Mars Conjunct Mercury: Rocket Scientists, Fast Cars and Boxing

I went on a date with a rocket scientist. He was ultra-cool and dapper, I was a lowly single mother living in the suburbs.

“I have a Lamborghini,” he said.

“I am a Lamborghini,” I said with a grin.

He didn’t get it.

Boy was he shocked when I turned down his request for a second date.


And this is boxer, Boom Boom Mancini.

He was in my town training for a fight so I went to meet him. I just showed up at the little dive gym on a dare.

Having never been in a gym in my life and I was scared when I walked in but I met Boom Boom and he said it would be fine if I want to hang out so I did. I went back for the next three days to watch and absorb and then he left town for Las Vegas to defend his title.

Two days later, I watched him kill Duk Koo Kim in the ring on a big screen TV in someone’s living room, no less which was an oddity at the time. You had to be ultra-rich to have a large TV at the time and the host of the party was courtesy the fact his father had discovered the most productive uranium mine in the world at the time.

In whatever case, I saw Kim die. I literally saw his soul leave his body and I said so, per my big mouth.

“He’s dead,” I announced as soon as Kim went down.

“No, he’s not dead, Elsa. Jesus. Don’t be so morose,” said my Capricorn boyfriend who I loved, but who constantly tried to control me.

But he was dead. Well he was brain dead and 5 days later they let his body go.

I haven’t watched a fight since. I never liked boxing anyway. For me, it was all about the dare. No one thought I could get myself invited to see a boxing champion train and I wanted to prove I could.

Are you a thrill seeker? Like a good challenge? Where is your Mars?


Mars Conjunct Mercury: Rocket Scientists, Fast Cars and Boxing — 17 Comments

  1. Hmm… am I a thrill seeker? No. At least not in the sense you mean here. What thrills me is of a completely different order… so, uh, maybe my answer *is* ‘yes’ after all. I do go after certain ‘thrills’. Hmm. Looks like my Libra is acting up. Yes, no, yes no. I am. I am not. Just came home from a long drive. In the fog. In the dark. Ha. Literal and figurative. Ignore me.

  2. Yes I am. Mars/Mercury in Leo. Although my venus conjunct saturn gives me a hard time so I sometimes try to talk myself out of it. But, once it’s on it’s on! Then I have fun.

  3. Not so much. Mars in Scorpio in the 12th. There have been times when I was in scary situations but to deliberately seek out adrenaline rushes? No . . .

    Uranus in the 7th inconjunct Mars has played out as my partners/dates/friends are usually the people who draw me into this type of thing.

  4. yes, but mostly to face my fears….
    used to do a lot more before i had a kid tagging along with me. which is fine. he pushes me to face different fears (funny such an introvert could have a kid who’s so much the opposite.)

  5. physical, no–not at all. i can’t even get into a car without a seat beat, for example, even if i’m going a block. emotionally is different. i feel pretty brave, emotionally… i don’t back away from jumping head on into love or friendship or whatever. sometimes i get burned but c’est la vie.

  6. WHOA. When I got engaged to my ex, my father told him, “she’s no sedan, she’s a Lamborghini.” It was quasi-demeaning coming out of my father’s mouth, would have been better if I said it myself, like you. 🙂

  7. my mars in cancer in the 10th squares 6th house pisces moon which brings on tension with women at work…it all comes down to me finding myself very conflicted emotionally about the fights i find myself in because typically i also feel loads of compassion for my ‘opponent’…

    does mars often feel like a fight you have to face? whether you want to or not?

  8. oh yeah, not a thrill seeker but true to mars in the 10th, from what i’ve read…i take on some public/professional risks (working in places others might not, for example…such as riyadh and beirut)

  9. Jessica if my father in law said that about me, I’d say, “Fuckin’ A!” I would also feel I was understood, everyone knew who they were dealing with.

    (This is due the screw I have loose, I am sure. ;-))

  10. Hahaha – well, it was my own father, and he meant it as a compliment. It was only the reference to his daughter as a piece of expensive machinery that his future-son-in-law was acquiring that made me feel a little weird. Probably set off my touchy Cardinal. 😉

    Much better a Lamborghini than a tricked-out Winnebago, right? Haha. Fuckin’ A!

  11. My mars in the first in sag trine Saturn square jupiter in action yesterday – a 30 k bike ride on the highway. Long disciplined physical effort with high probability of accident. 🙂

  12. I’m adventures and challenge myself a lot. Gemini Mars in 8th is a ruler of my chart and I have strange satisfaction in overcoming fear. But I have Saturn in 9th and that’s like having foot on the brake all the time. which I hate. People see me as brave and daring, but I have to fight with myself all the time…

  13. You girls have potty mouths. Is that a Mars Mercury thing, naughty words? I would have blushed but for my own anaretic 8th house Leo naughty boy.

  14. I don’t consider myself a risk-taker. I’m definitely a weigh-every-option, look-at-all-angles, considering type’a gal. *nodnodnod* Sometimes I wish I felt more free to take risks. I do take small ones (jaunting off at a moment’s notice, meeting strangers alone in weird places, walking through bad parts of town at night), I just want to take bigger ones! *laughs*

    Mars in Libra/4th, conjunct Venus-Pluto, trine moon and hitting everything I’ve got. Yup.

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