Mars Square Pluto In November: Plan Now With Mercury and Venus in Scorpio

Shawn and AlexOkay, so I dreamed this, dreamed that I was supposed to write this. You know, just in case you forgot I’m a crackhead-Pisces. I had written both these quotes down on post-its in my post-it garden, and I keep a copy of The Art of War on the chair to the left of my desk. That’s the Scorpio Mars. I might need to start a war or something.

“No plan survives contact with the enemy.” –Helmuth von Moltke the Elder

“Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” –Dwight D. Eisenhower

Today we have Mercury in Scorpio (great for war plans) sextile Pluto in Capricorn (systemic destruction or pre-construction demo*). Venus in Scorpio sextiles Saturn, and we will benefit from crafty investment.

In the first week of the next month, we’ll have Libra Mars in square to Pluto. That’s provocative and volcanic engagement with the other, an other that comes sideways with a smile.

We don’t know the field of engagement, only its flavor. The point of those quotes taken as a whole is in the value of preparation as an exercise in expanding our capacity for intelligent and fruitful action in a future moment.

We go through all the possibilities, dig them out and play them out ahead of time, so that we come to each moment with experience. It is experience; it’s just not physical experience. Another good bit of info is to remember not to get too attached to your plan. Nail down your objective, your DESIRED outcome (Venus sextile Saturn) ahead of time, so that your action in time will serve your purpose.

Mars will square Saturn first. That’s much sooner, in a week. We plan now, so that we have experience running the possibilities before they’re realities. Mars square Saturn actions, ours and those of others, will bring about realities we must respond to. Then Mars-Pluto clears the decks.

Let’s look into our plans, our desires over time, and unearth the details now. We produce a quality, an acquired or enhanced trait within our mind and senses that trains us up for later. Uranus in Taurus during Scorpio season is a great asset here: Train yourself to jump into another perspective when the one you’re using doesn’t work.

*A bit now on Pluto in Capricorn followed up by Saturn: It’s not just destruction. Demolition is necessary to clear the earth for a solid new foundation. It is also necessary to pull the roots out of the ground once the tree is dead – if you want a fresh start with the best chance of long term prosperity. Yes Pluto is death and demo; it’s part of the circle of life. It can also be beautiful, particularly through the lens of Mercury in Scorpio, which we have in spades over this next month.



Mars Square Pluto In November: Plan Now With Mercury and Venus in Scorpio — 12 Comments

  1. I’ve got Mars at zero Libra, and Pluto right on my midheaven – I’m learning to be more flexible in my plans. Thanks for the heads-up and the tips, Satori!

  2. “Mars will square Saturn first”

    On the day of the New Moon in opposition to Uranus; beginning of seismic change?!

    Maybe Mars sq. Saturn might be just what we need to avoid foolhardy actions or reactions. Or I can simply start screaming now, so that come next Sunday I might just be too tired to notice the chaos.

  3. This sounds like an action-oriented week.
    Or, more like actions in the hidden.

    Sounds sharp, pungent and to-the-point to me. Warplans you say? How fitting…

  4. Great writing and inspiring words – thanks Satori!
    With my nMars in Libra, the current Mars will transit mine + the Pluto stuff exactly square at same time – dunno what that’ll trigger. Yikes. I dread this.
    Better start planning, FAST!
    Can a Libra Mars panic???? Yes…

  5. Thanks for this post Satori. Just last night My partner and I were “discussing” the merits vs. worthlessness of “planning” for my father’s very serious health problems. This is such a timely reflection for me.

  6. Thanks for a very, very useful post, Satori. I have just sustained a major loss, one that will call for significant changes and adjustments in my life — present and future. You give me very valuable food for thought and tools. Thank you!

  7. So you called it. Global pandemic hit…with the fury of Mars square Pluto, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio hiding information and exposing disclosures. ART OF WAR.

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