Mars And Anger Styles…

The soldier is a mood right now that is remarkable to him. Emotionally sophisticated and able to convey his feelings, he shared his feelings a few days ago which left me chilled.

“You feeling any better?” I asked, last night. “Different?”

“Of course I’m not feeling different. I feel like this now, I am going to feel like this awhile.”

It hit me. “Oh yeah. You’re not like me. Your feelings don’t pass in an hour do they?”

He laughed heartily. “Hell no, I’m not like you. P… you… your feelings change every hour. They change in the space of minutes. I am not like that at all. Once I feel something I feel it. Yeah, when you get pissed off and we fight I always wait 2 hours,” he said.


“When you’re mad, I wait 2 hours and see if you’re still mad. If you are then I know this is something and I better start analyzing the situation.”


“Yep, I start to analyze things so I can figure out how to get back on track because if 2 hours pass then you’re really pissed.”

“I can’t believe this.”

“P, I never know why you’re mad. I never have a clue what’s going on but I do know if you sustain your anger for more than 2 hours, then this rhino has got a problem…”

For the record, he has his Mars in aspect to Saturn (wait) and Mercury (time and intellect). If necessary he thinks (Mercury) of a plan (Saturn) of action (Mars).

I have Mars conjunct Mercury in the 9th house and basically if you let me run, wild horse-like, I often get it out of my system.

What is your anger style and where is your Mars?



Mars And Anger Styles… — 14 Comments

  1. When I’m angry or upset, it means that emotion has taken over logic and I hate that because it means I’m losing perspective.

    So, if I feel incensed or upset, I prefer to just run away for a bit. Go for a jog/walk/drive.

    I would never “meditate” or “try to find a calm place” when I’m mad – I’d rather “burn it off,” come back, pick up the problem where I left it and see if it still looks the same.

    Inevitably, like you said, the mood passes and I’m able to serve my “diplomatic Libra role” again.

    Mars conjunct Mercury in Libra (but the Mercury is in the last degree of Libra, seconds from being in Scorp, I think).

  2. Haha. I’m more like the soldier.

    With Placidus houses, which best reflect my true nature, I have Mars|Merc conjunct in the 8th house, T-squaring my Cap Saturn on one side and my Cancer Moon on the other.

    My moods are generally all over the place (courtesy that Cancer Moon), but at the same time, the serious (Saturn) ones run deep, very, very deep (8th house anchor) and are NOT ephemeral.

    I just came back from a 3-day weekend away (solo). My gf asks: so, are you feeling better now? And the only answer I had was: Why should I? Has anything changed? Everything is exactly as before I left, and worse now, with the most recent news you just gave me. How could I be feeling better?

    Yes, yadda yadda we are all in charge of our thoughts and thereby of our emotions yadda yadda. Sigh.

    I’ll get a grip. At some point. (I always do.) But I’m not there yet. First, Scorpio’s gotta turn every single stone at least 300 times and look under them. Over and over. (Even if Scorpio’s learned by now that that is a futile exercise and that Scorpio should give it up after the 3rd turnover, and move on to something else.)

  3. Like the soldier my Mars is in aspect to Saturn in the 8th house. I do wait with my anger, and then with Leo in that 8th house there’s a roar.

    Mercury (action) is in the 10th house along with Scorpio doing a lot of thinking about the plan and solution. Takes time for the neurons to find their way out!?

  4. Add to that that said Mars|Merc are in Libra and at my worst, added to the 8th House “leave no stone unturned”, I can “teetertotter” indecisively forever. Drive myself mad, and everybody around me too, I admit it.

    But on a *good* day, my strong Uranus (chart ruler, etc.) takes over and I can be lightning fast in my decisions and turnarounds.

  5. 7th house Capricorn Mars squaring Pluto, trining Saturn, sextiling Uranus, conjuncting the Sun and sesquiquadrate the Moon.

