Mars In The Horoscope: What Makes You Angry?

“Marlon Brando and Sophia Loren hated each other,” I told my husband on the phone. “Yeah, they didn’t get along at all and they made a movie together. Apparently it was a disaster because they had no chemistry at all. And they had to hug and stuff.”

He laughed.

“Yeah, so anyway you know how Brando is – he fucks with people to no end so apparently he had her in an embrace and he said in her ear, how come there are black hairs growing out of your nose?” I snorted. “And he groped her too, I guess. And she was pissed and never forgave him.”

“That couldn’t have gone well.”

“No, I guess not. I like Brando and if he said that to me, I’d have not have been pissed, I’d have laughed. It is just not the kind of thing that pisses me off. Hairs in my nose? I don’t care. What I can’t stand is a bastard who thinks they are going to tell me what I can and can’t say and what I ought to be thinking. I’ll run you right over with my car for that,” I said. “Jeez but that pisses me off.”

I have Mars conjunct Mercury on the 9th. Bawdy humor? Okay!
Control my mind? Forget about it?

What pisses you off? Where is your Mars?

(Brando – double Aries, Sadge rising / Loren Virgo, Aquarius Moon, Cap rising – obvious oil and water)

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Mars In The Horoscope: What Makes You Angry? — 75 Comments

  1. mars in cancer in the sixth and, recently, my boss has been pissing me off. i can’t quite put my finger on why in a concise way,…i think it’s because he doesn’t take the time to explain anything properly. which i find extraordinarily selfish and lazy.

    • OMG Yes
      Virgo with Mars in cancer here
      You get put on the chopping block because someone doesn’t train properly. It drives me to fury because it puts someone in an economic disadvantage (jobless) because of someone else’s lazy or incompetent behavior

  2. People who aren’t there for me when I need help. But expect me to help them endlessly, whenever they want, regardless of whether I have stresses and strains of my own to cope with. Narcissists, basically. Leo Mars 11th.

  3. My hubby is a Virgo w/Leo moon…I think the only reason we are together is his moon energy…There are too many times in the last 20 yrs. (yup, that long), I have wanted to get out…

  4. People projecting their own lack of integrity on me, rudely. For instance, if one is not doing one’s job, and then calls me an uptight b**** for reporting to our superior as I’ve been told to, I’m not going except a lame apology of that being straight “salesman” talk . It happened last week, and although the person doing so apologized, he completely lost my respect. Mars in the 3rd house and Libra,

  5. People who tell me what I should eat.

    “Don’t you know that’s bad for you?”

    (Cardinal Mars/Moon…telling me what to EAT is bad for YOU, so look out…)

  6. Lack of integrity is my big trigger… I’m fairly patient, but that gets me hot right away. and Don’t tell me what I can do, ’cause I’ll do whatever the fuck I want. Uranus square Sun for that one, My Mars/Merc is in Leo, in the 4/5. That conjunction trines Uranus as well.

    • I know and he knew that. A narcissist. I would have told him I can pluck out my problem. Him being an asshole would involved a more painful procedure to solve his. He probably would have laughed. Again Narcissist

  7. Bananas, I don’t blame her for getting pissed. It’s disrespectful as hell, she’s an Italian! Brando is an asshole!

    I guess that is why this was notable to me. I would have laughed even if I should not have – I like off-color humor, it’s just a trait.

  8. Used to meet a lot of men like that. They seem to mistake the Cap/Virgo cool reserve for arrogance and take it upon themselves to try and put you in your place, as they see it. Idiots. Never did like Brando, maybe that’s why.

  9. ohhh and she has mars in Leo too and his Mars falls in her first house! and their composite house is @ 0º Scorpio.

    I would have been so pissed: Mars on the 7th cusp in Aries. With Pluto squaring both points right now, I am revising what battles are worth fighting. I’m wanting to do the right thing with an X…who just resurfaced today… but its gonna take some real effort. I will post on the board shortly about this.

  10. What would have been an appropriate verbal response for this?

    So as to be clipped for the locket I got you?
    Cause I’m a proud Italian brunette?

  11. Oh my, those two are so BEAUTIFUL together, aren’t they (she aged just a little bit better though, tee-hee!!)

    A zillion things set me off. Something that would reflect my Sag Mars in 12th would be someone betraying a confidence. I’m pretty open with my life, but the few BIG secrets I have are only known by a few trusted people. If I knew any of them betrayed me, it would probably be a reason to amputate.

  12. Uh oh I’m a Virgo dating an Aries. We have huge dramatic fights that have made me want to turn on him forever, but I keep coming back, I think because I’m afraid of being bored.

