Mars In Libra December 7, 2013 – July 25, 2014 – Worst Case Scenario, Y’all! ::Laughs::

Fact:  Mars is in detriment in Libra
Fact: Mars will transit Libra from December 7th, 2013 through July 25, 2014
Fact: We’re all going to have to deal with it

Mars moves through a sign in about two months time.  He turns retrograde approximately once every two years, throwing a wrench in the works.

It’s possible for Mars to turn retrograde in one sign and then transit back into the previous sign.  He’ll then turn direct and head back into the sign when he turned retrograde.

In situations like that, there is relief from the monotony of this transit. In this case, Mars is going into Libra on December 7th, turning retrograde in the sign, turning direct in the sign so we’ll have no relief from the monotony of this transit.

Now it doesn’t help that Mars is poorly placed in Libra.  And I don’t need a lecture on the subject, I have Mars in Libra natally! I’m just saying, if you’re going to deal with Mars in a sign for the better part of a year, Libra is not the sign a thinking person would choose.

The reason is because Mars agitates whatever it’s involved with. In this case, we’re talking strife in relationship. Social anger.

Mars in Libra is widely recognized as passive-aggressive…a personality trait most people despise.

I am often accused of being rude and offensive, which is apparently my way. My choice is to be nice on the surface – ick – sputter – gag.  Some choice, huh?

We’re all going to be dealing with such things so get ready!


Well, at it’s best, Mars in Libra is an effective negotiator.  It can dress or decorate to win.  People who suggest you “kill them with kindness” probably had Mars in Libra. Does this not sound like trouble?

It’s not going to help, that Mars will get involved in a Cardinal Grand Cross along with the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, in 2014. Talk about bringing a trouble-maker into the mix. I’d pay attention to this.

With Mars transiting Libra, mixing it up with the outer planets, expect people to use social tactics to achieve their goals. I’m talking about people who befriend you in order to manipulate you. Facebook friends, for example.

It’s almost a challenge. “I can get ______ to do ______, with this little bit of sugar”

Ha ha ha ha!

The house where Mars is stuck for all these months, will be highly activated. Mars will be in my 9th house (publishing, teaching) with Mercury. I’ll be writing about this transit, that’s for sure.

What house in your chart it set to be hotted up through July, 2014?

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Mars In Libra December 7, 2013 – July 25, 2014 – Worst Case Scenario, Y’all! ::Laughs:: — 45 Comments

  1. I have a stellium there. Uranus (6d), Moon (19d), Jupiter (29d).
    The first two are in the 6th; Jupiter is on my DSC (28 Libra).
    Talk about a temper eruption. I’m not going to take anything lying down! Especially since Mars is my chart ruler. 😉

  2. My activated houses will be the 3rd and 4th; also, with a natal Libra stellium including the Moon, Sun and my Rx Mercury, and an early Aries Mars in the 9th (which means I’ll have a Mars-Mars opposition) I’ll be tremendously affected by this. : (

  3. I like what I’m hearing and I don’t think that’s good haha. With venus-Pluto killing people with kindness is my forte. It will be in my 6th most of the transit, starting on Christmas. I have Uranus in my 6th in my solar return this year. Last time Mars was in my 6th was total hell. I’m going to need to keep a stock of bandaids at work.

  4. hitting my 2nd. not sure how it play out, but a BIG issue that is coming up is $ and paying for a wedding, and me not wanting to pay for it… note, the wedding is the day after Mars leaves Libra…

  5. 3rd and 4th houses as well for me. It will square my natal Mars and hit my Venus, Jupiter and Pluto twice. Could be yucky. I plan on using the energy to do some work on my home. I hope that’s an effective enough use of it.

  6. It’s going to be in my 3rd house, opposing my natal mars first at 13 Aries, then my natal Venus at 24 Aries… It will also conj Pluto at 29.

    I will be planning my escape… A big move back to my home state.

  7. Mars will be in my 10th house, conjunct my natal Saturn at 13 degrees and setting off my natal grand square. Pluto has been sitting on it (conjunct my natal mercury), with Uranus on my Jupiter for the last year. it’s actually been a very nice year, though we’ll see what happens when mars gets there..
    With Pluto conjunct my natal Mercury, square natal Saturn, I’ve been using brain retraining techniques to help me and they’ve helped a lot.
    My concern is that with Mars entering my 10th house, it will have to do with disaster relief, since that’s what I’ve been up to for the last 7 yrs. Earthquake? We’ll see.

  8. This happens in my 10th. With the Sun, MC, NN, and PLUTO in there I expect the following:

    — bosses manipulating and using sweetness on me to get their way!
    — having clashes/power struggles with said bosses
    — becoming a bridezilla because my wedding’s next year during Mars in Libra (I have a control streak thanks to Mars/Pluto)

    Gawd, I hope none of these scenarios turns out but I’m not that optimistic that they won’t.

  9. 2nd house conjunct natal Pluto/NN, l hope it will help me to get myself back on my feet.
    and assist in me in living out my NN more, it also opposes Venus&Mars…..
    We shell see.

