March 2020 Horoscopes For All Signs

sitcomAs I looked at the sky and contemplated the month ahead, I couldn’t help but laugh. What a month we’re in for! There is so much change, so many moving pieces, all wrapped up with a bow at the end. It put me in the mind of a sitcom.

The Sun in Pisces along with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius followed by its direct motion back into Pisces provide all the hilarious shenanigans and comic misunderstandings a good sitcom needs to drive the plot.

Mars runs smoothly through Capricorn until he hits Pluto and Saturn, just like a cocky protagonist who fails to see his limitations until they hit him smack in the face. Cue the laugh track!

Venus in Taurus plays the femme fatale doesn’t need to work to be wanted. She just sits back and lets the good things come to her.

And Saturn changes signs from Capricorn into Aquarius, playing the role of the gruff elder who learns to lighten up juuuust a bit.

When all is said and done, we’ll have a totally different landscape at the end of the month that we did in the beginning. But the beautiful thing is that no one planet really suffers. Instead, they come together to create a cohesive story in which, beyond all reason, everything really is okay. Think about that – there’s a problem, a climax, and a solution, all in one month. How often can we say that? Somehow in the midst of the chaos and shifting ground, everything truly does turn out all right.

In this spirit, I have chosen a special sitcom episode for each sign. Check out the horoscope page for a laugh and look at the month ahead.



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March 2020 Horoscopes For All Signs — 14 Comments

  1. My friend of 22 yrs. Is going through a difficult time now…I have offered to step out of his life and was told no!…now he texts me he needs a break?!?…no discussion?!?…do u see is speaking again or is it over?…he is 11/13/44 Passaic, NJ 3:17 pm, I am 9/18/52 Flushing, NY 12:35pm…thanks for any insight…

  2. Thank you for the scopes, Midara! Truly excellent. You exactly described my life right now, and recent choices to withdraw from nearly everything but the things I feel most capable of taking on—which are much fewer, but more reasonable.

    Very happy to know that I’m going into March with this energy underway. Also, waiting excitedly for your next video (if you decide to do one!)!

  3. Great take, Midara!! The writing and application such terrific screen plays. My life could be a sitcom so I read your horoscopes from four angles (obsessive much?!) and love the full-body humor this all-too-serious old woman leaves by the way-side. The Lucy Ethel gig is my all time FAV old TV!!! Thanks for this, so much.

  4. Looks like this month is shaping up to be the Venus-Uranus Vomit Train! 😬😵

    Thank cheese I’m cool with roller coasters….

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