    My Mars is in 9th House Leo. It’s hard to pinpoint what sets me off about a person, because it rarely happens. I guess I hate people (usually guys) who are so self-absorbed and arrogant that they literally look through you. They don’t even give you the common courtesy of the barest human acknowledgement.

    From my experience, Gemini’s have been these types. I can get along with pretty much everyone else.

  13. let me rephrase you. they don’t look THROUGH you, because that would mean they understand you. they look PAST you, like you’re just a speck of dust. *shudder* uggh.

  14. Scorpio Mars in the 11th. I get REALLY angry about social justice issues & people who are abused/oppressed/underdogs. I have read that my 12th house Sag Moon adds fuel to that fire.

    • Virgo with Cancer MArs in 10th. Hmmm…I guess I hate ow bean counters ignore the human factor in a customer service based workplace(hospital, non profit etc) and cut people based on a pretty bottom line to please rich investors then ruin the company and leave with golden parachutes.
      Or who pollute the environment with their business practices then take their millions and buy pristine area and build a home for themselves leaving their polluted and economic mess behind for other people to deal with . If I found out where they lived I would get truckloads of their pollution they made and attach a hose to their house and pump it in
      You make the mess you F***ing live with it!!!

  15. Stupidity aggravates the crap out of me (Mars in Gemini)…having to repeat myself…fools (Mars also conj Saturn)…Mars in 4th – don’t. mess. with. my. family. period…

  16. being told what i’m thinking or feeling… someone trying to define my identity for me they’re almost always wrong)
    mars in pisces. i absorb that crap and then have to go clean it out.

  17. Mars in Pisces

    A bit passive aggressive …dont always stick up for myself… but if you are picking on someone weaker…I will always fight for the underdog.(punch ed a bully once when I was a kid…)

    In 4th house…always adopting lost children(metaphorically)( Neptune in 12th) and sticking up for them.

    Growing up: Fought at home a lot with my brothers

    P.S. Haven’t been here for a while. Such a great site 🙂

  18. Mars in Cancer 9th house,unfortunately many things piss me off being groped yea that’s a biggie.Also i loathe some one who blatantly or otherwise insults my intelligence,is cruel,cold ,I feel has betrayed me (Scorpio rising heh ) and messing with my family and friends,well all hell breaks loose.And sadly there;s MORE!!!! Its all about the respect i guess ..

  19. All kinds of things piss me off, but usually not for very long (Moon in Aries)! With Mars in Taurus, though, when I finally do get really angry, watch out for the 1-ton charge with the horns. You know, the funny thing is that I realize that if I had been in her shoes I would have been more ashamed than pissed off. Yes, this is a screwy response. I can only chalk it up to Saturn conjunct my sun in the first house: I tend to take responsibility for everything under the sun and would have thought that at the very least I should have seen it coming and managed to get out of the way before it happened. Self-blaming by the victim – stupid, I know.

  20. The crude, juvenile ‘humor’ that Brando displayed would push my buttons for sure, and anyone who gropes me draws back a stub. But the best way to make me flame up would be to try to use me as a scapegoat, that’s when I just see red. People who need a scapegoat are dishonest cowards, IMHO, and I have zero tolerance for them.

    Leo stellium in 10th, including Mars and Pluto. Scorpio Moon and Rising. A lifetime of struggling to control my temper. Favorite release valve: turn up the music real loud and give my whole house a damn good scrubbing. Or go for a long walk. Or sit on the side of a hill in the sunshine. Or have a good cry. Chop wood. Over the years, I’ve tried ’em all. Except for running; I’m built for comfort, not speed. LOL

  21. What pisses me off . . .

    Lack of integrity and mindfulness
    Greed without talent
    Passive aggressiveness
    Bullies and Tyrants

    Retrograde Mars in the 9th square Pluto in the 12th

  22. scorpio mars in the third: fucking small talk, shallow talk, talk behind my back. and if you talk to my man behind my back, I will keeeell you. actually, just be careful about talking to my man at all.

  23. LOL Elsa! Just imagined the visual of this:

    “I … would have probably picked up a chair and beat the son of a bitch.”

    I love off-colour humour too, but not if its just cruel or with real intent to harm, or just straight up inapropriate (like your date meeting your mom for the first time and saying something horrendous). Alas, GROPING falls into the inapropriate category and is licence to kill the s.o.b. 100%. Bring on the chair beatings.