    I stew. Or I cry in private.Or I vent to other people. I usually try to hold it in, because it’s usually inappropriate or I’m afraid I’ll go off. But every blue moon or so, I’ve shocked people. I once got a guy to jump backwards because I yelled at him for patting me on the head during a game after I told him not to touch me. Another time when a girl kept asking my then-boyfriend what he was doing with me, my friends took me on walk because I just stared at her and was crushing a plastic bottle in my hand, because they thought I was going to kick her ass.

    I really don’t get all those astrological readings that say I have a hair trigger explosive temper.

  6. 12th-house Mars in Leo, conjunct Jupiter, trine Saturn, square Midheaven.

    Twelfth-house Mars people tend to compromise too much, bottling things up until they explode. I knew that, and I’m guilty of it (working on that). Mars in Leo folk have an impulsive streak tempered with reason. That I didn’t know, but it’s quite true for me. The other aspects add up to a boatload of determination once I set my mind to something. True also — including the fact it can take me a while to figure out what that “something” is.

  7. I always say that I have a short fuse, but it burns out quickly…I get mad fast, but I get over it fast. Mars 1st house, Sag.

  8. mild, subtle, cathartic and then explosive (if i don’t get around to solving the problem.)
    though having uraus playing with my mars for the last little while might have triggered more… or forced me to become more aware of it and the need to solve problems before i blow up…

  9. cathartic as in… i let it bleed out trough dance, art, music, etc. but if i don’t solve the problem it can become kind of addictive and cyclical. and foolish. it’s easy to escape through art but then the problem’s still there.

  10. saturn mars conjunct square pluto and that conjucntion is also square mercury – a part of one of my t-squares.

    Some people see me as calm collected, laid back. The hard part is that the blow-up isn’t seen coming by most even when I make noises, calm, collected reasoned noises. When it blows it’s really bad and leaves me in shock. That dynamic doesn’t happen as much as I age. I am more verbal and warning in my bad emotions. Mostly I tend to take myself off somewhere to process. Unfortunately, I come up with other reasons and angles when I do that – I blame that on pluto. I can see the other person’s side and their viewpoint (i got a bit of mutable in my chart and pluto is in libra) but even seeing that doesn’t help the feelings if I am still badly hurt. Sometimes I can let it go when I see their view but… it really depends upon whether we’ve been down that path before.

  11. My anger style is “pervasive.” *snicker* Mars-Venus-Pluto conjunct in Libra/4th, hits everything in my chart.

    I can honestly say that at one time or another every single way that anyone here has described, I’ve done it. It’s whatever I feel at the moment I feel it, but the good news is a huge percentage of the time I know exactly what to do to calm down if I so choose.

  12. SaD ditto on the “exactly what to do to calm down”!

    My anger is HOT. If I get angry I seriously have to take me clothes off, it’s so annoying! I got mad at work a few weeks ago and my boss thought it was the funniest things he’d ever seen: “Man, is that smoke coming out of your ears?” I was like “Sure is…” unfortunately I could only take off my cardigan and my socks and shoes because running around naked at work isn’t my thing.

  13. “… because running around naked at work isn’t my thing.”

    Your career as a stripper is over before it began, kash. *ducks and runs* 😛

    There’s a fabulous series of fantasy novels called The Black Jewels (I actually stole my moniker from it), and in it the author talks about “hot” and “cold” anger. In the books, there’s a “race” who have quasi-magical abilities, and usually when they get angry it has a physical effect. “Hot” anger is the everyday, here-and-gone anger, the kind after a minor argument with close friends or family while “cold” anger is the implacable, relentless, vengeful rage when you’re pushed to or beyond your limits. Since I’ve done both, I thought it was an apt description: hot = pure Mars, cold = Pluto on a rampage, basically. 😉

  14. Short fuse, you better run for your Life while it lasts, but it doesn’t last long. I have a strong but afflicted Mars, and a Retrograde one at that, in Aries, 9th House, no less. It took me years to figure out how to express my anger. I no longer attack people physically or smash stuff against the wall but you don’t want to piss me off anyway. When I get mad, I get SO mad I physically start to ache.

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