Mars Retrograde In Aries: Sept 9 – Nov 14, 2020 – Hot Spot!

fireMars will turn retrograde on September 9th at 28 degrees Aries. The planet will reach 15 degrees Aries before turning direct on November 14th.  You can consider the degrees between the these to points to be a HOT ZONE.

If you want to use this model, figure out where and what in your chart will be affected. That’s where the action will be! Note, this is one of the gifts (Jupiter) of the hard aspect from the stellium in Capricorn. The situation can be contained, if it be your will!

I don’t think it’s smart to give into fear and negativity during this period though the temptation is there. In fact, it makes no sense at all. These are powerful energies that can be harnessed by each of us, used to improve ourselves and our life conditions.

I know I am counter-culture with this but let me offer an analogy that makes my ideas easily accessible.  Let’s say you have a house and you are remodeling the bathroom. That would be your HOT ZONE.  I don’t care if it is a one bathroom house and you’re greatly inconvenienced. It’s still minor in the scheme of things.

Now look at your choices. Should you focus on the bathroom, day and night, obsessing about how awful it is? What good is that going to do? Eventually, the job will be done and you’ll wonder why you made such a big deal of it!

Most who read here are old enough to have seen things come and go. Even if you’re sixteen-years-old, you’ve seen third grade come and go, so hey!  You have perspective – put it to use!

Each of us have to decide what we’re going to do with all this pent up energy.  You can frame this as a burden or you can see if for what it is; it’s life!

Again, the planets involved are very high functioning.  Let’s say you have command of a fire hose. Why on earth would you do something stupid with it?

If you want to fare well, it’s all about individual courage and integrity. Strive (Mars) to have the humility to do the right thing (Saturn).

Here are more clues:

2020 Mars in Aries Squaring Stellium In Capricorn – Heroic Action Now!

Where’s the HOT ZONE in your life?


Mars Retrograde In Aries: Sept 9 – Nov 14, 2020 – Hot Spot! — 16 Comments

  1. Mars will be Rx in my 2H. I have begun serious home (Taurus-ruled Venus) improvement (retrograde – redo) projects in my house (2H rules over large, tangible assets). My goal is to have these projects completed before Thanksgiving (Mars goes direct November 14th) for holiday entertaining (Taurus).

  2. Mars will retrograde in my 4th House, my husband’s 8th and 7th, before going direct in 11/14. We are moving and will either have moved by the time Mars retrogrades, or will move on that day. It fits that we have the humility to do what needs to be done to move and be with people who we respect, and respect us. There will be accommodations to be made, and it matters that our attitudes (individually and as a couple) about HOME(4TH) and LEGACY(8TH)are matured ones. Mars backing up at this time prepares us to be grandparents (coming sometime about 11/20). We pack and communicate as respectfully as possible and pay attention to body clues and astrology:)!

    • Mars spends all its current cycle in my 4th house too … and I’ve also just moved during the full moon. Although apparently forced by circumstances (a separation in my case), the last few days have demonstrated the wisdom of it all, including the benefits of the hard physical work involved. Its become obvious that I will be creating a veggie garden during this Mars retrograde cycle.

  3. My tenth house, where my natal Jupiter, Chiron and BM Lilith are, squaring my natal Mercury and Venus in 7, and Saturn in 1. I’m having a ball!
    I’m pretty passionate about my job, and pretty good at it too, or so i’m told. I’m also sort of pretending im not sick, yet dealing with a terrible illness. Sometimes i feel i have to fight to protect my boundaries.

  4. No clue how this is even going to affect me as it is in my 9th house.
    My natal Jupiter is 18.14 Aries.
    The other planets most likely to be affected are my moon at 22.04 Taurus & Natal Saturn at 26.09 Aquarius. My natal Mars is at 29.42 Aquarius so outside the 28/15. [I suppose my 17.50 Neptune in Scorpio could also be affected, but probably mildly.]

  5. Mars will be retrograde in my 3rd house — the same house that Uranus is also occupying at this time. Somebody please get the duct tape and tape my mouth shut. I think I may want to take to heart something I’ve heard my husband say many times, “Don’t let your alligator mouth get your hummingbird ass in trouble”. Let me concentrate on producing art — Venus/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio in my 9th house – that inspires people instead of tearing them down. Glad your’re healing quickly Elsa and thank you.

    • Same! Mars and Uranus in my 3rd and I have actually surprised myself with some of the things that have come out my mouth! And what’s crazy though is the pure anger behind it. My whole life I am careful with my words. I am a volcano ready to erupt! Am also an Aries Sun and Cap rising…..

      • Same here — Aries Sun, Cap rising, Mars transiting 3rd — I’m trying to channel the energy productively, let my fingers do the talking (on media) to help defeat propaganda.

      • I am definitely not having a problem communicating my anger, Lol! Most definitely like a volcano ready to blow. What has really astonished me are some of the things that I have written lately. I’ve never considered myself a writer. With my 12th house Mercury I’ve always stumbled expressing my thoughts and feelings but damn have I been on point lately. Articulate. Concise. Effortlessly. It has been flowing out of me like lava. And I like it. I hope it sticks around for a while. I’m trying to channel it by writing about some of the things that have happened in my life in the last 12 years and how I feel about them. Things/emotions that I need to release. I’m fighting propaganda on social media too which is what has me worried, lol! And I’m telling a few people how much I love them. My Cap rising is at 25.13 so I have all that going on too. Life has been a real shit show for a long time but I am slowly seeing things improving.

  6. I am Virgo Sun with Natal Mars @ 28 Leo,Mercury @27 Virgo, Pluto @26 Virgo,Venus @ 24 Libra and Saturn @22 Taurus.I need someone help here.How Bad does life look like during retrograde mars in Aries?Aries is my 8th house.

  7. Mars 2H and I have been struggling with my job. More specifically the BS behavior of Management that has been exposed at the company I work for. They are putting our lives in danger and protecting theirs during this pandemic. I haven’t been quiet about what is going on behind the scenes by informing coworkers and not letting Mgmt. get away with shady behavior. The push back has begun and I am not backing off. Mars has got me FIRED UP!!!

  8. My husband’s birthday is the 9th, the day Mars goes retro. I realized with my chart and transits I have been living through a grand square scenario. I used to be on a forum with a lady who had a natal T square. She was almost ho-hum about it until it would get activated. Then she would almost cry out for help. A friend would respond and she would fade back into the fog of forum history.

    I like the thought of aggressively making use of transits. Not always easy but better to direct the energy than have it direct us.

    Good essays you’ve written lately. Hope the back is doing better.

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