  10. Natal 7th and 8th house. I dunno why, transiting Mars makes me feel quite all right. Though I have much adversaries and adversities in the past months but I don’t get caught up in anger as usually, but are able to manage things without getting loud. Focus.

    “With Mars transiting Libra, mixing it up with the outer planets, expect people to use social tactics to achieve their goals. I’m talking about people who befriend you in order to manipulate you.” – This is what’s happening usually at the office. I try to stay impartial and keep focus to remember myself that these are false friends.

  11. Mars will spend most of the time in my 3rd house. I’m not sure what this could bring other than… It’s probably best to remain as objective as possible and run often. I moved to my new home almost four years ago and have been ever so slowly moving towards fluency in speech and cultural expectations (unspoken communication). As far as subjectively feeling uncomfortable in communication with my surroundings, I don’t think it could get worse than it was. I noticed last week how much I struggle in written communication, maybe I could use this as a kick to better my writing skills, communicating through e-mails with better professional/cultural etiquette? Giving more time to these studies. …but, probably, just more lessons in emotional control, staying objective and letting things go…

  12. 5th house holding Uranus. and 6th house holding Jupiter and Mercury. Mars will drive his steam roller on my 3 natal planets.

    – I expect my hubby will act suddenly unexpected because Uranus is at 3 deg Libra.
    – Jupiter is at 11 deg, it might be a saver (usually I have seen it saves me) or a double doser on my every day work routine.
    – Mercury, I’ll have to remain careful in communication.

    I’ve already got attacked by my friends in social gathering, I didn’t like that at all because they are my close friends and they were joking with me. Now I’ll maintain a distance from them to get some space.

  13. The ret will be 1st/2nd house! But mainly 1st. Am hoping I can rev my engine to gain confidence and advance personally (mainly professionally, too). I have good confidence now, just want to get more done: your note, Elsa, about killing em with kindness will serve me. In the 2nd, hope to pay back some debts I incurred when Saturn was transiting this past year. Urgh.

  14. My 10th/11th house I have natal Uranus 15degrees Libra, and Chiron 15deg Aries, Mercury 20deg Aries. Job/Career, Friends, and Family look out!

  15. I usually read my sun sign AND my rising sign horoscopes, and compare to my natal chart. I’m always confused as to which horoscope would be more accurate based on house placement of transit. So, for example, I read my rising sign horoscope where Mars will transit my 4th house, but if I read my sun sign horoscope, it says Mars will transit the 8th house. Makes me wonder what’s on deck…and which horoscope carries more weight. Thoughts?

    • Reason I asked… We’re trying to sell our house (If I go by my Leo rising / Mars transiting the 4th house) AND I’m trying to close my father’s insolvent estate (If I go by Sun Sign Pisces / Mars transiting the 8th house). Not sure what to expect with this mars in libra transit — that’s why I asked what would have more weight, the house hunt/sale or the estate hopefully closing in early 2014. If you have a report to suggest, that would be great too. 🙂 Thanks!!

  16. Wow… I have my natal Mars in Libra in the 9th house too, Elsa! With the Sun, Mercury and Pluto..
    This is going to be a very interesting last and first part of the year… I wonder what this will bring lol

  17. 12th!!
    natal mars in 2nd, libra rising, south node-jupiter-uranus-pluto conjunction bull all in 11th

    I’ll stick to saturn in 1st discipline’s helping in shaping myself so much.turmoil all over, renovating-.or building!-my personality at 44.
    out of the woods with severe collapses.
    my relationship history has been so scattered and painful so far, I’m not scared at all by chaos(I’m neptunian), I’ll take it as a great opportunity to ground myself through relationships, which is my chart’s signature(aries-libra).in my case this mars could be very active in family ties, where differentiating myself is still in progress
    funny enough, I had an astro-tea with some gals I particularly like yesterday, and 3/4 had a libra mars.
    I’ d like to have hints on this !!thank you all

  18. House 10. I’ll be going to court! And the procedure is supposed to take 6-8 months haha
    Mars will aspect my natal pluto (conjunction) and natal mercury (trine) and this is what i need for the tactics.

  19. Signing the book of elect Sunday 7th I hope – Mars in 9th house mostly.


  20. It’ll be going through my 9th house and will hopefully activate my Jupiter in a good way. I’m just glad it’s out of the 8th house!

  21. work first. which is fine. starting a new job right after i graduate (don’t know where yet. i have choices??)
    then partnership.

    getting hit with heavy martial waves in the last few days. had to come by here to see what mars was up to. Libra makes sense… bet this is going to get even more interesting. time to stop suppressing is.. now.?

  22. am i looking at my natal? its in my 3rd house taurus… in my transit it will visit my 8th house… how will this affect? still trying to work out how to read upcoming changes in my chart…

  23. Mm-mmm. Smh. After weeeeeeeeeks of badgering from my family, I’ve decided to head straight into being set up by my family with “eligible bachelors” from the ethnic community, in 2014, as an experiment, and to get them off my back. Conservatively, I predict being I’m going to be marketed, like livestock to awkward “marriageable” men hahaha! I want to marry an awesome guy, honestly, and okay, if they’re never going to stop let’s try this avenue, but… This is not going to be easy. And I still have to keep smiling to “keep friendship ties” aka “save face”. Hahahahahahaha! Hilarity ensues. Oh gawd. For someone who has Capricorn, and feels cheapened every time I have to fake through something, this is like torture. 5th house transitttttt!!!! Far from romantic. More like a comedy.

