How Does Mars in Sagittarius Operate?

sagittarius statueMars in Sagittarius is sexually confident. People with this placement tends to boast, not only of their prowess and the number and variety of their conquests. This is attractive or off-putting depending on your own tastes and proclivities!

Most definitely if you have a problem with it, it will be your problem. Mars in Sagittarius is driven to seek adventure on a broad scale. It has no interest in splitting hairs with you.

Mars in Sagittarius wants MORE.

Often the genitals are overly large.

Tell us about Mars In Sagittarius – yours or others…


How Does Mars in Sagittarius Operate? — 23 Comments

  1. “i guess this is for the men with mars in Sag.”

    not necessarily… women can have overly large genitals too. the labia for example (majora and minora).

    just sayin’

    : )

  2. I have it in the first house and apart from some hiccups I think it’s a asset in my chart. Always feel like the person rah rah’ing the troops…like to fight for others etc. and if the energy is not expressed I implode. However, my virgo stellium will not permit me to talk about my genitals on the Internet. Sheesh, you people.

  3. I like people with Mars in Sagg. I find them dreamy, I have Neptune in Sagg. and yup on what Elsa said about what’s in their pants, so that’s a plus.

  4. In my experience, Mars in Sadge people are the ones who do the most obsessive traveling, more than Sag Suns, moons, risings. Strange but true, they have the overpowering drive to do it. My aunt has it and goes everywhere (apparently she just came back from Asia and didn’t enjoy it). Liz Gilbert has it too.

  5. I have it in the 5th house. Rawwrrr!!!

    Don’t really boast all that much, except to a certain confidant. But I have always been very naturally sexual, and confident in that department, from an early age. Even my repressed Irish Catholic/Moon in Virgo mother could not thwart that tidal force! I consider it a great asset, as have my lovers. It’s only bad when it’s not being expressed regularly (like now).

    Ditto to the travel bug Jennifer mentioned.

  6. One of my best friends from childhood has mars in sag….and yes, she was a beauty queen, still is, and loves to talk about all her conquests. She talks ad nauseum about her body and how she works out and she is a traveling fool!! Every time I talk to her, she is headed to a new place, doing something new! I love that about her. And her stories about all her different boyfriends…she has 4 going at one time right now…and they all live in different cities. She is amazing in that respect and I am secretly envious of her.

  7. Both my boyfriend and I are Mars in Sag (we actually share the exact same birthdate). I must admit he is definitely one of my better lovers and he has a nice “package.” Both he and I are quite the sexual creatures with a love of variety, however, he tends to be quite boastful of his past, while I tend to keep mine private for the most part.

  8. I’m a pisces with mars in sadge and it seems to cause friction with my other placements, namely moon in capricorn who prefers being holed up and playing safe. I also have a sarcastic/blunt streak that has rubbed off too many people the wrong way over the years so I tend to watch my words. It seems unavoidable at times though because conversations that steer in a certain direction has me blurting out brutally honest or distasteful stuff, likened to Jim Carey in Liar Liar. I attribute this behavior to my home life where I’m in a single room with very little money to travel. Walking to work everyday is the one highlight… except when I actually arrive. So yeah, restrictions make me a jerk.

  9. I dated a mars in sag guy. He did have a larger than average you know what and was very attractive and great in bed. He was a cheater and cheated on me with someone younger…now he is married and someone elses problem to deal with.

  10. I recently had a encounter with a aries sun with sag mars & he was very very sexual. His penis was very big along with an aggressive demeanour. He was very forceful and wouldn’t stop when was told I want to have sex he became persistent. I think mars in sag is a very great sexual sign but with me being a cancer in mars it doesn’t seem to go well. I left him standing in his underwears…

  11. My daughter has this. She definitely has a big interest in travel – she loves maps and hangs them up in her room. She names all the states she’s been to.

    She always walks into places like she belongs, with insatiable curiosity and openness. Every new experience touches her and exploring is second nature. She’s energized by these new experiences and will delve into multiple topics with unbounded interest. It’s awesome to watch.

    If someone disagrees with her, she shakes it off easily.

    She is a gorgeous girl and I am sure the confidence thing will show itself when she grows up. My husband is protective of her.

  12. Ok this made me laugh out loud. Mars in Sag here 11th or 12th house -depends on what house system you use. Last degree of Sag. I am ANYTHING but. HUGE hangs up about sex. Of course, I had one unpleasant experience after another early on, not exactly setting me up for confidence and security around men in my adult years. Definitely A LOT of hang ups around sex. A lot of need for freedom.
    I do love to travel though and am quite confident in that area of life. Not a daredevil type, but like to travel to unusual not necessarily comfortable places. I got a little too close for comfort to an active war zone once, but it didn’t scare me. My job has taken me off the beaten places as well. However, age is starting to change that. Yoga retreats in exotic places sound more appealing now.

    • Hear yuh.
      I have Sag mars 25 and it’s in my 12th house. Conjunct my 0 cap saturn/uranus conjunction/ASC.
      I don’t boast about sexual conquests at all, but also because I don’t have that many. Tied up in the very much present internal libido is the knowledge of how much more there is attached when you have sex with someone. It’s not just physical for me (not to say it’s just emotional.) but I need to know something other than a person’s attraction or emotional desire to feel the subsequent desire to have sex with them. (not always, took a long time, a lot of bumbling and a few early traumatic experiences to learn this.)

      However, I do have a general tendancy to boast overall, be excited when I’m on a roll, bombastic. But mostly only with friends.

  13. Ex gf has Mars conjunct Venus in Sag, trine with Moon/Saturn in Aries, and Cancer Ascendant. One thing I am certain is that her… bean is extra sensitive. She’s not sexually outgoing though, probably due to her AC and Saturn/Moon conjunction

  14. Im a mars in sag in the 1st house with moon shadowing my ascendant. i have a very large bust. I love open and adventurous sex, and yes laughing in bed is a huge turn on. I can only stay open for a limited time. im a cap sun and moon in scorpio with an aqua venus. I will eventually want my fun friend to be come mine. I would still be open within a relationship as long as i trust my partner, he better be smart enough to make me feel #1 in those cases:)

  15. Putin has sagittarius mars, but his sag mars is showing hypocrisy due to pointing nazism towards ukraine but what he’s doing is killing people instead, which is basically nazism, killing an entire race of ukrainans which many people on the news also said. it goes towards another country too, which is also part of sagittarius, venturing to another land. this is the dark side/destructive side. he has gemini moon too opposition his mars. where i notice alot of news /politicians saying he lied alot, doesn’t keep his word (another dark side)
    but sag mars can be super good too, religious, kind and benevolent. there are good and bad to every side.

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