    To piss me off? Try any of the following: belittle me or my feelings (or those of others), dont take your commitments/promises seriously, be a bully, be thoughtless or self-centered or Narcissistic.

    Mars (conjunct Venus) in Leo in the 8th; Mars sextile Pluto (pluto is in Libra).

    Makes sense!

  24. Mars in Scorpio in 4th, conjunct Sun and Juno, square Uranus/Chiron, semisquare Saturn.

    A huge thing for me is being condescended to, being treated as “less than”, and being ordered around by people who are not my employer. This usually goes hand in hand with the offender also trying to make themselves look good, at my expense. There aren’t very many people who elicit the kind of rage I feel when I’m treated that way, but two out of the three who have made the hair stand up on the back of my neck and made me not want to be in the same room with them were born Feb. 13th. Different years. They both behaved much more like Leo than Aquarius.

  25. Liars. People who can’t be upfront with how they’re feeling and somehow run away from the issue. People with fake sincerity. Which is sort of an oxymoron. Actually people who have oxymoron type attitudes. People on constant power trips who can’t see that their way isn’t the only way and refuse to at least consider anyone else’s ideas. Those with no self respect.

    Mars in Scorpio (conjunct Pluto in Scorpio opposite 5th house Taurus Moon) in the 11th house.

  26. Mars in Capricorn in the fifth. Squares Pluto in the second. Tight. Traffic pisses me off. Idiots honking their damn horns. Lack of manners and boundaries. Condescension pisses me off. People telling me how to live my life how to feel how to react. Fuck that noise.

  27. Mars in pisces. I am down to just being irritated. Like being locked in a situation with someone who is talking down to everyone. Really being just mean. Also, people who assume about others, and then profess it as fact. Endlessly they drone on. Nothing to be done about it except to politely excuse myself before I go nuts. This might be a tag in to understanding my 12th house. The house of confinement ruled by pisces, and my mars in pisces. End of libra neptune on cusp of 12th with half of mars ruled scorpio there. Don’t fence me in. Or don’t get fenced in. As Satori, put it, something has got to give. And I am out of there before I blow a gasket. I am summizing that I am learning to excuse myself so the irritation doesn’t fester. I don’t like being angry. I expect more out of myself for some reason. Or it really doesn’t do any good to get angry. I know it works for some people. But not for me. It could be conditioning too. Everyone else could scream and holler and I was expected to put up with it. But when I followed suit and did it, I was shamed for it. Oh well, it worked out well for me in the long run. Or I had to make it work. Such is my fate? Mars rx opp PoF, like exacto mongous.

  28. Bullies and bully-like behaviour, make me angry, people who defend this type of behaviour.
    Passive agressiveness, liars, lack of integrity
    People obsessed with self-image and society status, especially when they won’t let you be for not complying to their standards.

    Mars in Cancer in the 3rd

    PS: I’ve noticed a lot of celebrity couples that are femaleVirgo-maleAries, like Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson. These are the ones I remember right now. My Virgo sister has only dated Aries men and myself, also a Virgo, love Aries men. (I know that both signs are incompatible and that there should be another match in the natal chart for the chemistry to work, which Loren and Brando didn’t have)

  29. Mars in Capricorn in house 4: I want to be a member of my family and I want to be taken seriously in it.
    Actually: I want to be taken seriously anyway. 🙂
    And: I love Sophia Loren; what a beauty!!!! Did not know she was a Virgin….I am to! (big smile!).

  30. I have Mars in Virgo in the first house. It makes a trine to my Aquarius sun. When something gets in my way or limits me from doing what I have my sites set on. When someone tells me what or how to think or makes presumptions.

  31. Taurus Mars on the ASC conj Venus & Chiron. Takes a lot for me to get angry but when I do watch out.
    In high school, there was a junior girl (I was a freshman) who was pretty popular, so she got away with things more than most. She messed with people (including me) and no one ever really called her out, this annoyed me.
    I had been saving up for a long time to buy this really awesome Guess watch and when I finally got it, I wore it proudly. Everyone commented on it, as it was somewhat unique.
    This girl and I were on the basketball team together, and no one ever really locked their stuff up in the locker room during practice because for the most part we trusted each other. When my watch went missing from my locker one day, I was upset to say the least.
    But, when I saw the asshole girl the following day, wearing my watch, with a different band (thinking she could fool me), that was it.
    Stealing my beautiful things? I don’t think so.
    The next day I snuck into the locker room with a bottle of Nair and dumped the whole thing into her bottle of conditioner.
    I never got the watch back but seeing chunks of her hair fall off was worth it. I was also a hero.

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