    • Mars going through my 5th too….and with all 30 degrees of Libra in that house, the entire Mars problem will be romance. Or children.

      A week after the retrograde started, I got contacted by an old acquaintance. I made the mistake of telling him where I worked and he showed up. I didn’t really want him there, but I felt I had to be “nice,” so there’s that passive-aggressive Libra mentality. He asked me out and I declined – the jerk is married (“separated,” he said, but that’s not divorced, you ass). Retrogrades do tend to drudge up trash from the past. Oddly I had no idea we were in the midst of a Mars retro until I looked it up recently – now I know I made a good decision in kicking him to the curb!

      I don’t think any of your family’s well-intended setups will work – not during a retrograde. Be wary if you think you’re hitting it off with one of them. When Mars goes forward again it’ll all be undone!

  24. It’s hitting my 2nd house and I begin my new social work job on Monday, the 9th. I’m hoping that I can use the positive attributes of this placement.

  25. 8th house
    natal sun/merc at 16 libra, opposite moon at 15 aries
    the mars thing with pluto and uranus sneaking up close makes me a little nervous, honestly..

    Use them powers for good and everything works out right?

  26. Oh yes! This is surely coming. Actually its here. My mother”s brother”s tactics are out in full force. Gambling debts h has accrued, and now is asking my mom to fix it. He turned on the charms and the sob stories for the bail out money. My father was pissed and very irritated (Mars)… mother too. Dad had to bite his lip on this one (Libra) and quell his usual inflated temper and brutal honesty (Mars)… to some extent. He still laid into him a bit. I even got the urge to barge into the room and give my two sense (Mars), but I chose peace for myself at that moment (Libra)… that was my priority. Anyway, Dad at first said NO WAY, NO HOW about borrowing the money and over a 10 minute time span, he caved…. negotiation (Libra) went in my uncle’s favor. It didnt get ugly on the outside, but there was fire boiling on the inside for sure. This event was soaked in Libra/Mars energies. And this transit has only just begun?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell is in store for the next 8 months…. UGH…! I bet the gyms will be packed the next 8 months…. we gotta get out the frustrations and the energy build up from all the tongue bitings somewhere, right? HA!

  27. My friend is having this Mars on her Pluto in Libra in the 11th house, and she says she is agressive and can’t seem to grasp her mind now, she is agitated and kind of feeling lost… What do I say to her? This too shall pass? Meditate? Work out? Run? Do not move in large groups of people? 🙂
    Tnx for any kind of advice. 🙂

  28. Gem-Can Asc – Natal return to Mars in 4th house (libra) home discord, impeccable upbringing, illness, loss of everything 3x before 18, moved alot, homeless currently, moved 43 times, maybe 7 by choice, the rest out of crisis. Jupiter hopefully out of my 12th house (Gem) soon, 2 asthma related comas, seemingly permanent COPD, Former 43 yr old all american football player, (Game On 🙂 can feel something large looming, 6/14/67 6:58am Omaha(Douglas)NE

  29. I have Mars in my Libra 9th squaring Pluto in the 12th (my vertex is one degree away from Pluto). Libra is in Mars in my natal but is in mutual reception with my Scorpio in Venus. Having my Saturn return and my natal Saturn is in Scorpio, have had two men fall in love and get obsessed with me the past year on social media. I am still being cyberstalked by one. I know they were karmic. I am concerned about the possiblity of acccidents because of a health issue. I have been more impatient with some agressive neighbors. A lot of people seem to be looking for a fight, a scapegoat or an easy way out. Maybe I should work more on my writing and try to publish this summer. Neptune has been squaring my sun for so long; I was sort of hoping comet Ison would take Neptune out on it’s way back. lol I could totally relate to what you said about having Libra in Mars. It seems like even if I say as little as possible and keep calm, people get much more upset with me then other people, when I stand up for myself or speak out. They want me to be nice all the time. I think what I say has a more piercing quality which I have used to influence people positively, though.

    • “decidedly out if phase ” wherein ur cycles don’t match up to the norm that we all see everyday ,
      It generates a constant friction w everything
      My energies/ brilliance is cyclical
      So during a 22 hr computer day , flak over still working / sitting /toiling
      Wind down Then crash at 7 am , awakened at 8 with cracks about sleeping too much.
      Parents u have to support
      Family you have to earn
      Quit football because I couldn’t take the screwing
      Quit adult film because I couldn’t take the pain ( emotional )
      How backward is that ?

      Noticing waves of upticks however , mars in libra retrograde is beginning to pay off like Merc retro, ( my life sees peculiar screwy unforseeable snags normally,then manna ( usually $$$) from heaven during retro .

  30. Transiting my stellium in the tenth. There is someone who’s trying to manipulate me at work. I’m really not the one to attempt to manipulate. She doesn’t understand that she has nothing I need. It’s more annoying than anything.

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