hope that you might take my case.

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