Mars Transit To Natal Mercury – Rash Speech Or…

I got bitched out by two people today. The blame is on the their imagination. They misread something I wrote.

It made me look at the sky. Mars is in Aries, opposing my Mercury in Libra. That fits.

However, I also went to a new dentist today…an oral surgeon. I stopped to have tea with some Australians on the way. I had to leave by ten to ten at the absolute latest, to make my appointment. I’d filled out the paperwork online but had to sign things. I had never met the doctor. I did not want to make a bad first impression.

I left at nine to ten and of course, I hit some traffic. I walked in the doctor’s office at ten on the dot, I think. “Is your clock slow?” I asked. “I’m hoping it is.”

I apologized for cutting it so close on the time. “It’s not like me,” I added. The receptionist was super nice. Way beyond what you’d expect in the circumstance.  And then my insurance was refused…

“It says your insurance was terminated on December, 16th, 2016…”

I told her that I was paying in through Cobra and it was not terminated.  I had no way to prove this. It left her to make a judgement call.

She decided I was honest and sent me back to see the doctor. I straightened out the insurance mess when I got home and called her back with the info.

I guess this is about judgement.  Saturn in Sagittarius. Good judgement is considered one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Woman #3 had it. Do you? It’s no small thing.



Mars Transit To Natal Mercury – Rash Speech Or… — 7 Comments

  1. Oddly enough, I also had an appointment with an oral surgeon today. I’m at Phase 2 of an implant surgery. I got there on time and was sitting there for almost 50 minutes. The receptionist seemed to have gone home for the day and I saw only one other person working in the office, so I called her over to find out what was going on. It turns out that the doctor had an emergency patient and no one bothered to tell me. I said, “Is he almost finished with that patient?” Oh no, she said, he’ll be with her for at least another 40 minutes. Oh really (I said to myself, not out loud), how nice of you all to let me sit here without telling me that the doctor would probably be about two hours late for my appointment. I actually was quite nice about it, even though I was pissed off. I rescheduled my appointment but I’m starting to feel the pissed-off-ness now much more than I did when I was sitting in the office. At any rate, that Mars in Aries is not hitting my Mercury but it is opposing my natal Mars. And my natal Mars is kind of a cranky Mars (square Uranus, inconjunct Mercury, and square my Ascendant), so I have to hold back my anger most of the time or else I would be doing battle with everyone. Since I hadn’t eaten since the night before, because they ask you not to eat or drink for at least 5 hours before the surgery, I was just happy to get back home and eat something!

  2. I have Jupiter conjunct Mars and Mars sextile Jupiter transits exact right now. No wonder I can’t sleep, because I have all these ideas that need to be realized right now. Also, I really feel I need to book some kind of a trip, to a place I haven’t been to, and it’s just not possible finacially either.

  3. Mine’s a bit of a flip side – NN has been over my natal Pluto recently, is now slowly going over my natal Mars (3*) & probably next week will start to slowly go over my MC (2*). Did I feel the Mars stuff? Yep.And the Pluto. Got me wondering.

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